News & Notes: Memorial Day Weekend edition

I’m either really ready for football season to start, or the Benadryl is really kicking in because I almost titled this post News & Notes: Labor Day Weekend Edition. On to the news and notes for this morning (I’ll likely add a few posts throughout the weekend if anything important breaks.)

First game on ABC
Chris Low of ESPN reports that the Alabama Crimson Tide-Virginia Tech game will be broadcast on ABC. Low provided this quote about the SEC’s opening weekend: “The SEC is well-represented that first weekend. South Carolina vs. North Carolina State will kick things off Thursday night on ESPN. Alabama and Virginia Tech will square off Saturday night on ABC. LSU and Washington will play later that night on the West Coast on ESPN, and Ole Miss will play at Memphis on Sunday afternoon on ESPN.”

When the Alabama-Virginia Tech game was announced, we asked readers which network they preferred to carry the game. Here is the survey:
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Poor Lane Kiffin
College Football Talk: Another day, another controversy involving the words “Lane” and “Kiffin”.

According to CFT, citing a Knoxville News-Sentinel report, it looks like Tennessee’s strength and conditioning coach could be looking for other employment. Third Saturday in Blogtober floats a replacement candidate.

It never is dull around Kiffin’s Tennessee program. If you need details on all the other entertaining things going on with Lane Kiffin, the Senator has a nice summary.

Tide baseball out of SEC tournament
If you want the details on the Alabama baseball team in the SEC tournament, then read the Tuscaloosa News story. The short version is: Alabama went 0-2 in the tournament.

If you need more bad news from the diamond, the Rap Sheet reports that Alabama third baseman Jake Smith is out for the remainder of the season.


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  1. 1

    I think that it is time for Jim Wells to retire and head to the place that he treasures in his heart – the Bayou.
    Did Jim Wells reach one of the goals that are expected ? Hell No.

  2. 2
    E.G White

    I agree 100%. Can’t for the life of me remember the name of the LSU coach that Wells worked for. But when Wells came to Bama he was a hell of a coach because he wanted to outdo his exboss at LSU. Unfortunately he never did. Then when the guy retired from LSU Wells went straight to shit. Bama’s best team with Wells pounded LSU like a readheaded stepchild. I think we beat them 5 times that year. Swept a triple header and twice in the SEC tournament. Beat em one game like 26-3! But in the CWS of all fucking teams we got pounded and lost the NC to LSU! Why? Why? Because of the inability of Wells to recruit and coach pitchers! That year we lost to Miami in the first game and had to play out of the losers bracket. Bama did not have enough quality starters to play that many games in one week, and our relievers badly underperformed. LSU was the #1 hitters and we were #2. They had their #1 pitcher and we had to start a fucking reliever! That was Wells swan song and the pattern of his career at Bama. A half dozen times since that disasater Bama has had a freaking awesome hitting team just as this year, but they couldn’t pitch their way through a damn little league tournament. It’s been a f–king depressing 15 years for Bama who has dominated SEC baseball almost equal to football. We need fresh blood. We need a dynamic coach like Cal State Fullertons. Bama has the money to lure a coach away from a school like that. We sprung 6 million dollars for top football and basketball coaches. Now we need to buy us a real baseball coach. Damn our girls are embarrassing the boys with their success. Go Softball, the most successfull Bama athletic program of the decade! RTR!

  3. 3

    It doesn’t help that Wells considers himself a pitching coach, and won’t hire a coach just to deal with the pitchers. This has been his problem for most of the 15 years.

  4. 4

    Wells will be leaving — he’s bitchin about other universities actually spending money on their baseball programs/facilities unlike Alabama. Until Alabama wants to do a major overhaul for the baseball team in a major way like LSU / South Carolina / Miss. St. / Florida — we will be bottom feeders in this great American Pastime. RTR!

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