Where is the outrage over at MGoBlog?

Last year Brian of MGoBlog ranted to Alabama fans about the evils of culling college football players. In his own words, “The NCAA limit is there because the NCAA would like you to not kick kids off the f***ing team, but for various reasons the rule’s pretty easy to skate around.”

Where is the outrage when Michigan’s coach runs players off the team? According to College Football Talk Rich Rodriguez said, “Stay tuned. There’s a couple guys I’m going to sit with here. Just guys that maybe if they’re not doing all their responsibilities and doing what they need to do to be part of our football program may not be back. I hope that’s not too many.”

I went to Brian’s blog expecting to see outrage. Instead all I saw was this post: “Um… a couple? Obviously Grady is hanging by a frayed thread and will have to plead for his place, but I’m hoping a couple is just PR.”

Way to stand up for the poor exploited student-athletes who went to Michigan expecting to have a scholarship for four years, and now the coach is running them off. Remember when Cook wrote this? “Alabama has every incentive to dump guys. They flat out have to. If a kid is struggling with his academic eligibility how motivated will Alabama be to help him? If a player commits a petty offense how eager will Alabama be to boot him? If Nick Saban knows that by August he has to say goodbye to six kids and it’s July and he’s only got four down, then what?

“I’ll tell you what: someone gets it right in the ass.”

What about all these Wolverine players getting it in the ass?