Another weekend recruiting note published an interview with South Carolina recruiting coordinator Shane Beamer. In it you’ll find information on recruiting in the SEC and working for Steve Spurrier. This is the question and answer that should be of most interest to Alabama fans:

Q. Outside of Steve Spurrier, which head coach is the best recruiter in the league (SEC)?
A. I think you have a lot of good ones. You have to look at Nick Saban if you just look at results. From the job he did recruiting at LSU and how he is recruiting at Alabama. Obviously it would be hard for us to find a better track record.


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    But, that can’t be. I thought Chiznik and the Limo was the bomb. He’s hands down the best recruiter when he’s tooling around in the Limo.

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    LMFAO Bamafan … I got nothing but respect for Saban’s relentless recruiting.

    BTW — I know there are others out there who view the whole media relationship thing Saban. The media hates him and he hates them. I got no problem with that — I don’t want a “nice guy” who kisses everybody’s ass like Tubbs did. I want a pipehittin fucker like Saban commanding my team. This shit on the radio/papers/TV is nothing but biased media hate against Saban. Do not buy into it.

    But on a lighter note…

    Remember that the limo will get ya laid when you’re a teenager — but the limo ain’t going to hoist crystal footballs in the air on a January night. RTR.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    That limo really got into that hollow space between your ears didnt it ?

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    p.s. — It’s not my fault your program has nothing to hang its’ hat on … no pride … no recruits … no future.

    : )

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    E.G White

    Hey Ballplay – what did you do to piss off CrimsonBlood81? And you, Omni and Julia thought I was bad?

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    Tax Man

    Crimson blood I am an Alabama fan, however, I am also a fan of civil discourse. I do not often agree with Ballplay, but at least he thinks before he types and generally does not resort to 5th grade name calling.

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    Yeah, let’s refrain from the name calling. Auburn fans on here know they’re idiots and don’t have to be told. But let’s stay clear of f-bombs please.

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    You know — I took something personally off the internet — and that’s something that no one should do. That’s it. Simple as that … I won’t make the same mistake again.

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