PROOF: Auburn fans suffer mental illness

Auburn fans could be members of the Peter Pinguid Society with all the conspiracy theories and lies they spread about rivals. To wit, on Thursday and Friday the Alabama Department of Revenue raided car dealerships in Fort Payne, Gadsden and Anniston. What is a Peter Pinguid member to do? Connect the raid to Alabama.

According to Track Em Tigers, “While the reason for the raid is unknown at this time, it can be mentioned that this is the same dealership that is rumored to have improperly provided vehicles at little or no cost to players of a certain school, all funneled through a certain booster club. Whether or not today’s investigation is linked to this rumor is pure speculation. You’ll have to draw your own conclusions in time.”

Pathetic. The mental gymnastics these Auburn people go through to make anything that happens fit into some grand Alabama cheats rumor borders on mental illness. This is everything wrong with SEC football.

We should worry for the Auburn nation’s sanity. What will happen when those Gadsden rumors turn out to be nothing? What usually happens to wackos? Last year it was all about the Escalade. That didn’t pan out, so they invented a new lie. Pinguids would be proud.

(You can read about the car dealerships and an accounting firm being searched at the Ft. Payne Times Journal and Gadsden Times.)