Video: Nick Saban speaks in Columbus

WRBL has about 15 minutes of video showing Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban speaking on a variety of topics and taking questions from the media during a visit to Columbus, Georgia to speak to the local quarterback club. Topics included a playoff, and Saban praised the Plus One idea. He talked about the Iron Bowl and praised former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville.

Saban on Greg McElroy: “Greg McElroy is fine. He is a very intelligent guy,” Saban said. “He is very bright. He makes great decisions. He has got good instincts. He is a very good leader. He is very well liked by his teammates. And he has good knowledge and experience in the offense…total faith trust and confidence in his ability to lead the team.”

“What I think is more important and even a better question is, ‘What is playing around him?’ …It is hard to play quarterback when you don’t have good players around you.”

Watch the entire press conference at WRBL’s website.

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