News & Notes from intheknow72

Eleven players gone since Lane Kiffin arrives? Some say “This is a sign of a good leader; he’s weeding them out.” Others say, “This is the sign of a bad leader; he can’t keep his flock together.” I say, does Kiffin has a dependable track record of being a good leader…anywhere? And with a team in despair of offensive linemen, and in his first class he either A.) didn’t recognize this, or B.) didn’t do anything about it, does he really give you any confidence if you wear puke orange…on everything you own? (And you know what I’m talking about; there are Vols out there that do not own a stitch of clothing that isn’t saturated in puke UT orange.)

Does anyone on either side really care what Shane is doing now? No offense, and he’s earned his place by taking the beatings he has taken over the air in the past, but he’s really a caricature of himself at this point. When you hear his name on the air or see his name on the screen, you can pretty much fill in the blanks for him, and his takes usually come in about three days late on the “latest” subjects. Give him his place, but I say less Shane and more intheknow72. Just my opinion.

I heard it again today on the Finebaum network. The old Finebaum bait and switch. A caller calls in out of the blue and asks:

Caller – “Hey, I’m just tuning in, but did ya’ll hear about that parade down in Tuscaloosa that stopped in front of that black organization?”

Paul (with a straight face) – “No, I haven’t heard much about it.” (though the story is days old)

Caller – “Yeah, it was a (as he goes into an exhaustive, full play-by-play of the whole affair for the benefit of the listening audience) an old south parade that paused in front of a black sorority having their 37th anniversary or something.”

Paul – “That’s incredible.”

Caller – “I know, and blah, blah, blah, yackity-shmackity, blah, blah, blah.”

Paul – “Well, thanks for letting us know about it. Let’s go to….Rich, from downtown.”

Caller 2 – “I can’t believe this is still happening. I think blah, blah, blah, dah, dee, dee, dah, doo.”

Come on people. I’m not saying don’t listen to his show. Again, it’s the best program in the state for infotainment. But built into the show are “perhaps” planted callers who lead the conversation to assist in dry months and dry shows. It’s just getting ridiculously easy to spot. At least make it challenging for us!

Long Cars
During the Auburn glory years (2002-2008) I instilled a ban on myself that I am still honoring today. I refuse to say the brand of car that Carnell Williams was nicknamed for. We were so bad, and hearing him called that car’s name became so obnoxious, especially when we continued losing to him, I instilled a five year ban on that word from my vocabulary. That ban ends at the end of this year, but I may still refuse to say it anyway. Now, in the wake of what AU’s coaching staff did in the kind of car they did it in–and most importantly, the ad nauseum conversation that followed–I am now officially banning that word from my vocabulary for one year. It’s a softer ban because losses to Auburn are not involved, and likely won’t be involved with anything related to the Auburn program for a while. But still, I urge each of you to join me in referring to that kind of vehicle as a “long car” for one year.

And finally…
While vacationing last week I met a couple from Athens, Georgia. They were triathletes, having just completed an event the day before. He was buying a bag of doughnuts at the best shop on the beach to shovel down his gizzard…as would I if I had the kind of discipline and stamina to do what he and his wife do in a triathlon. His body barely notices all that fat going through him as it burns it at a pace rivaling the sun. Anyway, his wife was a Georgia Bulldog. He was ’91 graduate of Alabama. She saw my Bama visor (a permanent fixture while on vacation) and joked about not liking us last year, and how they’d get us this season. I didn’t have the heart to tell her we wouldn’t play this season…because there’s no way Georgia makes it to Atlanta to meet us. As we exchanged our niceties, she blurted out that she and her husband didn’t sleep in the same bedroom for four days after we ruined their blackout, then she admitted that she was a bad loser. And then, like water springing forth from a fountain, wisdom flowed from my lips. “You’re not a fan if you’re a good loser.” That’s really what it’s about in here. People talking smack because they are passionate about the teams they love. I’ll raise the debate that we all take this too seriously (because there’s no college football in heaven or hell) another day. But wear your colors with pride. Even if your team does suck and did hire a complete imbecile to lead your program against one of the greatest recruiters and minds in college football today. Wear your colors. Talk your smack. Then accept your place once we tee it up again in August. But once you determine your team sucks again this year, that doesn’t mean you have to like it. Because if you do, you’re not a fan. In a related story, Mississippi State doesn’t have any fans.

I’m out. And now you’re in the know.