UAB continues to embarrass the state

The University of Alabama at Birmingham once could claim to be good for the state’s image. Who could forget the fine basketball teams put on the court by Gene Bartow?

Those days of glory are over. What remains on Southside is a cancer and not an athletic department. And like a cancer it should be excised before more lines like this are written. From the AP, “Ten schools made the underachieving list in football and men’s basketball, getting punishments that range from scholarship losses to reductions in practice times. Only two — Alabama-Birmingham and New Mexico State — play in college football’s top level. UAB was the only school in the major football to receive a reduction in practice times in both sports.” (see the entire AP report on APR embedded below.)

The University of Alabama System must stop pouring money down the rathole known as UAB athletics. Stop it now. Kill UAB football and invest all that wasted money on UAB basketball. It would be good for UAB; it would be good for the state.