AP: Flooding damages statehouse

Had enough rain? Montgomery has today with the flooding hitting the Statehouse. According to the AP, the statehouse was evacuated and lawmakers moved to the old Capitol building across the street. The AP reported, “Derek Hamilton, chief sergeant of arms at the Statehouse, said four feet of water was standing in the statehouse basement. Power was turned off as a precaution.” (read more of the AP story embedded below.)


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    The greatest tragedy is not the flooding – is the inability of the Republican Party in this State to remove the Grocery Tax. This Issue in my mind frames the Republican Party in this State. Absolute total disgrace.
    I am not any fan of the Democrats – but to see this opposition (singular GOP) to something that would enable more food to be put on poor folks tables – something is BAD WRONG

  2. 2

    I have no idea why the GOP would oppose a tax cut. On principle a tax cut, any tax cut would be a good thing to the lower tax party.


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    Tax Man

    The grocery tax cut would be offset by ending the federal tax exemption on your Alabama Income tax Return. The claim is that only those making more than $100,000 would be affected. I ran the numbers (I’m a CPA) and came to a total of around $60,000. So to me this is really just a hidden tax increase. Also, most of the people who are truly poor are on food stamps and food stamps are already tax exempt.

  4. 4

    Good stuff. I would NEVER want to see the tax exemption ended. I’m betting it would hit me really hard since I’m stuck paying self employment tax.

    If I were in charge, I would end the grocery tax and keep the income tax exemption, but that is just me.

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