What is it about coaches these days?

Alabama basketball coach Tom Izzo, errr, I mean Michigan State coach Tom Izzo has gone Broadway, according to the Detroit Free Press. The coach will star in, “Izzo Goes to Broadway, a one-night-only engagement at the Wharton Center on the MSU campus. Showtime is at 7:30 tonight, and Izzo will sing and dance in the nearly 2-hour production that tells his life story through adaptations of popular Broadway hit numbers.”

Nick Saban as a character in the MSU athletic director’s book, Nick Saban acting in a movie and now Izzo in a musical.

That’s a little too artsy if you ask me.


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    What about Bruce Pearls rapping career ? I saw that the other day and I didnt know wether to be afraid, or feel sorry for him.

  2. 2
    OGcheese and da funky bunch.

    Dis is wak. I mean whack.
    First Joachin Poenix and now Pearl is trying to jank up my flow?

    I done sent my posse out to the hood to recruit my little G’s and they were straight up ballin’ with the hoes, the bling bling and the forties of Beer.
    Give a brother some props.
    So while I am keepin’ it for real real and not for play play, Evil Nicky done bustered on me and did a hollywood. Alls i could say would be bullshizzle!
    Suck my Dizzle! My Nizzle. Look out side its startin’ to drizzle. (See I got the flow, I got the rhymes and I am of the hook. Chumps. For shizzle!)

    Dis is OG Cheese and I am saying …..Peace out! and dont hate on us were fabulous!!!!

  3. 3

    Recently, (as most of you know) I have done interviews inside the Auburn camp. Here is another installment. With the Lee County Legend Pat Dye (Himself)

    sig.c—-So Pat. Its 12:35 and the meeting was set at 11:45. Why are you late this time.

    Pat—-I couldnt find my pants again. I think Nick Saban might have hired a private investigator to hide the God Damn things. I dont know for sure. But that Nick Saban is just a little too evil for my tastes.

    sig.c—-So you are late because you think Nick Saban had someone steal your pants?

    PatD—–Of course. Saban is constantly undermining the Auburn Family. He is an evil bastard you know… he pays recruits to play. Guys like him must be stopped at all costs.

    Sig.c—–Er …well…. ok…. well coach at least you have a colorful, and unusual hat to draw attention away from the fact that you are wearing flannel trap door underwear. Which er.. the trap door is open. (You might want to tend to that Coach.)

    Patd—–Thanks there. Ill do that. But what the hell you talking about. What hat?

    Sig.c—-Actually coach, I was trying to tell you that you are wearing your pants on your head…..

    Patd—-God Damn that Nick Saban!!!!
    ID whoop his ass If I didnt have these crippling hemmerhoids!

    Sig.c—–Coach why does your breath smell like rubbing alcohol?

    PatD—–I aint drunk. thats just a rumor ….Started by Nick friggin Saban.
    Saban you bastard, I’ll cut your head off!

    At this point in the interview the Waffle House Manager came over and asked that we leave. It seems that Coach Dye was barred from this fine dining establishment for some previous (undisclosed) incident.

    WHM—-Coach Dye you know you cant come in here dressed like that again. Well at least you wore underwear this time… For Gods sake cover your old butt up!

    PatD—-Now Bill ….

    WHM—-Dont now Bill me! My Name is John.
    Can you please just go and take that creepy Williams dude with you. Didnt he get the hint when Ruby Mae filed that restraining order against him?

    Norma jean the waitress—–yeah, get him out of here. He comes in here quoting scripture while scratching his groin like some kind of sick weirdo.
    And before you go do you think you could reach up into your hat and pay for your coffee and leave me a tip this time? I am tired of being stiffed by you and I swear if you grope my ass again I am gonna cut your pecker off with a greasy steak knife.

    More to come…

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    Joaquin Phoenix’s rap carrer is a joke on the paparazzi. Its an act, that’s why his brother-in-law(casey affleck) is filming the whole thing. Actually a good idea. Shows how gullible people really are.

  5. 6

    SIG.COM —

    That is the best post I’ve ever read. Thank you for the laughs.

    CB81 — True to the Cause.

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