The Bottom Line on Auburn Gimmicks

By intheknow72

There is a fine line between a fool and a leader. Both are willing to do things that others may consider ridiculous, but only one knows why he’s doing them. Much has been said…and debated…about the limo fiasco. It did create a buzz. But let me go on record as saying, I think it was great. Chizik wanted to create separation between Auburn and Alabama on the recruiting trail, and separation is what he got.

I honestly have no problem with what he attempted to accomplish. The problem is, I’m not sure what that was. We all tend to look at things with either orange and blue or crimson colored glasses, and I admit it’s easy to do. The Auburn fambly herald Gene’s efforts as “outside of the box thinking” while the Crimson faithful laugh at such a sophomoric stunt. Let me take my glasses off for a moment and offer a simple truth.

There is a truth that remains intact no matter what area one applies it to. My granddaddy said it, my dad said it, and it has been repeated to me over and over again by successful people I’ve been blessed to be around. That truth?

“There is no substitute for hard work.” Diligent, consistent, day-after-day, relentless, unstopping, unyielding, undying work. I don’t care if you sell shoes, if you are a farmer, if you are a teacher, if are an entrepreneur, if you are a pastor, or yes, if you are a head coach of a major college football program. If you outwork your competition, you win.

I do business with people every day that tell me yes. They work late to make happen what I need to happen. They think of ways to save me money. They make their competition look lazy in my eyes, and that’s the best advertising they can ever do for themselves. That doesn’t mean some don’t show up with a box of chocolates or peanut brittle at Christmas, or snake my birthdate from my assistant only to send me an e-greeting on my birthday…or learn my children’s names and ask me with concern every time they stop in how they’re doing in school. They want to take me to lunch and pull out all the stops to get my business, or set up a round of golf to discuss my options. I appreciate their gestures, but in the end I see through the stunts and remain with the ones who have proven over time that they know what they’re doing, and know why they’re doing it. They didn’t come up with what they’re doing today in a conference room last week to try and make a splash. In fact, the ones I do business with didn’t have to do that much to get my business in the first place. Because while their competition was printing coasters, coffee mugs, t-shirts, note pads, pens, golf shirts, mousepads and golf balls with their company name on it (to give to me), the ones I do business with were busy returning my calls, meeting my deadlines and through their actions and reputation assuring me that they are going to still be around in two to three years when I continue using their services.

Another good example is network marketing. Raise your hand if you’ve been hit up by someone wanting you to get involved with a pyramid scheme sure to take you to financial freedom, or if you’ve ever called those late night infomercials teaching the secrets of money making through real estate. You go right ahead. As for me, I think I’ll get up in the morning and go back to work. I know exactly zero people who bought in to these gimmicks who are financially free. But I know a lot of people who put in 10 hour days who control their own destiny. And I’m not just talking about business owners. The guy at the local UPS store that I use is one of the most impressive workers I have ever seen. I don’t know who his boss is, but I know that guy will have a job there as long as he wants one. His work ethic shines in the middle of for all I know is a crummy job.

Now, let me bring it on home for you. The reason Tommy Tubberville doesn’t have a job in Lee County any more is because he was lazy. He feasted off of a weakened rival for almost his entire tenure. And when a true leader came to Tuscaloosa, the jig was up. It took one beatdown to expose the difference between the head coaches, and Auburn panicked. Tubby did the same the year before. Realizing he could not go toe-to-toe with Nick Saban to recruit the same kind of physical, tough, down-hill-runners and athletes, he succumbed to the latest fad in his profession…the college football version of the coozee…the spread offense. He knew he couldn’t out work Saban, so he panicked and tried the gimmick.

Now it’s Chizik’s turn to pull out all the stops. But in the end, hard work and diligence will be the stuff that produces results. For those of you who contend that “if Saban would have thought of this idea, you bammers would be saying it’s the greatest idea in the world,” you need to get over that thought. Because the truth is, Saban would never stoop to such a prank. He doesn’t have to. Right now, Alabama football is a Mercedes, and we all know that these cars sell themselves without gimmicks. Amazingly, despite a decent ride, Auburn football has fallen from being a dependable Honda Accord to becoming a Suzuki SX4, complete with the Suzuki man out front making a fool out of himself in an orange jacket, fake nose and wig. Right now gimmicks are the best Auburn football can do, so don’t knock them.

But don’t ever mistake a gimmick for diligent work. And don’t kid yourself into thinking that a recruit and his family can’t tell the difference either.

—Intheknow72 provides commentary from time-to-time on issues involving college sports in Alabama.


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    Tide Tidbits - May 1, 2009 | BamaFootball4Life

    […] The Bottom Line on Auburn Gimmicks There is a fine line between a fool and a leader. Both are willing to do things that others may consider ridiculous, but only one knows why he’s doing them. Much has been said…and debated…about the limo fiasco. It did create a buzz. But let me go on record as saying, I think it was great. Chizik wanted to create separation between Auburn and Alabama on the recruiting trail, and separation is what he got. […]

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    ITK……….I agree with you….But, whos to say that Chizik isnt working hard ? Original ideas AND hard work produce twice as much as JUST hard work. I dont know of any Barners saying that Saban is jealous because of what Chizik did with the limo. We all know that Saban is the best recruiter in all the land. We are just exited that we now have a coach that will beat the bushes and try to pick up some big timers.

    Again, there is no substitute for hard work, but you have to have a plan. Saban has a plan. Chizik appears to have a plan as well.

    This is the first time in a loong time (Pat Dye) that weve garnered interest from several nationally ranked prospects (3 of the top five from rivals). Its refreshing to see a coach that just doesnt assume everything will work out. Now we just need to see if he can deliver on the the field, and get these guys to sign on the dotted line.

  3. 5

    Great article, ITK. I agree totally with you on this issue.

    Ballplay: Auburn is not using this time to evaluate. They are traveling around in a limo getting pictures made with school teachers. Sure it is getting attention. Sure it is a successful PR stunt. But hard work? Riding in a limo sends the opposite message than hard work. Auburn is missing out on seriously evaluating a lot of players at the expense of a mediocre PR stunt. Not a fair trade. Saban takes the evaluating period a little more seriously than this. You know you would rather have a coach like Saban than cheap PR stunts.

    Now the week is up. Bama got 3 commitments last week. How many did Auburn get? And lets remember this limo thing when recruiting is over with and compare notes then. But Auburn is not using the evaluating period to maximize evaluations. So, there is no hard work going on in relation to the limo. Ya’ll are starting to sound like the Tennessee goobs claiming Kiffy is a genius with his WWF act.

    Julia: If Saban shown up in a pick-up truck, and Auburn shown up in a limo, who would get the most attention? I rest my case.

  4. 6

    A two-word description stayed in my mind while reading this in-depth, insightful, unforgettable column — THE TRUTH.
    My humble congratulations to the author!

  5. 7

    Ok, I said I was through commenting on this subject, but I feel I must always make a response to articles written by my friend and arch-nemises ITK. Ballplay touched on tis already…Where is the rule written that says hard work and effective marketing are in conflict with each other?? You can do both. As to the “Mercedes” argument, I would remind you that Mercedes spends as much as any other automaker of its size on marketing…so no, they don’t “sell themselves”. In fact, they even come up with cutesy sales andd financing schemes that they refer to as “Merecedes Event” and “Red Tag Event”. (at least I think that’s Mercedes). These marketing campaigns that you and Cappy affectionately refer to as “stunts” and “gimmicks” seem to be quite effective for the world’s finest automaker, otherwise they wouldn’t be spending millions of dollars on them.

    Look, I’ll say it again. The objective of the “Tiger Prowl” is the exact same one Saban was trying to accomplish during this period last year and years before during these no direct contact period. He knew if he visited these schools personally, it would create a big buzz at the school and make the recruit feel extra special even if he didn’t actually meet with the recruit. This “evaluation” garbage is a bunch of crap. (Of course, he ended up repeatedly “bumping’ into the recruit during the visit, thus the “Saban Rule”.) I’ll also admit that Saban could create a bigger buzz at aa school than Tuberville or Chizik could with a personal visit, but that doesn’t really matter now because the HC has to stay home. You have to be as effective as possible given the restrictions, so you’ve got to work harder AND smarter.

    brandii…you ask if Saban shown up in a pick-up truck, and Auburn shown up in a limo, who would get the most attention? Saban drives a truck to schools on a regular basis. Have you ever seen an article written on this site about Saban’s pick-up truck? A report written on ESPN about his truck? Hmmmmmmmmm…….so hard to decide which one garners more “attention”.

  6. 8

    Julia, wah wah wah. You fail to make a point once again. You are comparing apples and oranges again. The only report that counts is on the field and in recruiting. Which program has been whipping Auburns ass in recruiting for 3 years straight? You know. And no limos were involved. But congratulations. In the gimmicky recruiting tactics: Auburn – 1, Bama – 0. You win.

    You are right. There are no articles on Saban and his pick-up truck. Only his no. 1 recruiting classes. When Chizik has a no. 1 recruiting class and it is because they used the limos, I may agree with you then. But right now, the move seems like a desperation move to try and counter Bama’s recruiting machine. I prefer Sabans method to Chizik’s. You would too if you take the O&B glasses off for a second.

    But you Auburn guys are pretty desperate when the only thing you can be excited about is the coaches riding around in a limo. Who are we Bama fans to deprive you guys of your finest moment you have had in a long time?

  7. 9
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Brando……try two straight years. We ranked higher in Sabans first class. Yes , he did great considering.

    This is not a bad type of attention as is the case with Kiffen 90% of the time. I watched fox 6 sports last night and they spent 75% of the airtime talking not just about the tiger prowl, but interviewing coaches, getting an idea of the coachs mindset , etc. This isnt necessary for you guys. Your established. Proven. Your recriuting is a model. But trying to spin this in a negative light is pointless. They wanted cameras , and they got cameras. RIGHT NOW that is as important as anything for OUR recruiting process.

    You guys act like the entire Auburn staff piles in the limo and goes to Arbys. Believe it when I say they are still recruiting. I dont think you will see Auburn beat Alabama in recruiting this year. Unless the sanctions you are about to get are really bad, you should still do really well. It isnt impossible for Auburn to come out on top of yall, but unlikely. One thing you will see is the gap considerably close. Last year Bama #1 Auburn #20……Thats not likely to be the case this year.

  8. 10

    You are right Ballplay. We have been in agreement that the limo stunt has produced some much needed publicity for Auburn. I just think that it is kind of silly, so ya’ll don’t sue me or anything. Julia acts like it was a brilliant move, and I think it is more of a move like Kiffin would make. But that is my honest opinion. I really don’t care, I just know Julia was getting steamed and I couldn’t resist the urge to poke him with a stick.

    It is really not that big of a deal to me, but it is a positive move for Auburn in the short-term. My whole point which Julia avoided was that Saban will not ever need to resort to renting limos. I am just glad we are not talking about off-season arrests again this year, LOL.

  9. 11

    IKN72, great and insightful article. It’s writing like this that makes the Capstone Report a must read for Crimson Tide fans. Ballplay, you ask a very good question: How do we know Chiznik(Langford spelling) isn’t working hard? Well, we don’t. But his track record doesn’t lie. His 2007 recruiting class ranked #60, his 2008 class # dropped to #62, and the 2009 class that he’d worked all year on before taking the Auburn job came in # 73. And before you talk about no one being able to recruit to Iowa State, Dan McCarney had the #30 class in 2002, #42 in 2003 and #46 in 2004. McCarney also took Iowa State to bowl games 5 times in 6 years. Maybe Chiznik will work out fine at Auburn. But don’t count on it.

  10. 12

    Bamafan, you aren’t looking at the whole McCarney file. McCarney, considered to be the most successful coach in modern ISU history, took forever to get that program anywhere, and then left it in the dumps when he left. His record at ISU after the first 5 years was 13-42. He didn’t even have a winning season until his 6th season. He did reel off a moderately successful record over about 5 years, but he also fell back off the cliff at the end. His final year he finished 4-7. You also conveniently leave out McCarney’s 05 and 06 recruiting rankings, in which he ranked 58th and 63rd respectively which Chizik inherited. (Frankly, I’m not sure what the difference is between a 52nd and 73rd ranked class when you play in a conf. as competetive as the Big 12..either way, you’re gonna get killed). McCarney did as good a job at ISU as possible, but he got burnt out after 11 years and the conference got a lot harder with guys like Pinkel, Leach, and Mangino coming in to add heat. Also, he had to start competing with Kirk Ferentz in recruiting which was a killer.

    I am by no means impressed with Chizik’s performance at ISU. However, I’m not sure if anyone could have done much better given the situation. ISU is the Vanderbilt of the Big 12.

  11. 13
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Well bamafan……you conveniantly left out last years Auburn class. With about 3 or 4 months to really work with he pulled in the #20 class. Not great mind you. But, that is the difference between somewhere like Auburn and ISU. Several great players burned the wind out of Auburn when Tubbs got the boot. Raymond Cotton was just one of the better ones that people know of. Even after that, he did really well. Lots of people (including me) where underwhelmed at the hire of Chizik. He has so far operated with class and discipline. Who knows what will happen on the field. I believe that if Malzahn can get his offense going , we can recruit players, and our defense will be the usual rock its always been , we will succeed.

    Looking at the coming year, Im exited about who they are going after. Three top five recruits are actually showing some real interest in Auburn. If we could snag some blue chip guys like this, it would be huge.

  12. 14

    I’m looking at the Sports Rag and reading Jeremy Richardson’s comments on the Limo. “It moved me up” when he saw it.
    If only the Coaches had stepped out dressed like Super Fly. Shit man. Hand me the letter right now Homey ! Take me for a ride Homies !
    If pea brains like Jeremy are impressed by Bling – let Auburn have their dumb asses.

  13. 15

    Ballplay and Julio, you both make some good points. Time will tell if Chizik can turn it around. One more point I would like to make is that Curtis Luper and Trooper Taylor have established reputations as good recruiters, but can they coach? Besides Malzahn and Rocker, who on Auburn’s staff is known as a good coach? Bama went through this with Lance Thompson-great recruiter, average to mediocre coach. The same with Ronnie Cottrell a decade ago. And it’s not just Auburn. Besides Monty Kiffin, who has Tennessee got on their coaching staff that’s known as a great coach? Again, time will tell.

  14. 16

    BF, I don’t really know enough about Luper’s history to tell you how good of a coach he is. As to Taylor, his record speaks for itself. He sent 4 receivers to the NFL while he was at Tulane (of all places); He coached RB’s at UT for a few years before switching to receivers and while doing so Gerald Riggs and Cedric Houston ran for 1000+ yds in the same season (only time in UT history); He switched to receivers in 06 and coached Robert Meachem when he made All American (Jayson Swain and Bret Smith also had stellar seasons that year); and then Dez Bryant made All American at OSU last year as a receiver under Taylor. To compare, guess how many receivers even made All-SEC at AU under Greg Knox in 10 years: Zero. Yes, Taylor can coach, and he’s probably going to be a head coach somewhere within the next 5 years.

    Pluto, I love this comment: “If pea brains like Jeremy are impressed by Bling – let Auburn have their dumb asses.” Ok, just hand over all recruits who like bling to Auburn. Bama can have what’s left over. I’m sure you could field a stellar debate team with what’s left over, but I don’t think you’ll be winning many football games.

  15. 17
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Pluto……Where where these comments when the “Textbook crew” and the “Legacy crew” were in full swing ? You were backing those thugs up with every fiber in your being. Claiming Auburn cop conspiricies, they were all innocent in your eyes. Spewing the “innocent till proven guilty” nonsense just like every other bammer. When Jimmy J. got busted , you were quiet as a whisper. Shut your trap kid. You talk out of both sides of your mouth. Verbal diarreah is what youve got.

    Now to a reasonable post by bamafan. The jury is out on Chizik. I was neutral , leaning to pessimistic on the news of his hire. Now Im back to neutral. Hes made some positive strides. julio, you beat me to the punch on Taylor. Great coach and recruiter. That is a fact proven by facts. If Luper lands Seastrunk, he will be worth his weight in gold. Unsure of his coaching. Roof is the big question mark. But, with Chizik as the H coach, he will see any defensive weaknesses on the team. That is his forte’. I said it all along that I personally would want a defensive minded coach. We got one. The big question is the offense. I believe that Malzahn can do it. He has the support systen in place, unlike last year.If they dont win and soon, it wont matter anyhow. They will all be unemployed.

  16. 18

    Haha, you just wrote an entire article on how you have to keep diligently recruiting throughout the year… Then you finished by saying that team like Alabama will sell itself without having to work. Just go ahead and slide those glasses back on buddy, you’ll actually look smarter..

  17. 19

    that is not what he wrote. He said that Alabama doesn’t need to resort to gimmicks.

    Gimmicks do not equal work. In fact, gimmicks are often the antithesis of work.

    As for me, I like the PR gimmick. However, I think it shows that Chizik doesn’t know how to manage a staff by sending out 7 coaches to one school. As I said in the other post, 7 coaches visiting an average of let’s say the same five schools does not yield the same coverage 7 coaches each visiting five different schools.

  18. 20

    I quote “The only report that counts is on the field and in recruiting. Which program has been whipping Auburns ass in recruiting for 3 years straight? You know. And no limos were involved.” That is it really. Alabama isnt a winner. You lost the SEC and lost the Bowl game to a “spread” team that Saban denegrated and said Alabama was too good to be on the field with. Sounds like you have what you deserve, an asshole for a coach who cant deliver after his big mouth spewed out some shit.

    I think if the artificial recruiting title you guys have crowned yourself with is the only thing you got, then congrats man, your the winner. Only problem is you really didnt win that either, Ohio St #1 Alabama #2 2009.

    I out like a fat Alabama redneck girl in dodgeball.

    See ya.

  19. 21

    “Gimmicks” dont work if you have Bammers handing out free keys to Cadillac Escalades down in Mobile.

    We’ll see how long this lasts with the NCAA looking over your shoulder. Ya know that probation is looming don’t you?

    Waaaahhhhh, wahhhhhhh! Same old cheating shit. Isnt it funny how Alabama went from no where to #1 in 2008 in this “recruiting” title? It always seems really fishy. I mean usually coaches have to build a program slowly. Isnt it really magical how Alabama has done this….

    Doesnt sound like hard work to me, unless that is your working hard at dropping $100 bills on the floor, or some sorority girls are helping with the “process”. Isnt that what Nicky said? The fans could really help with the “process”.

  20. 22

    I’m actually an Army guy stationed in Columbus, Ga. but I have a question. I see all these pages of alabama people talking about how washed up and crappy Auburn is and how superior alabama’s program is, bit haven’t they only beat auburn 1 TIME in the last SEVEN YEARS???!!! I don’t understand their argument?! It really makes no sense! Anyway, just an observation

  21. 25

    ITK—–Excellent read and very sage business knowledge. You stick with a winner and not every flash in the pan.

    Kids do that. They want desparately to be associated with winning in any way possible. And they despise being looked upon as a loser.
    In thier minds the “cool” kids are the ones who are secure in themselves and carry themselves like they are winners. Cool Kids value themselves enough to just be who they are. Everybody wants to be one of the “cool” kids.

    It is always the losers who resort to the desperate “look-at-me” gimmicks and the constant image makeovers. They are the ones who are constantly thinking “If I change my___________ maybe people will notice me….” After years of life, Most of us who have matured past college realise that just being yourself and being the best we can be is all we can do and is generally the most likeable version of us anyway.
    Why cant they figure that out at Auburn. They jump from one foot to the next so often saying ‘LOKK AT ME! LOOK AT ME” that honestly… They dont have much of an original identity at all.
    Plus…. How stupid is this…
    Bama does a road trip in a cusomized travel bus that they own.
    Auburn does a road trip in a Limo THEY RENTED. Looks like a poser to me. And I am sure a lot of recruits agree. Judging from how many they have landed so far.

  22. 27

    I,m back biotch….. whats wrong with what they done…..kiss my ass kiss they asss..kiss your ass….shane, ill meet you at the western star building….jim i WILLL kick your ass and kdub i hear ya represent bessma bro……… all tha rest of ya…. blow me

  23. 28
    E.G White

    Well I guess it’s obvious that finebaunsajunkie is an illiterate faggot. Specwhatever in Columbus – if you don’t know what you’re talking about and don’t understand it, then refrain from making smartassed remarks about it. It goes a lot deeper than who has the most recent winning streak. And Bamahater, CNS was taken out of context with his comment about Utah and everybody with half a brain knew it. Bama had hopes of moving up to #2 after the MNC game until they were matched with Utah. The Sugar Bowl which is an SEC bowl was turned into a proving ground for the MWC. Bama stood to gain absolutly zilch even if they won it 40 – 0. CNS was simply refering to Utah’s insignificance in that respect. He wasn’t disrespecting Utah. If the BCS wasn’t such a crock of s–t Bama would have played Texas instead of Utah. So STFU.

  24. 29
    E.G White

    It’s a damn shame there’s not some kind of automatic sanitizer system built into the internet so that when sister humpin’ retards like BamaHater and finebaumjunkie upload demented bullsh-t like that – their computer would sense it and release nerve gas into their faces. Escalades? You’d have to be so retarded that your brain could’t keep your heart pumpin’ to use that backfired Clemson joke as a rebuttal in an intelligent argument. Hey you two inbreds – do your brothers and sisters and your children have all their arms and legs and other normal body parts? I doubt it! RTR!

  25. 30
    E.G White

    Oh yeah one other thing you braindead dog farts – Urban took Florida to the MNC in two years, Stoops took Oklahoma to the MNC in two years and Carroll took USC to the MNC in two years. According to your assinine logic CNS and Bama aren’t even a factor yet, but Florida, Oklahoma and USC should be given the permanent death penalty! Look you two brain farts, just to show you that there’s no hard feelings; The University of Alabama would like to invite you to Tuscaloosa and our beautiful campus. Over on the Northwest side of the Softball and Outdoor Tennis complexes we have a facility especially for your types. It’s called Bryce Hospital. There we will give you free room and board and a lifetime supply of Thorazine. Don’t worry, you can stay until our fine Barner hating ‘doctors?’ cure what ails you! LOL!!! RTR!

  26. 31

    Hey cappy, did you catch this quote from Davidson HC Fred Riley that was posted by the Sporting News (you know, another one of those silly national publications):

    “The limo didn’t have nearly the effect of seven coaches on your campus at one time,” said Davidson coach Fred Riley, whose campus received a visit early in the week. “Their mode of transportation, I think, was fun for the media and fun for Internet bloggers. But as far as the kids were concerned, it was having seven coaches on your campus all at one time.”

    errrrr….didn’t you say in your “bad management” rant that you could create the same splash with just a couple of coaches as long as a limo was involved, and that it was stupid to send all 7 coaches to one school? Seems like you even responded with some cutesy little computer acronym about rolling on the floor and laughing your a$$ off when I suggested that sending only a couple of coaches in a limo wouldn’t create the same splash as sending all 7. You really need to call Riley and those FB players at Davidson and tell them how stupid they are.

  27. 32

    What’s next? A hot air balloon trip? A hayride? Free cotton candy? I know, skywriting…but can you spell “Free Sociology Credits” in the sky before all the clouds break up? I don’t know.

    But one thing I do know is this: Just keep doing what you’re doing with Captain Cheese at the wheel, and CNS will continue doing what he’s doing. We’ll compare the crop next February.

  28. 33
    E.G White

    The rest of you Barners are having a pretty reasonable Barner discussion on a BAMA Forum. What the hell for I haven’t figured out yet. One things for damn sure, like Julia said a lot of posts ago. This is damn sure one dead horse everybody’s still beating! Reminds me of the damn cow in the road in the movie ‘Me Myself and Irene’! LOL! RTR!

  29. 34
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    ITK…….If you are as business savy as you say , then you know this to be true…..If something your doing isnt working, then you change what your doing. If you dont change, you go belly up. Correct ? In todays business world you not only have to work hard, but work smart.

    How does that relate to the tiger prowl ? The way I look at it is like this. Chizik knew that Saban has all but codlocked the state. He is sending these guys out in force to take it back, or at least get our fair share of it back. We may not win the war with bama in recruiting, but we should win more battles this way, wich is better than the results of the past two years. To some recruits , 7 coaches at once will make the difference, to some it wont. This beats the alternative of the last couple of years where our recruiting got zero results. You may not see this every year, but then again , who knows ? I can promise you that they didnt just go to random schools on a whim. They are targetting specific players (some may be sophmores) at specific schools.

    You can call it a move of desparation if you like. Fact is , they have to do something or they go belly up, just like in the business world. After all , isnt CFB one of the biggest businesses in our state ?

  30. 35

    Julio, I’ve NEVER seen a coach or player say anything bad about a gimmick or visit from college coaches. They all say it is cool and was awesome.

    If you believe that quote…well, whatever.

    It still is a horrible waste of resources and if you are deluded enough to think it works…enjoy the results come National Signing Day when Auburn has a top 15 class and Alabama has a top 10 class.

    You can put all the perfume on this you want, but like I said in the thought experiment, you can’t cover as much ground, nor do as much work with your circus.

  31. 36

    What’s sad, is that I like this gimmick. I like how it gives a strong message to AU fans and shows a commitment to recruiting the state.

    But AU fans don’t want to see the red flag this management decision raised. That is the type of delusion that left Mike Shula in charge at Alabama or Mike Dubose.

  32. 37

    Cappy, if you could tell me right now that AU would have the 11th ranked class next year, and Bama would be 8th, I’d take it. If we’re all being rational, I think we’d agree that there’s really no subjcetive way to determine which class is better when they are that close. That would be wildy significant progress, and yes I’d have to give the limo “stunt” or “gimmick” some credit for the success.

  33. 38

    See, I don’t think the limo stunt is going to help AU that much, if at all.

    What is going to help is the hard work the assistants and Chizik are putting in on the ground.

    I’m very impressed with the effort going on, and I do like the limo because it conveys a very strong desire to show interest to land in-state recruiting. Plus, it shows the fans that the staff is fanatical in its desire to recruit.

    I think the work going on is what is going to be the biggest help. The enthusiasm is going to be a big help too. Tuberville wasn’t enthusiastic on the recruiting trail. These new guys are. That is contagious and helps the salesmanship.

    The only concern I have is about Chizik’s ability to supervise the program. That’s why I said the limo gambit spoke more about Chizik’s leadership of the program than recruiting.

  34. 39

    Amen, Cappy. Again, as I covered in my article, it all comes down to leadership. Those who understand it know that tactics used don’t always suggest good leadership. I know we have a good (probably great) leader at the wheel. Given the record, I’m not so sure the same can be said of Chizik.

  35. 40
    E.G White

    Ok I give up! I’m goin’ over to Volquest and be a real nusance. Never have I heard the same BS repeated over and over this many times as if it hadn’t already been said 10 times by each one of you! Not since the last time I listened to church music anyway. Think you’ll ever change the other guys opinion? Booring! RTR! Oh wow! Did ya’ll catch this on ESPN a few minutes ago? They said Sistrunk gave his verbal to Vandy, Julio Jones is transferring to Rice, Tim Tebow broke his leg and is leaving Florida for the Mission fields and Malz liquor is leaving the Barn for Ball State! Damn, what a Black Saturday! LOL!

  36. 41

    GOD!! ITK Wrote a blog about a NON STORY to tell us he has an Assistant! I got one to and my Grandaddy taught me the same thing I will teach my Grandson laying asleep next to me…. If you want it done right DO IT YOURSELF! And YES hardwork is a BLESSING! But come on?? SERIUOSLY!!???? ITK it was BAMMERS who said Saban should have done it! AND Bammer has NEVER pulled anything remotely like this have they? THINK HARD!!


  37. 42

    Oh yea PLEASE DROP THIS it was already DEAD And then RESSURECTED BY A WHAT????
    A DAMN BAMMER. YOu guys are the one AUBSESSING

  38. 43

    you are right Omni. Dead horse. But it is hard to resist the urge to point and laugh at Auburn and the limo. HA! Auburn rented a limo! Are they going to the prom? Where are the orange and blue tuxedos? HA!HA! Okay, I am done. Now what do we have to talk about?

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