Tide record falls to Ohio State

AP: A national spring game record crowd of 95,722 came out to enjoy the high temperatures and watch Terrelle Pryor…The 80-degree weather played a big role in the attendance, which topped the 92,138 Alabama drew for Nick Saban’s coaching debut in 2007.


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    E.G White

    Congratulations to the Buckeyes. However I wonder how many would have shown up if it had been raining and nationally televised at the same time? It’s also a shame Bama didn’t have the 100,000+ seats 2 years ago because there were 10,000 that didn’t get in that day.

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    E.G White

    I wonder if they count like Auburn and Florida? People at the Auburn game said it looked more like 30,000 than Auburn’s figures of what? 45000+? And the news services said there were 52,000 at the Florida game but Florida published 67,000+. Funny, but we didn’t have those descrepancies with the Alabama totals. In fact I think Bama’s total last Saturday was conservative and I have pictures and movies to back it up.

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    E.G. White — I totally agree with the “descrepancies” of these numbers published from a schools’ AD Dept. — You know it’s a pissing contest because now in these days — who ever has the highest number in attendance is the school with the biggest bragging rights until September. Oh BTW — try 25K at Auburn.

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    It really shouldn’t matter. No one was even talking spring ball (outside the south) until Bama started the trend, and since 2007 everyone else has been trying to follow. Bama did it first and it was not advertised or promoted to break any kind of record, it just happened. Then the media started by making fun of it, and Alabama fans, but it sure is funny how now they want in on the action now. Now other schools are seeing it as a recruiting tool, as Saban has used it to his advantage. In this area, everyone else is just following, but Bama fans started it.

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    E.G White

    Yeah and look who has beaten us. The only two schools with fans as crazy as us – Nebraska last year and Ohio St. this year. The L.A. papers said no way in hell USC will ever draw 90,000 to a practice game. Nebraska, Michigan, Penn St, Florida, Georgia and God knows who else begged their fans to come beat us. Ohio St’s. crazy. They probably didn’t have to say much. Their whole fan base – which is the whole state – is in the middle of an orgasm over the second coming of the Christ child by name of Pryor! Now we have to get the stadium finished before we can get the record back. RTR!

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    Ohio state population = 11,485,910
    Alabama population = 4,661,900

    Competitive major football schools in the state of:
    Ohio = 1
    Alabama = 2

    Hmmmmm …….

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Its a good thing to have a lot in attendance for a spring game……But E.G. sounds down right obsesseed. Its not the BCS championship. Its a spring game. The ones Ive been too are just glorified practices.

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    E.G White

    It’s just a practice game and the results are rather meaningless. Additionally, every one of them is booring as hell. But in the world of college football bragging rights mean everything, and a college football fan will grab at anything that gives him the chance to brag. Now Nicky has turned Bama fans obsession into a huge recruiting tool, and the importance level of something that was previously insignificant, has been dramatically raised. Across the nation it’s spreading like wildfire. And now one more rant of ‘ours is bigger and better than your’s’ has been added to the menu. Once again Alabama has changed the face of college football in America. How sweet it is. Penis envy is a bitch ain’t it rivals? F-you Florida! RTR!

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