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    E.G White

    Utah and the MWC must be light headed from the altitude. They win 1 game from an extremely disinterested Bama team and now they think a round robin playoff with the likes of Florida, Texas, USC, Oklahoma, Ohio St., Michigan, LSU, Bama, etc. is going to allow them to win a National Championship? How funny! I don’t think I want a playoff. The suspense and controversy is what makes Div. 1 football so interesting. With a 4 or even 8 team playoff there are still going to be some deserving 1 or even 2 loss teams left out, and the controversy and anger will just be moved a little further down the line. I would like to see the BCS eliminated though. It has ruined bowl games for teams like Bama and Texas and Penn St. and SC who last year had a mathematical chance to be Champions, but were already locked out before the bowls. Except in the case of two rivals playing as in the Rose Bowl, it relegated the Sugar and Fiesta and Orange bowls irrelevant. That sux! What do ya’ll think?

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    Tax Man

    Last year’s bowl games should have went like this OK vs FL for the NC, USC vs Tex in the Fiesta Bowl (this would have given USC their first road trip for a bowl game in years) and AL vs Penn ST in the Sugar Bowl. That would have been great, instead we got one good game and 4 who cares!

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    I don’t understand why this stuff is still coming up. The NZAA recently inked a contract with the BCS that was eight years long and unless there is a ‘get out’ clause that includes playoffs, they ain’t happnin’.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Its reallyn not fair to teams like Utah. They stomped a great Bama team much worse than the eventual National Champ did. Who knows ? They might have beaten Florida.

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    E.G White

    Well now Bama hardly got stomped. Utah won the first quarter 21-0. Then Bama won the rest of the game 17-10. And they did it inspite of having the teams strongest point – the OL completely destroyed and the team demoralized. Utah’s spread was effectively shut down after that three td splurge until late after the defense wore out because the offense kept going 3 and out. JPW misfired on 3 sure tds when the recievers were wide open. Beat Florida? Ha! Utah had to come from behind in the final minute to beat TCU, a team Oklahoma beat by 30 odd points. Utah was nothing more than a team in the wrong place at the wrong time as far as Bama was concerned.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    EG……..You got stomped. When a game is over in the first quarter and your team spends the rest of the game getting moral victories , youve been stomped. Isnt that the same speach I heard after the 05 Iron bowl ?

    Your this team beat that team so they cant beat this team arguement is flawed. They went UNDEFEATED. And keep in mind that Ole Miss beat Florida. Do you not hink that Utah could beat Ole Miss that night ?

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    E.G White

    Look I don’t hate Utah and don’t want to take anything away from them (except that the stupid f–k–s actually think they were the original Crimson Tide and that their shade of Crimson is more accurate than Bama’s.) Stupid f–k–s! It’s damn hard for me to accurately assess Utah, because irregardless of what others think – the Bama team that played them that night was an imposter. You can’t judge how good they were when they didn’t play against the same team as did Georgia, Clemson, LSU, Ole Miss, Auburn or Florida. CNS said as much and you know he don’t lie about stuff like that. To get beat by a better team is nothing to be ashamed of, but to get whacked when you don’t even show up is something that will shame the Bama Nation for the rest of our lives! On that night Utah could have probably stayed respectable against OU or Florida, but not seriously threaten either one. I tend to think that on a regular Saturday last year, Utah could not have beaten Florida, OU, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma St., USC, Penn St., Ole Miss or Alabama. That is my assessment based on my 45 years of football fanaticism. If you don’t agree – well you know what they say about opinions! RTR!

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    Ok Aubisajoke,
    If utah stomped Bama by 14 points what would you call the 36 point margin Bama had over auburn?

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    TMC………..(like the new name)……..Heres the deal. In a previous thread, I believe it was Brando who claimed that Auburn fans are excuse makers. We spin everything , he said. And several of you other bammers say the same. Thats alright. To each his own.

    But understans this. I will admint right here and now that Alabama whooped our tail last year. Plain and simple. You guys outperformed us on every level. It wasnt close. And the 36-0 score , really wasnt a true indicator of the beating we took. Our players didnt want it. Our coach didnt want it. Our fans saw it coming ten miles away. We were beat before we walked on the feild. It was NO ONES FAULT BUT OURS !

    O.K. Now that we have that clarified. Look at E.G.s post above. Excuses man. Thats all I hear. Losing Andre hurt. But I would dare say that your second string tackle could start for Utah. So that arguement is flawed. I understand that the injury to the second string guy hurt too. But its still not an excuse.

    Utah dominated another football team. It doesnt matter that Alabama was the “better ” team on paper. Appearantly , they didnt subscribe to that paper.

    They executed better. the had a better gameplan. And most importantly , they wanted it more. Saban can blame everyone else, but the majority of the blame goes to him. Bama wasnt ready for them. I dont care what anyone says. I think they would have given ANY team a run for there money in that bowl game.

    You guys lost. E.G. and Bama. Whos the excuse maker ? Sounds like its you guys.

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    E.G White

    When did I make an excuse? Didn’t I just say we didn’t show up? Didn’t I say it’s our shame? I didn’t blame the ref’s or a couple of stupid plays by the qb as in the LSU game 2 years ago. That’s all you’re gonna get out of me on that subject cause nobody in their right mind actually thinks Utah is a better team than Alabama. If they had been on our regular season schedule last year they would have gone down just like everybody else did. Simply put they took advantage of a good situation for them, we did not take advantage of a bad situation for us. CNS blamed everybody including himself, the team and the fans for the cavalier, disinterested attitude they had. I think he showed class in not mentioning the stupid sh-t Andre Smith pulled, of all times two days before the game. The whole country knew how important he was to the team. It was completely demoralizing to a team and fan base that were already buried in self pity over the lost National Championship opportunity. Even I, who was one of the few who was excited about playing Utah – felt my heart sink at the Smith news. It was the first time I had felt the fear of losing before a ballgame all year – and that includes Florida. Hell I predicted the blowouts of Clemson and Georgia and the less than td wins over Ole Miss and LSU. I rated the Florida game a tossup with intangibles making the difference. Those intangibles finally being some critically questionable calls by the refs, fatigue on the whole defense and the offensive line, and Tim Tebow. That being said – I actually feared we were going to lose the Sugar Bowl after we lost Smith. We did. We deserved too. But we did not lose to a better team. I think you saw the BCS bullsh-t affect a lot of teams by making irrelevant the Bowl games of teams still demoralized over not having a shot at the MNC. Penn St. came out flat against USC, Texas was outplayed and damn near lost to Ohio St. and no way in hell Texas Tech should have lost like that to Ole Miss. The excuse is passed around that a playoff would ruin the Bowls. Ha! The BCS has rendered all the major bowls irrelevant and uninteresting to any participants who still have a mathematical chance of winning the MNC. I prefer using only the polls, all of them, computers included, but eliminate the Bowl-Conference tieups so the teams that need to play each other can play each other. Then have a final poll after all is said and done and let the chips fall where they may. Can you imagine the ferocity of the play in the 4 major bowls, with each team having a chance to be champions the next day? Hell make it 5 bowls, bring the Cotton Bowl back to prominance. Wow, think of the controversy! The opportunity for Bitching and arguing! Wow! RTR!

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    E.G White

    Yeah, I know, I’m a sadistic S.O.B.. But I have adored 45 years of ‘my teams better than your team’, ‘we got screwed’, ‘they deserved the NC more than you’, ‘no way you could have beat them’, ‘the polls are full of s–t’, ‘the coaches know more about who’s best than the sportswriters’ and visa versa’, ‘wait until next year’! It made college football the most popular sport in the USA and made the major bowls War Zones. Bring It Back!!! RTR!

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    E.G. …..I still dont see your logic. You can say Im “out of my mind” if you like. Bama had a good team last year. But they werent the world beaters youve painted them to be. They overachieved in a lot of games. That is what good coaching does for a team. They could have easily lost to Kentucky, TULANE ! and Ole Miss….. So dont give me the better team arguement. Gerorgia was proven to be overrated as well as Auburn, Clemson and LSU. Overall the SEC was down. Not making excuses, but every single media outlet said the same. Though a down SEC is better than any other conference.

    Looking at Utahs schedule isnt very impressive. But they beat the team that beat USC in Oregan St (you like to use that one). They beat Michigan. They beat TCU , another good underrated team. And BYU, who is also underrated ( they have an awesome QB too). Then proceeded to kick Bama in the balls in the Sugar Bowl.

    Losing one player did NOT affect the outcome. They werent prepared for the game. Saban got bushwhacked with a vengeance.

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    E.G White

    You insist on changing the topic matter of this blog into a Bama got waxed and embarassed show. The only reason I even mentioned the game in my posts was to try and defer some of the BS ideas that kept coming up about why Bama lost. We’re supposed to be discussing the why’s and wherefore’s of having a playoff or not. I’ve given some pretty solid opinons on the matter. I’d like to know if anybody else feels the same way? Although I realize that most bloggers are a hell of a lot younger than me and may not have been exposed to anything before the BCS BS. RTR!

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I am not trying to beat the dead horse. I wish we could have lost the Sugar Bowl last year. Really I was venting on a couple of other comments made by others as well. The bottom line is this. Better teams lose all the time. Thats why they play the game. Though I dont doubt that losing the SEC championship game was a major moral sucker. It shouldnt have contributed to the loss. But your right , it probably did.

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