Fans prep for A-Day by lending help

The economic downturn has some people facing cuts to discretionary spending. Is Alabama’s spring football game discretionary? Is it necessary?

For one fan A-Day presented a challenge—he didn’t have the funds to drive from Mobile to Tuscaloosa. What did he do? He asked for help.

USA Today quoted this request posted on the BamaOnline message board: I don’t normally ask for help like this from complete strangers, but all other efforts have been exhausted,” he wrote. “I am strapped for cash right now pretty badly, I have been out of work for a month. I really want to go to the game though to do my part and support the tide … anyone got an extra seat in their car?? I’m just a normal 22 year old dude, not a bum (wont be drinking your beers). Thanks!”

Alabama fans were ready to help. According to USA Today, “Crimson Tide fans responded quickly, offering a ride (a few six-packs, too) to Bryant-Denny Stadium for the scrimmage. After all, packing the place is the goal.”
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