Tide lands QB for 2010 class

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban landed a top quarterback prospect commitment it was reported Wednesday. Recruiting sites like Rivals and Scout reported that Virginia star Phillip Sims verbally committed to the Crimson Tide.

According to Rivals, Sims is ranked the 52nd prospect in the country; he is a four-star on the Rivals system. Scout has Sims ranked as a four-star prospect, and the fourth rated quarterback prospect in the nation. According to Scout, Sims threw for “more than 2,400 yards with 32 touchdowns and four interceptions” in 12 games during the 2008 season.

According to ESPN’s recruiting experts, Sims is ranked in the ESPNU150 Watch List. The experts at ESPN say, “He possesses the arm to make all the necessary throws and he is capable of driving the ball deep as well as making deep sideline throws outside of the numbers–throws extremely well on the run to both sides. His delivery is over-the-top and very consistent mechanically. He is a good athlete and while he has the ability to be a dual-threat guy, he really isn’t. His legs just give an added dimension. At times as you watch Sims he will get locked into one target or area of the field and must be careful not to get too dialed into one receiver and telegraph where he is going to go with the ball. …He makes good decisions with the ball, plays with confidence and has all the tools physically to become an excellent college prospect.” As always, there is much more to read at ESPN.


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    e. g. white

    Is this guy the son of Phil Simms as I have read on other blogs or not? It appears to be a great catch. However, Bama’s getting a pretty full roster of qb’s – i.e. McElroy, Jackson, McCarron, Darrah, Ogilvie, Simms and a couple of others whose names I can’t even remember. Yet with all our qb tradition, when the hell are we gonna get a #1 or at least a 5*??? And speaking of 5*s, I know that most of our 2010 recruits aren’t yet rated, but none of them except Simms is currently on Scout.com’s top 100 list.

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    e. g. white

    This concerns me because CNS has over signed for 3 years and now has precommited about all the scolly’s that he will have available for 2010. With this in mind, where are all the 5*s going to fit in on next national signing day?? And remember, our kicking game leaves a lot to be desired. Tiffen is a senior (thank God), and his backups suck. I just hope we’re not jumping the gun with this early signing business. RTR.

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    e. g. white

    Cappy, I’m in Erie, Pa. today. I would like to come through T-Town Saturday and go to the A-Day game. But it’s kind of out of my way and I don’t want to make the trip and then have to watch the game at Buffalo Wild Wings or Dreamland! Is there any way to get or reserve a ticket ahead of time. You know the stadium will have 92,000 and there will be way over 100,000 trying to get in! Leave a text msg at 956-489-1410. Thanks.

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    e. g. white

    Just saw a picture of Phillip Simms. He’s definitly not Phil Simms son, unless ____? Ha, ha, ha!! Everyone is calling him elite. I don’t consider a 4* an elite. McElroy, Jackson and McCarron are 4*s and I don’t hear anyone calling them elite. Now Tebow, Crawford, McCoy, they’re elite. We’ll see in a couple of years. RTR!

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    Yes, lots of QB’s committing. Besides Phillip Sims, I believe there was another Sims (Blake, I think) who plays QB in HS, but both Sims are athletes who can play other positions, i.e., WR, safety, etc…

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    BTW, the noted QB, Phil Simms, is white and the two Sims commitments are black – so, apparently no relation. However, talking about sons of former NFL QB’s, I read that Joe Montana and his son Nick (QB in HS) visited Georgia and Alabama campuses recently. Changing the subject a little, but here’s a link to a story which includes Nick Montana and sons of other sports stars…

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    E.G White

    That was a great article on Nick Montana and the Gretzky kid. Imagine walking on to the field, looking at the plays for 15 minutes and calmly throwing two td passes. The kid is gonna be great. As much as I’d like to see Bama coup the other schools, he has a brother Nate attending Notre Dame now, and both Joe and Nick were at the ND spring game Saturday. Looks like they want to make it a family affair with the Irish. Anybody heard anymore about Brett Favre’s kid? He’s on Bama’s list too. Yeah and BJ Scott was also an excellent qb at Vigor and a 5* recruit, but now he’s a DB. As for Phillip Sims, he could be up to a 5* by next February. Who knows? However, Sims only has 6000 yards and about 60 td’s in 2 years, and A.J. McCarron only had about 4500 yards in 3 years. Compare that to McElroy’s almost 5000 yds and 56 td’s in only 1 year, and the x-Duke BB All American Paulus who had 12000+ yards and over 150 td’s in 3 years of High School. Looks to me like we’re recruiting downhill on qb’s when we’re getting the very best at all the other positions. I really want to see a #1 ranked qb signed. RTR!

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