Will Sexton emerge as Smith’s new agent?

The Rap Sheet has reported that Andre Smith has terminated his relationship with Alvin Keels; the report cited a source close to the former Alabama Crimson Tide left tackle.

Is that good or bad news for Smith? Most people would suggest it is a good move because Keels has been a disaster for Smith. However, not everyone agrees with that.

ProFootballTalk.com suggests this could be a bad move this late in the draft process. According to PFT, “The potential damage resulting from an abrupt change in representation definitely won’t help his draft stock. If teams that had been eyeballing Smith decide that the move means he’s even more erratic than previously believed, it could only hurt him.”

With the horrible problems Smith has faced since January, a change could inspire confidence that the Alabama player is willing to make mature decisions.

One interesting thing to watch is who will be Smith’s new agent. The Rap Sheet reported it would likely be Ian Greengross. However, PFT suggested something else. “Some league observers has suspected that Jimmy Sexton, who represents Alabama coach Nick Saban, eventually will emerge as Smith’s agent,” PFT reported.