Iron Bowl move not a big deal

What about people who work on Saturday?

I never hear those folks forced to work on Saturdays in our emergency rooms, steel plants or retail stores complaining about the injustice of the Iron Bowl being played on Saturday. But somehow when a football game takes place on a Friday it shows just how greedy and evil college football is.

Give me a break.

Aren’t most people off the day after Thanksgiving anyway? It is the high holy day of our consumer religion—Black Friday. Of course, consumer moralists are busy telling the state that moving the game to Saturday is also bad for us because it will hurt the economy.

Mike Goens of the Times Daily wrote, “Also, don’t be surprised if it hurts the state’s sales tax collections and causes great hardship on retail stores statewide. The Friday after Thanksgiving usually is the busiest shopping day of the year, but it won’t happen the next two years.”

Right. If I skip shopping on Friday that somehow means I don’t have to buy as many Christmas presents?

Sign me up!

However, let me assure all of those people worried about the economic impact that even the Iron Bowl on Black Friday will not encourage fiscal discipline and responsibility on the part of American consumers. People will still spend money they don’t have, but they will do it on Saturday or Sunday or weeks later on Christmas Eve.

I could understand the irritation if the move were announced a week or two before the event; however, this is months before. It gives you plenty of time to schedule your vacation days or plan how to watch the game on a big screen during a long lunch. Besides, this isn’t the first time the game has been played on Friday, and those other times I don’t remember any of this bitching.