Erin Andrews to give tour of Citi Field

Via Awful Announcing: “ESPN will be airing the first two Mets games from their new digs at Citi Field, and not only will you be seeing the park for the first time, but Erin Andrews will be taking you on a tour of the digs.”

I know I should be working tonight on family income tax stuff and a few writing assignments, but for some reason I now want to watch baseball!

Erin Andrews photo via Sports Hernia


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    E.G White

    It’ll take more than a sexy sportscaster to get me interested in the worlds third most boring game after sculling and golf. Maybe if she was nude and giving head on pitchers mound? Baseball is only interesting when Bama is playing a rival or a tournament game.

  2. 2

    The crawler at the bottom of the screen had to be more interesting than the interview with the adolescent gone native!

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