Auburn fans worried about Chizik

Auburn fans are starting to worry that head coach Gene Chizik could be a disaster of Jimmy Carter proportions. The Auburn Tigers have a coach who could choke on the gnats of minutiae while losing focus on the larger problems swarming the Auburn football team.

Auburn fans have reason to worry with a 5-19 coach and meddling from former Auburn coaching legend Pat Dye—remember, Tommy Tuberville did his best work when Pat Dye was banished from the program. Will Chizik be able to breathe, much less thrive, with Dye looking over his shoulder?

Other things that have the Auburn faithful worried come from stories of Chizik’s handling of the Iowa State program. In one story, “…When he made the players spend 20 minutes of the first spring practice of 2007 precisely lining up their helmets, you wondered if a real life Captain Queeg hadn’t taken over the ISU football program.”

It sounds like former president Jimmy Carter who issued memos on the misuse of the pronoun “I”, and held meetings with the GSA over a rodent infestation of the White House. Can a chief executive be successful when obsessed over such minor matters?

In Carter’s case the answer was a resounding NO.

And it has Auburn fans worried. One blog opines, “…What does it say about Chizik himself that he’s worried about this level of detail? I understand the argument that you have to take care of the little things before you can worry about the big things, but there’s also a point at which the little things are so little they’re not worth worrying about, a point where you’re so detail-oriented all you see are details.”

One of the world’s most successful college coaches is Nick Saban. Would anyone doubt he obsesses over every minor detail? He is a guy who doesn’t like people talking to him in the hallway. In fact, Saban’s attention to detail is one of the things which makes Alabama’s coach the person he is. Saban is a fanatic about details from off-season preparation to game prep. It is hard to say if Chizik’s dedication to detail is reasonable, but it is too soon to call it a sign of mental illness like Captain Queeg. Getting to know Chizik better could help explain why he insists on the proper arrangement of helmets.

What do we know of Gene Chizik’s background? Perhaps the most important detail is Gene Chizik, Sr.; Chizik’s dad was a Marine, decorated with the Bronze Star after fighting at Sugar Loaf Hill.

According to
“Sugar Loaf Hill was only a little more than 50 feet high and three football fields long, a knoll in a trio of them on an obscure island in the Pacific Ocean. To understand Gene Chizik, it is important to understand about Sugar Loaf Hill.

“Because it was there that lessons of humility, character, commitment, team, loyalty and family all were manifested. For it was there that his father, Gene Chizik, Sr., earned a medal for bravery that he never bragged about, and survived a battle not many men did.”

Chizik’s relationship with his father is important. The relationship was so close, Chizik, Sr. was best man in his son’s wedding.

“He was the man,” Chizik was quoted as saying. “My father and I were very close. He was a Marine, a tough, tough guy. He was a man’s man. When he came back from the war, he finished college playing football, and from there he went directly into coaching, then went into administration and was a high school principal.”

As Marines like to say, Marines never stop being Marines. The Marine Corps teaches attention to detail—a fanatic attention to detail. Anyone who has been a Marine passes those traits on to their offspring (or at least attempts to pass on those traits.) With Chizik’s close relationship to his father, a father who was also a football coach, it stands to reason Chizik learned much of his style from his father.

The style would include many military values. Just in case it wasn’t clear, the military places value on order. Uniforms must be neat, gear must be stowed correctly and bunks must be squared away. There are important benefits in the way a bunk is made, as these exercises teach discipline. And can anyone doubt the importance of discipline to an army or a football team? Small things like the treatment of equipment can teach big lessons to a football team. Lessons such as, if you are precise in the daily tasks then you develop traits to be precise in other things.

Too many commentators say that players today won’t tolerate discipline. However, you don’t want those types of players on your team (see Alabama under Mike Shula.) Football players without discipline aren’t a football team—they are a rabble waiting to be routed.

It can take time and be painful to change attitudes. As the Auburn blog points out, “When things go wrong this season, and next–and things will go wrong, from time to time–how is Chizik going to respond?”

The bigger question is—How will Auburn respond? Will Auburn give Chizik the time to rebuild the program in his image? Would one disastrous season followed by a mediocre one get him fired? It only took one bad season to get Tommy Tuberville fired.

And Auburn fans are already divided on Chizik.

Going back to Captain Queeg and the Caine Mutiny, Queeg, while strange and ineffective, was done a disservice by his officers; the officers were quick to find fault and never embraced that Queeg was a man with the same faults as any man. Those officers sound like football fans, boosters and college administrators.

Time likely isn’t on Chizik’s side.


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  1. 1
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Ill be the first to admit Im skeptical. He really hasnt proven anything. Not to say he wont. He seems to be a perfectionist. And cap, its good to see you give his dad some props. We will see. Auburn will give him a couple of years. Does anyone deserve more than a couple ? I heard some bammers whimpering after the Lamo loss. And look what Saban did in year two. In the SEC any more than three years is to much to invest in a coach. Look at Croom, Shula, and (gasp) Spurrier. Ive said it several times. Auburn should have opened the war chest and got a Butch Davis, or anyone who can win. You cant afford not to. Ill give Chizik the benefit of the doubt now that hes the coach. But he better win and win soon.

  2. 2

    I’m neither skeptical or optimistic with Chizik, because I truly have no idea how he’s going to do. I do know that he was one of the most sought after assistants in the country after being at Auburn and Tex, basically in the exact same position that Muschamp is in now. I know that Mack Brown still thinks the world of the guy, and there have been some reports that Brown even tried to bring Chizik back to Texas before hiring Muschamp and naming him head coach in waiting. The record at ISU is discouraging, but I really don’t know that anyone can be consistently successful there. (Before you bammers blurt out the standard line about his predecessor McCarney going to a stretch of bowls, you might find his record after the 1st 3 years interesting – it was 6-27. McCarney didn’t even have a winning season until his 6th year, and he is considered the most successful coach in modern ISU history). I certainly don’t consider Chizik’s strict discipline standards and attention to detail to be a negative, and anyone who does is either an idiot or a biased fan from another school. Time will tell, but I have been impressed with everything that Chizik has done so far.

  3. 3

    Ballplay, why didn’t Auburn open the checkbook and go after the biggest and brightest names? Auburn isn’t a poor school. It has good revenue, and a good record.

    I think Chizik was the result of meddling. That doesn’t mean he’ll be a bad coach, but I think he has additional pressure thanks to the poor track record as a head coach and the internal strife in the Auburn family.

    I think the above blog cited is an example—when Auburn’s most passionate fans are admitting a sense of unease about the coach, you’ve got problems in the family.

  4. 4
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Unlike some, I do think that Gene Chizik will have some success. Just unsure of consistancy and how much succeess. But how can you go wrong hiring the best. Bamas 4 mill a year investment has had CONSIDERABLE financial returns. A great coach is worth every dime.

    I said it before Chizik was hired, that we needed to break out the checkbook. The whole Dye speach in the locker room the other day didnt happen when Tommy was there. Someone needs to tell Dye to get out of the way.

    I also said that who ever we hired needed to be a defensive coach FIRST. We got that. I hope Im wrong, and may well be, Vhizik may work out. But thats a big MAY.

  5. 5

    In one sentence you state that attention to detail is good, as long as it is Saban doing it, but when it comes to Chizik it is bad. Not all UAT fans were mesmerized by Saban’s scrutiny over what goes on in that program. Yet after two season, you will be quick to say ‘it is part of the process’. Why are you so concerned about AU’s program and how Chizik monitors it? Take the lumber from your own eye before you tell someone else that have a splinter in their eye.

  6. 6

    No. I said that Chizik’s attention to detail isn’t a bad thing per se—lots of successful people focus on the small things. It can be bad as we saw in Jimmy Carter, but Saban has shown it isn’t that bad if done correctly. We don’t have enough data yet to judge how bad or good it would be for Chizik.

    I’m not the one saying it is bad—some Auburn people are beginning to worry. One of your own bloggers is the guy who posted he was uneasy over Chizik’s tendencies.

    I think small details like how equipment is treated can teach invaluable lessons to troops, or in this case football players. I’m of the opinion that Chizik is using the small details to teach lessons like his Marine father would likely have done. If that is the case, there is method to his operation—and therefore, he is far more like a traditional leader than a Captain Queeg.

    I’m free to comment on any SEC program, and I will continue to do so when it is of interest to readers. ANY comparison of Auburn’s coach to a Captain Queeg character is going to be of interest to rivals like Alabama or Georgia, etc. These types of discussions help give context to what is happening on the Plains. I’m shocked you would see what I wrote as a negative…

    then again, I shouldn’t be.

  7. 7

    As a Bama fan, I think firing Tubberville and hiring Chizik was a brilliant move. Keep up the good work Coach Dye!

  8. 8

    One blogger being upset over the hire is not newsworthy. There are plenty of AU fans that were surprised by the hire but feel he has done a very good job in moving AU in the right direction.

    No where in my response did I say or insinuate that what you wrote was negative. Do not distort what I said. My post is just above if you need to read it again, I have time. I simply stated that in one sentence you praise Saban for his attention to detail and then ask questions Chizik’s attention to detail.

    The better question is why are you worried over a coach with a non-winning record at AU.

    Saban is good coach. He runs a tight ship. I could care less about how he runs his program. I never thought about him closing practice, making players ‘finish he play’, or anything else that goes on in T town. That is his style. Again, why would that style trouble you at AU? Chizik doesn’t have the record of Saban. So what? He is not your coach. Maybe over time he will win. Maybe not. It is only April. I am willing to give him a chance to at least play one game.

  9. 9

    News is whatever I decide it is since I run this website. 😉

    When one of the passionate fans admits feeling unease over something, then it is instructive of the pressures which could engulf the coach. We all know Chizik isn’t loved, and the wolves will be after him if things go poorly. This will be one of the avenues of attack—that makes it newsworthy. Think of this article as an early intelligence briefing giving fans a heads-up about what is going on at a rival.

    We know Saban’s attention to detail is good. One of YOUR fellow Auburn fans asks if Chizik’s is good or bad. My position is that it can be good, or bad depending on the way it is implemented. I give Chizik the benefit of the doubt, especially as this can help build discipline.

    We don’t know yet if it is good or bad for Auburn because we don’t yet know Chizik. That is why I examined Chizik’s father; knowing where he came from helps us understand the man.

    The final judgment on Chizik and whether he is a Nick Saban or Jimmy Carter must await the data from fall camp and the season; we have to wait on the data.

    It depends on whether Chizik focuses on the right things, or starts holding meetings about rodent infestations like Jimmy Carter.

    But I think this issue is less important than other problems facing Auburn—like Pat Dye’s continued suffocation of coaches.

    As to your assertion that Chizik isn’t Alabama’s coach, readers at this website want to know about other SEC teams. I’ve written much more about Lane Kiffin than Gene Chizik, but I thought this was a great chance to get to know more about Chizik. I think every fan who knows Chizik’s family history and his father’s Bronze Star will gain a new appreciation for Chizik’s methods.

  10. 10

    I was a Big Tubbs fan! I hated that he left, But I will give Coach a chance and see what happens


  11. 12

    Thanks. Glad you liked it. I thought Chizik’s background sheds a great deal of light on who he is.

    As we judge Chizik in the coming months, we’ll have at least some idea of what makes the man tick.

  12. 14


    Sir I have alot of respect for you and your bamma…. BUt seriously dude, 36-0
    is OLD!!! BUt its kewl Im just saying cmon add commentary and the GO 36-0!!!

    WAR JW BABY!!!

  13. 15

    Drop the 3 on 36-0 and that is the record of Bama wins over AU in the past 7 years (for JW since he likes numbers so much)

    Seriously Shane, you slant everything from the man’s last name on Finesuck to his father’s Marine attention to detail. Why dont you just go run over the guy with your truck. I mean you spend so much time criticizing the AU program, how we cheat, how we lie, how we suck, no tradition, etc. Who had a cocaine dealer on the team, who is currently on probation (for books), who has had most of their assistant coaches leave because of a little “Hitler” coach?

    Get over yourself and your mediocre team Alabama. In the past Alabama was lucky enough to land a great coach “Bear Bryant”, but he could have easily stayed at Texas AM and you would never have had “tradition”. Nicky is a great coach and has proven it, but I’ll leave you with this fact. After every undefeated regular season year Nicky has had, he followed it up with a good year (not a championship year), meaning he won a bowl game (BCS or major nonBCS bowl). This year you got an untested quarterback, at least Kodi Burns has been tested (may not have performed, but at least tested) and the biggest deal is that your O line lost the 2 best lineman. That is a recipe of disaster, again DISASTER. Sacks, interceptions, loss of confidence all foreshadow this season for Alabama.

    I am not saying AU is gonna do any better but at least I am realistic and dont look through Crimson stained drunk goggles.


  14. 16

    Hey Dumbass, Shane didn’t write this. If you want to complain, direct it at me. Anything Shane writes, is clearly marked by him. It isn’t fair to criticize him for something he didn’t do.

    I’m not slanting the attention to detail as a negative—that was one of your own Auburn family bloggers who expressed concerns over Chizik’s ability to be a CEO. I don’t think attention to detail is a bad thing—I cited Nick Saban as an example.

    If anything, I was defending Chizik and looking to his family history to provide some indication as to what he might be trying to accomplish with a fanatical devotion to getting the little things right.

    Just because an Alabama site writes about Chizik doesn’t mean it is trashing him. Stop being so sensitive.

    As to the QB situation, I think Burns showed signs at times of having potential. Give him time and he could become very good. The only question I have about him is the attitude thing. He seems to think he is already great…at least from what I’ve read. He needs lots more coaching before he is anything near average.

  15. 17
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Cap……….Do you not agree that Auburn is going to be light years improved with Malzahn helping our quarterbacks compared to Esminger ? Al Borges departure was not good for our quarterbacks. Say what you will but Cox was a pretty good quarterback. He just had cement legs when he was rushed. Borges was the reason Campbell came out in 04. I look back on our quarterback play in the last 2 years and it makes me want to puke. I have a feeling that you guys will suffer some growing pains this year at quarterback. JPW wasnt near as bad as a lot of you guys thought. Just like Cox wasnt as bad as a lot of Auburn people thought.

  16. 18

    I don’t think Tommy Tuberville’s assistant coaches were as bad as everyone says.

    I’m not sold on Malzahn. I think he is better than Tony Franklin, but I don’t think he is anywhere near as good as Borges.

    I agree about Alabama suffering growing pains at QB. Young QBs make mistakes. The question is whether Alabama’s running game and defense can make up for that.

  17. 19

    Bamahate, I assume you got your degree in sociology from Aub since you can’t even count. The last seven years would equal 6 and 1 for Aub, Einstein. Duh, drop the 3 blah blah blah, you idiot. If Bama is mediocre, Aub really is a cellar dwellar.

  18. 20

    Is it just me and my biased mind? I think Auburn could have hired a better coach. I know the market for coaches wasn’t all that great last year, but I do believe they could have done better than Chizik. But I like Chizik so far. I am sure he has his faults, but it is too early to see what they are.

    and BamaHate: Why does something on a BAMA site get your panties in a wad? Why are you even here? Oh yeah, to obsess on Bama like you Auburn people have a long history of doing. If you want sugar-coated Auburn stories, I am sure there are better places to find them than here. But like I told Ballplay, the Golden Age of Auburn Footballâ„¢ is over. At least you have the memories. 6 in a row! Wow! Tennessee won more than that against Bama, so don’t act like like Auburn done anything special. It was more about bad decisions at Bama than Auburn actually having a great team. If Auburn was so great during the streak, where are all your trophies to show for it? 1 SEC championship in 10 years? Well, Bama also has one in the same span. Get over yourself and get used to the reality Bama has turned their program around while Auburn is actually on the brink of disaster. Karma is coming to all of you Auburn bitches.

  19. 21
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Brando………..sheesh dude. I think Sabans speech to the billegerent , obsessed, delusional , crimson stalker nation was directed square at you. In my lifetime , lets say after age 6 or 7, you know when you actually care about football ? Auburn has outperformed Bama easily. That is undisputed. So why the pompous grandstanding ? Sabans record last year was good for you guys, regular season. But what did it get you besides an Iron Bowl win and a 500 pound gorilla off your back ? Squat…..Thats what.

    You see , you and I both know that your win over an insignificant “weakened state” Auburn team defined you season. Case closed.

  20. 22

    Ballplay, before you embarrass yourself any further, you should look up the stats. I have seen with my own eyes three national championship years, and I was 8 years old when I saw the first. The only thing pompous that I see is the stupid Auburn fan coming to a Bama site acting like Auburn is the shit and Bama is nothing. What do you expect people to do? You are a glutton for punishment. But look at where both programs are TODAY. Look back at the last 3 years of recruiting classes. Look at where Bama is going. The last time Bama won 10 games, they had to win 3 of them with lasat minute field goals, and they still got beat by Auburn. This time around, even though they lost 2 games, they looked very dominate in their wins. Especially Auburn. That is where the two programs are NOW. Do you really expect Kodi Burns to make a whole lot of improvement? Yet that is what you have to deal with. Where are the Cadillacs and Ronnie Browns at Auburn? I haven’t seen any in a while now. Debate all you want, but the facts are the Tide has been rapidly improving, while Auburn has been declining really since 2004. Ya’ll were too busy patting yourselfs on the back for beating Bama to even notice. By the way, Auburn was in a weakened state because Saban influenced recruiting decisions at Auburn (Tony Franklin hire?) and it all collapsed this season. Do you think TTub would still be there if he had kept Borges?

  21. 23
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Jackass………..Do you not understand English…….Im not arguing the fact that Bama is doing better than Auburn. Look at my posts again. I am arguing that Bama has NOT made the most of thier oppotunities like you claimed. Do you call getting your ass kicked in by Utah making the most of your opportunity ?

    And if your younger than 35, name the years you won the titles. National and SEC.

    If not, Shut up.

  22. 24

    Ballplay, I know you didn’t ask that stupid question, and if you think Aub can even stand in the shadow of big brother you really are delusional. That is why we laugh at you Aubs, because in your minds you really think you can.

    Since you just ask for the last 35:

    SEC Championships for Alabama

    1977 split
    1981 split
    1989 split
    and since you only wanted to go back 35 I didn’t mention 1971 and 1972

    National Championships for Alabama (past 35 years)


    mind boggling for a school like Aub that can’t touch this, isn’t it? Undisputed, end of story.

    now go put some ice on your nads after that drop kick I just did on them.

  23. 26
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Hey, lets take this to a single thread so we dont have to go all over the place.

  24. 27

    Ballplay doesn’t like facts and history getting in the way of his Bama hatred. Look, I really don’t care if you believe me or not. The facts are out there for you to see for yourself. But Bamaman has been showing you the facts and making you look really dumb right about now. But Bama has made the most out of their opportunities if you want to compare to Auburn. Do you want some more facts?

    Auburn Tigers:
    All-time record: 681-395-47 .627 ave.
    Conference Titles: 10 (6 SEC)
    Heisman Winners: 2
    NC: 1
    All-Americans: 62
    Bowl Record: 19-13-2
    ranked 14th best college football program in history (.627)

    Alabama Crimson Tide:
    All-time record: 799-316-43 .709 ave.
    Conference Titles: 25 (21 SEC)
    Heisman Winners: 0
    NC: 12
    All-Americans: 96
    Bowl Record: 31-22-3
    ranked 6th best college football program in history (.709)

    There is a significant difference there. And Bama has had 4 separate coaches to win National titles. So it wasn’t always just Bear. Saban will make 5. Bama has won as many bowl games than Auburn has ever even been to. Over 100 more wins. 11 more NCs, 15 more SEC titles. Block out the parts you want to. Auburn does not compare to Bama.

  25. 28

    And one more thing: If Bama were to somehow just quit football and never accomplish another thing, at the rate Auburn is going it would still take 50+ years for them to catch up with what Bama has already done. So until you Auburn people actually can brag about being one of the great teams in history, how about actually doing something really great first, like win a NC or something. Bama fans have every right to be proud of the program and where it has been, and where it is going now. Auburn still has a lot of work to do to catch up. If you don’t want to admit that, you are just in denial of the truth. ROLL TIDE.

  26. 29
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.


    I never said Auburn could live up to Alabamas tradition………EVER…….

    Do you digest that ?

    I ve never ever even mentioned it.

    What your thick noggin cant seem to comprehend is what I clearly posted 4 times already………. IN MY LIFETIME OF WATCHING FOOTBALL Auburn has been every bit as succesful, if not more succesful , than Alabama.

    Did you get that you dooshbag ?

    Not all time . Not in the last 40 years. In my lifetime of watching football and paying attention to it.

    Not when I was 2.

    Not when I was 4.

    NOt when I was even 6 (though you cant count to 6).

    Is that plain enough for you ?

    Was it ?

    If not , please let me know.

    Its really easy if you try. You see, all I care about is what I have experienced. I didnt really get into CFB until about 79-80 ish . Lionell James, Joe Cribbs , and Bo Jackson . I really cant remember any game details past about 82. And if you would tell the truth , you probably didnt either, as I assume you may even be younger than me (38).

    And believe it or not, I rooted for Bama against Miami in 92. I remember that one well.

  27. 30

    Right, Ballplay. I got it. Now you change the argument to “It doesn’t count unless I seen it”. I told you what I have seen Bama do in my lifetime, and it beats what you have seen Auburn do in yours. And you know what, we are almost the same age. You didn’t watch Auburn football when you were 8 because AUBURN SUCKED then. But yes, in your lifetime, Alabama has accomplished more than Auburn on the field. I am not saying Auburn hasn’t made a run here and there, but they haven’t been absolutely great in the past 25 years. You do realize there are some losing seasons in that time span. You Auburn people want to feel superior so bad you can’t stand it. But you guys are in your own minds, so at least you have that. But hey, be proud of Auburn, but don’t think you are ever going to knock Bama off the mountain. What gets me as how you guys want to twist around the facts to put yourself at the same level as Bama, but you don’t have the hardware to prove it. When you get it, I will acknowledge it. Until then, Auburn is still chasing Bama and Bears ghost. He really made you Auburn people insecure, and it has lasted to this day. Sure, Bear may have lost that last one, but your revered Dye did also. And Bama won the NC after that. When did Auburn win one again?

  28. 31
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Dooshbag……….You are like talking to a freekin woman. I never changed a thing about my arguement. I said during the whole deal “In my lifetime”……..

    Are you REALLY a woman and its your time of the month ?

  29. 32

    Whatever Ballplay. IN YOUR LIFETIME BAMA HAS ACCOMPLISHED MORE THAN AUBURN HAS. PERIOD. You quit acting like a woman and accept the facts, instead of what you want to remember. You can’t dispute the FACTS that I have shown you, so you want to call names? I can do that too, dickhead. But you are saying “well, since I can’t remember a thing since 82 or so what happened a few years before that doesn’t really count.” Man, your argument is so weak I can’t believe you are seriously expecting me fall for it. Why not just stick to the FACTS instead of making up your own version of history? Pat Dye never owned the SEC. If he did, he would have had more NC opportunities. And he never had one. You believe the Auburn re-write of things you admit you don’t remember. I remember the 78 and 79 NCs at Bama, and you try to tell me I was too young to remember because you can’t. That is your problem dude. The facts speak for themselves. You are just a really hard headed ignorant little man.

  30. 33
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Look, there is nothing wrong with acting feminine. If thats your style. Sorry about calling you a doosher. I didnt realize it would hurt your feelings.

    But can we just call a truce. Ill admit that Bama succeeded more in your lifetime. If you conceed the same to me. But you will not do that will you ?

    And yes , DYE did own the SEC. Look at the years he coached and then the SEC titles he won. No one else matched it in that era. Like you said. Facts and stuff.

  31. 34

    Where is that NC Ballplay? Auburn winning 2 more SEC championships in a 25 year span is hardly dominate. If Dye ‘owned’ the SEC, how come he never had Auburn play for a NC? And since we are the same age, and you admit Bama has had more success, you want me to concede to you Auburn has done more? You are a complete fool. I ain’t calling no truce. If you want to compare Dye to what Bryant did, you are even a bigger fool than I previously thought. Auburn only has 6 SEC championships, ever. Bama has 21. But somehow, you don’t want to handicap Bamas numbers so auburn looks more comparable. Whatever. BUT YOU HAVE SHOWN ME NO FACTS YET. Now get on it, little man.

  32. 36

    Here, I have found some FACTS for you:

    Auburn since 1976:
    Barfield : 29-25-1
    Dye : 99-34-4 : 4 SEC titles
    Bowden : 47-17-1
    Tuberville : 85-40-0 : 1 SEC Title

    TOTAL: 260-116-6
    5 SEC Titles

    Bama since 1976:
    Bryant: 70-13-1 : 2 NC : 4 SEC titles
    Perkins: 32-15-1
    Curry: 26-10-0
    Stallings: 70-16-1: 1 NC : 1 SEC
    Dubose: 24-23-0: 1 SEC
    Franchione: 17-8-0
    Shula: 26-23
    Saban: 19-8

    3 NCs
    6 SEC titles

    And Julio, this was all done on the field too. And Ballplay, this has happened in YOUR lifetime. If you didn’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.. The won-lost record is fairly close, and Auburn has 1 less SEC title, but Bama has clearly been better since 1976. The gap is about to widen some more. Both schools have been on probation, and I left out the interim coaches for both schools (Joe Kines and Bill Oliver, oh yeah Mike Price was left out for obvious reasons).

    So, what do you think about that, little man? Got your facts straight yet?

    P.S. I chose 1976 because that was the first time I have ever been to a BAMA game, and I remember it very well. I can understand why most of you Auburn fans only can recall 1982 or so. You didn’t have much to cheer about. Bear has been dead 30 years and he still pisses you guys off.

  33. 37

    Julio: Old enough to know more than you do obviously. Unlike you, when I show the stats, I present both sides so you can actually compare with your own eyes, and I am not applying Barn Math to it like you do. I can’t help that you guys don’t want to believe the facts. To each their own I guess. But you can kiss my ass too. ROLL TIDE bitches.

  34. 38
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Thats exactly what IVE BEEN SAYING DUDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS LIKE TALKING TO A DAM STUMP !!!!!!!!!!!

    I give Bama a huge edge From 76 till now. I NEVER SAID OTHER WISE. IN FACT I SAID EXACTLY WHAT YOU POSTED YOU THICK HEADED SPASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lets see the same stats from 1980 forword. Thats all Im saying. THAT IS WHEN I …………….AGAIN I………………NOT YOU………………..I………….ME……………….I STARTED WATCHING AND FOLLOWING AUBURN FOOTBALL.

    If you run the same stats as above , you will see that Auburn has the advantage.

    Bama football died with the BAHR !!!!!!!SAVE 1992………….

  35. 39

    Brando, explain to me why I or anybody else in the world should give a flying @#!% about your Daddy draggin’ your little diaper wearing, snot nosed a$$ to a football game as a reason for “1976” being the year where you arbitrarily begin to record statistics? See, all (rational) people can understand and agree that the end of the Bear’s era was an extremely significant event in Bama’s program, just like the hiring of Dye was a significant part of Auburn’s. That’s a valid reason to draw a line in history that ALL people can understand. You getting drug to a football game during your childhood…..not so much.

  36. 40

    Julio, you are right Dye is a significant part of Auburn history, he is part of the reason Aub leads the sec and third in the nation for cheating you inbred bastard.

  37. 41

    Julio, if you can single out when you decide the stats count, then I can to. The argument was in my lifetime. Since Ballplay is the same age, then it was obviously in his lifetime too. I only counted the last 7 years of Bears time. It only gets worse for Auburn the further back you go. But Ballplays argument was what he has seen in his lifetime, and he said he was 38. I did count all of Pat Dyes time. I have seen it and remember it all. But you are far from rational. I show you facts and you still whimper and cry foul. But I tell you what, strike Dyes record, and I will strike Bears last seven years, and we will look at the record again. You are the one wanting to try to pigeon hole the stats. Sorry, you count everything. Auburn hasn’t been as great as you guys think. One ten year stretch of Pat Dye (who was paying players, like you say Bear did) does not compare to what Alabama has done. But you guys living in Dyes past is pretty funny, especially when you say that is all Bama fans do. You really have no argument here, bud.

    Ballplay: Like I said, I understand Auburns football program only really became competitive in the 80’s, and you want to start there. Hey, I can’t help you didn’t like football until Dye. I was born a Bama fan. But in MY LIFETIME Bama has done more than Auburn. Since we are THE SAME AGE, and you want to see different results, I have shown you facts and you still have no argument. You are just a bandwagon guy like 90% of the Auburn fans are toward Auburn.

    Can we get some reasonable Auburn people to post here? The ones we have in here surely are not the best Auburn fans can do is it? Ya’ll are just too easy to slap around, and can’t put up much of a fight.

  38. 42

    Translation of Brando’s last post: “julio, I know I’m doing the exact same thing you’re doing by drawing an arbitary time line to begin recording statistics, but I’m a genius for doing the exact same thing you’re doing and you’re an idiot for doing the exact same thing I’m doing, despite the fact that my arbitrary point in time is related solely to a point in my own childhood which would not be relevant to anyone else in the world and your arbitrary point in is related to one of the most significant coaching changes in the history of college football that anyone, anywhere can completely understand and relate to.” Yeah brandy, you really “slapped” me around there.

  39. 43
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Brandy……..Did you NOT READ MY LAST POST ? I said that bama hjas the edge since 76.

    AGAIN ……How can I be wrong by agreein with you ?

  40. 44

    Ballplay, I am done with you. You agree one day, the next day you contradict yourself. You should consider medication if you can’t come to grips with it.

    Julio: This whole argument wasn’t based on your timeline. It all started with what have I seen in my lifetime, and Ballplay told me I was too young to remember. I proved my point with facts to back them up. Who cares what you seen? I started proving my point with the overall history, but nooo, that wasn’t good enough. So I narrowed it down to the past 35 years, since that is clearly in my lifetime, and that was Ballplays stipulation, not mine. (actually 33 years). But NOOO, wrong again. No matter which way you want to spin it, don’t you see how ridiculous it is to only present part of the truth? I have said Auburn has gained ground on Bama since Bear. That is all that has happened. But Bama has a NC and some SEC championships since then. Auburn has 2 more SEC championships. But Bama has played for more in the SECCG. But no trophy, no argument. Hardly dominating like you want to think. Sure Auburn has 2 undefeated seasons. One was under probation, so you will never know if they could’ve won it all. Same thing on 2004. No trophy, no argument. And those were good Auburn teams. But speculation and wishful thinking are not the same as facts. So yeah, I did just slap you around, and you obviously like it, or you wouldn’t be coming back for more.

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