Terry Saban thinks of everything

Nick Saban may be the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, but it is Terry Saban that is the most valued member of the family to Alabama. Could Nick do his job without Terry? Would Nick have taken the Alabama job without Terry? Even Mal Moore has said on more than one occasion that Terry is a valued part of the Alabama athletic department team.

Ian Rapoport’s blog at al.com provided this tidbit that confirms just how thoughtful Mrs. Saban is. According to the Rap Sheet, “Finally, one of the other reporters asked (Anthony) Grant a great question. When he landed in Tuscaloosa when he was hired, how did his family have a whole bunch of Alabama gear already? Turns out Terry Saban, wife of Nick Saban, sent the Grants a care package full of all sorts of crimson gear. A nice touch…”

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