Class warfare comes to the Sporting Blog

You can’t escape class warfare in today’s environment. You can’t escape it on the nightly news. You can’t escape it when a politician speaks. You can’t even escape it when reading the Sporting Blog.

Tuesday the Sporting Blog posted a love letter to liberal president and rock star Barack Obama. The slobbering over Obama was tough to stomach; it focused on how wonderful it is that Obama isn’t an avid golfer. Yes, sucking at golf somehow makes dear leader even more dear at the Sporting Blog.

“At this juncture in history, the symbolism could not be more appropriate, and as much as I love golf, I have to say that right now Obama’s taste in sports, as with just about everything else to do with his public image, seems to me to be pitch-perfect.”

Pitch-perfect? Only if you like class warfare. And the Sporting Blog seems to love it. Like this example.

“And yet here we are at a historical moment at which we are more irate with that particular ‘club’ than we have been in some time. The people who belong to that club have brought us to the brink of ruin, and we all seem maybe two or three more bailout payments from forming CEO lynch mobs.”

Right. It was the all the CEO’s fault the nation is on the brink and not idiot consumers (poor people and middle class people) who buy houses they can’t afford, buy crap at the department store they can’t pay for and won’t save a dollar.

When the nation enters crisis the blame can be shared across a broad spectrum of society. Plenty of CEO’s were reckless in pursuit of meeting the credit needs of equally reckless consumers. The government was reckless in over regulation in some areas and under regulation in others.

But that type of outlook won’t serve the class warfare crowd. And if you doubted the liberal love at the Sporting Blog, another liberal icon gets love too.

“I can remember, the only President in my lifetime who wasn’t a prominent golfer was Jimmy Carter, and that certainly wasn’t a question of class alienation. Hell, Carter was a native Georgian and his great-grandfather was a general in the Confederacy. It wasn’t like he didn’t grow up around rich white men chasing the little white ball. No, if Carter didn’t golf, it wasn’t because he was beneath the game. Carter is quite a high-minded individual. The game, I’m sure, was beneath him.”

I don’t play golf, and it is not because I’m high-minded. The reason I won’t play is my blood pressure. Golf pisses me off. Being of Scottish heritage, I can say golf was invented in Scotland for one reason—an excuse to drink. And I don’t need an excuse.

But liberal always equals high-minded in the minds of some, so Mr. Carter gets praise for his failure to play the game. Every other president, including the market friendly Bill Clinton, gets trashed because of how they spend their leisure time.

Class warfare at its most pathetic.