Sour grapes! Utah pushes forward with litigation

Utah’s attorney general is promising to file an antitrust lawsuit by June, according to ESPN. All the good things Utah accomplished on the field are being tarnished by its politician’s shameless political pandering. You’ve got a Republican senator, Orrin Hatch, promising congressional regulation over the BCS—a supreme bit of hypocrisy when a Republican, the party of limited government, demands greater government oversight of business—and now you’ve got an elected lawyer promising to file a lawsuit.

An elected lawyer. That has to be the worst of everything. A lawyer and a politician.

The BCS isn’t worried about the antitrust litigation. According to the ESPN story, “Frankly, we’re not concerned about it,” said University of Oregon president David Frohnmayer, the chair of the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee. “People can threaten lawsuits all they want, but it’s another thing to be successful … I am convinced that an antitrust suit would be utterly without merit. And I speak as a former state attorney general.”

The most disgusting aspect of the Utah mess is Senator Hatch. He is a disgrace to the party of limited government. The Utah AG is just being a lawyer. You have to expect pathetic pandering. But these examples prove how awful government involvement would be. The only thing you can be certain of is that any government involvement will worsen football as we know it.