Joe Kines influence on the Florida defense

Mr. College Football wonders if Florida’s 2009 defense could be even better than its 2008 version. The answer he provides includes this interesting tidbit: “Strong once worked for Joe Kines, the veteran SEC defensive coordinator. This spring he is using one of the lessons Kines taught him long ago. ‘Coach Kines said that when you have really good players you can’t take your foot off the pedal,’ Strong said. ‘Our guys made a lot of great plays last season. They earned everything they got. Now we have to coach them like none of that ever happened’…”

In 2008, many (including me) underestimated how good Florida’s defense would be. I don’t think that will happen in 2009.


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Cap. Who do you think the BCS frontrunner wil be in 09 ? Defensively Florida and Bama are gonna be the top two in the country in my opinion. Offensivley Florida will be great again. They had a really young O-line in 07 when they won it all. This years O-line will be better than that year, but maybe not as good as 08. But who knows. I really dont know if Harvin will be missed as bad as people seem to think. There is so much speed and talent on the bench its ridiculous. I say that the Gators win it all again. If they do, wouldnt that put them in the same boat as some of the legendary Bama , Nebraska, and Oklahaoma teams of yesteryear ? 3 out of the last 4. That is amazing in todays competitve atmosphere.

    Really , when you look at it, there are only about 4 or 5 teams that really have a shot. The usual Ohio State creampuff schedule qualifies them. Oklahaoma or Texas, USC. Bama by a longshot. I think next year is the year for yall if you find a quarterback.

    Thoughts ?

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    BI, I agree with you for FL to win it all if Tebow stays healthy, and I don’t think you can hurt him. Rolondo McClain is already showing everybody that this will be his last year at our scrimmage today, he is a beast with Hightower. It is true our d will be very strong, we will have to see about the O.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    If Saban can find you guys another Jamarcus Russell Bama would be complete. Why is it so hard for Alabama and Auburn to find a good quarterback. Jason Campbell had one good year. Up until 04 , I cant really remember a great one for a long time before him. You guys are the same. Who was the last great bama quarterback ?

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    Wilson has the records, Barker has the trophy, but we know they were not great, would we really have to go back as far as Snake? Sad. You are right, we can’t get a Russell, Bradford, Tebow type, maybe Star or AJ McCarron can be the one???

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    Bama Fan in NYC

    To answer your question Ballplay, Alabama and Auburn always seem to luck out with the QB turnout. We’ve recruited some of the best QBs coming out of high school in recent years (Burns and Jackson) yet they seem to be a dud at the collegiate level.

    I think that kid you guys picked up this past year (don’t recall his name; however he was very talented but nobody wanted him), will turnout to be a star for you guys.

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    NYC, who are you talking about in Jackson? If it is Star, he hasn’t even been on the field yet, to early to call him a dud. As far as Rollison for Aub, he has not been able to qualify twice, don’t look for him at Aub this year.

    NYC, I will be in NYC in about 4 weeks with my daughter on a school trip. If you see someone with a Bama hat on ask them if they are Bamaman, haha

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    I dont think hes calling him a dud. I see what you saying NYC. Weve got at least “elite 11” quarterbacks on the team right now, they dont look real “elite”, Ive said it before its the qb coaching that is killing our qb play. If the main read isnt open , they panick. They aint coached. It blows me away. Watch Raymond Cotton win the Hiesman his freshman year now that he left Auburn. I do believe that Malzahn will be a difference maker in our qb play.

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