Dallas blog examines Rashad Johnson

The Dallas Morning News has a blog up on safety Rashad Johnson. It is a good read about Johnson and his potential fit with the Cowboys.

One element of interest for Alabama fans is what Johnson said about playing for Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban: “Definitely, I think it helped me a lot. His system is very complicated, but at the same time when you learn it and get the details of it, it helps you in being a playmaker because it gives you an opportunity to put yourself in position. You make the calls out there on the field. You put yourself in what you think is the best possible coverage to play, and it allows you to be your own coach and your own leader on the field.”

Johnson’s leadership is going to be the biggest thing Alabama misses. Sure, you miss his interceptions, but having that coach on the field was invaluable to the 2008 Crimson Tide defense. Who will step forward in 2009?

Video highlights of Rashad Johnson: