Va. Tech opens spring practice; preps for Alabama

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer shot 87 at Augusta National this weekend, and Wednesday opens spring practice for the Hokies. How good will Beamer’s team be when the Chick-Fil-A College Kickoff game arrives in September?

It is a question everyone is asking Beamer. He answered that question for The Roanoke Times, “I think we’ll be better overall,” said Beamer, whose club opens the season Sept. 5 against Alabama in Atlanta. “A lot of that depends on what happens here in spring practice. So it’s all about getting back to work and improving as a football team, then hope you can get to where you want to go. So let’s have a great practice on Wednesday, that’s what we need to think about right now.”

Beamer has said playing a big game early in the season like the Hokies matchup against the Alabama Crimson Tide in Atlanta can help a team’s off-season preparation. According to Mr. College Football, “When you play a big game early—and we’ve done that in the past—it focuses you team better in the spring and in the summer,” Beamer told me when the Sept. 5 game at the Georgia Dome was put together. “You can’t ease into your season. You’ve pretty much got to hit the ground running.”

It didn’t hurt Alabama’s season in 2008 kicking off the season against Clemson. The motivation of playing a big game no doubt helped focus last year’s squad. Can this year’s game against Virginia Tech yield the same off-season results?