Auburn’s Lebo on VCU list

Who will replace VCU’s Anthony Grant now that Grant is head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide?

Good question. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch one name on the list is recognizable, “VCU athletic director Norwood Teague said his initial list includes Rams assistant Tony Pujol, Auburn head coach Jeff Lebo, Florida assistant Shaka Smart and Texas assistant Russell Springmann.”

Auburn head coach Jeff Lebo? Isn’t Auburn a better job?


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    Bad idea, honestly. He had one good season out of six and the best he could do was the NIT (no offense to the Auburn fans here). Gotfriend would be a better coach than Lebo in my opinion.

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    Oh my god. You would put Gottfried on Richmond ? It would be 1865 again . VCU is a better job than Auburn. The reality is that Auburn really does not care for Basketball for all the usual reasons and short of moving the new Lowder – Colonial Arena to Monkeytown – it will not change.

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    E.G. White

    The only thing wrong with Gottfried is that he needs a change. He became stagnant. Remember, Bama has the 2nd best BB history in the SEC, and yet Gottfried is the only coach to get them to the Elite Eight or I think to beat a #1 ranked team. I wish him the best of luck in the future.

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    E.G. your an idiot. It was obvious to anyone with a bball IQ 3 years ago that Gottfried was done. He was a good recruiter, however, he was horrible when it came to his X & O’s. Lets be hopeful that AG can get us competitive again.

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    Ironically, there’s an uncomfortable precedent here…Sonny Smith left Auburn in the late 80’s to take the job at Va. Commonwealth. Auburn simply hasn’t taken BB seriously up until now. With the financial committment to the new arena, I would imagine (or at least hope) that AU would also throw a lot of money at Lebo to keep him. Pluto, you may be right. Historically, I would have to say that VCU probably is a better job than AU. Remember that Sonny Smith was in the midst of the greatest era in modern AU BB history when he left for VCU. Obviously, he considered it to be a better job at the time.

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    E.G White

    jimmyo, you don’t have a bb I.Q. or any other type either. You sit on the Goddamn sofa, run your mouth, and think you know more than the proffessionals. I’d really love to see your inbred ass walk up to coach Gottfried and tell him to his face that he’s washed up and not worth a shit. You stupid cocksucker. STFU!

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    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    Ya know the funny thing is there are 3 articles about the NEW uat Head BB coach and NO POSTS!!! AU gotta him arguing over Lebow and what hes gonna do. HEY STUPID YOU GUYS PICKED UP A NEW COACH, Oh yea and HES BLACK!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

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    Saul Bryant

    It’s a real hoot to read the rancid posts of bammernecks about Auburn.

    The expected arrogance is there, of course, but the lack of imagination and complete ignorance of Auburn–combined with light-speed leaps to conclusions–are all there as well.

    You guys are so much fun!

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    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    tmc I ll stop being a cuckold(whatever the fuk it is) When your head gets dislodged from your ass! Stupid lil trol.
    a simple answer woulda been nice though, but then that would defeat the pupose of being a smartassy bummer! gotta love em, the fags

  10. 13
    E.G White

    After reading your post I have no idea why he called you a cuckold. Probably cause he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Cuckold is generally used in reference to someone seducing or romancing another – more or less.

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    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    Naaaaa I doubt it. I wont say it Cant happen but it WONT! I dont waste my time worrying about things beyond my control.
    But Ol Boy must have it on his mind…..



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