Wishful thinking from Louisiana on Nick Saban

How bad do people in Louisiana want Nick Saban out as coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide?

About as bad as Auburn fans. Fans of both teams have their heads filled with delirious fantasy. Auburn fans are swearing the NCAA is going to slam Bama over something that happened in recruiting. Auburn fans have been spreading the rumors on the Internet and calling into talk radio in an effort to hurt Saban and the Crimson Tide. Alabama denied any NCAA correspondence, or letter of inquiry, but that hasn’t stopped the wishful thinking, or whispering campaign from the Plains.

And LSU fans? They are dreaming of a different type of Nick Saban exodus from the Crimson Tide? According to The Concordia Sentinel, Notre Dame’s bad luck would be good luck. Joey Martin writes for the paper: “My bad wishes for the Irish have nothing to do with not like (sic) Notre Dame. I still enjoy watching Rudy. But imagine the possibilities. Would Notre Dame go after Nick Saban. Hey, here’s a guy from the Midwest who is Irish Catholic. I don’t think Saban would give any other job a passing thought except Notre Dame. You can basically forget about the NFL. Saban would drool over the national recruiting base Notre Dame has for its arsenal.”

Saban isn’t the only one folks in Louisiana wouldn’t mind seeing bolt. Urban Meyer makes the column too as a potential coach for the Irish. Martin decides Les Miles wouldn’t be a good fit at Notre Dame because Miles wouldn’t do that to Michigan.

Hope springs eternal.