Wishful thinking from Louisiana on Nick Saban

How bad do people in Louisiana want Nick Saban out as coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide?

About as bad as Auburn fans. Fans of both teams have their heads filled with delirious fantasy. Auburn fans are swearing the NCAA is going to slam Bama over something that happened in recruiting. Auburn fans have been spreading the rumors on the Internet and calling into talk radio in an effort to hurt Saban and the Crimson Tide. Alabama denied any NCAA correspondence, or letter of inquiry, but that hasn’t stopped the wishful thinking, or whispering campaign from the Plains.

And LSU fans? They are dreaming of a different type of Nick Saban exodus from the Crimson Tide? According to The Concordia Sentinel, Notre Dame’s bad luck would be good luck. Joey Martin writes for the paper: “My bad wishes for the Irish have nothing to do with not like (sic) Notre Dame. I still enjoy watching Rudy. But imagine the possibilities. Would Notre Dame go after Nick Saban. Hey, here’s a guy from the Midwest who is Irish Catholic. I don’t think Saban would give any other job a passing thought except Notre Dame. You can basically forget about the NFL. Saban would drool over the national recruiting base Notre Dame has for its arsenal.”

Saban isn’t the only one folks in Louisiana wouldn’t mind seeing bolt. Urban Meyer makes the column too as a potential coach for the Irish. Martin decides Les Miles wouldn’t be a good fit at Notre Dame because Miles wouldn’t do that to Michigan.

Hope springs eternal.


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    More evidence that Alabama hired the right guy. This article just described Julios and Ballplays feelings. They want Saban gone period. And it is all because they know what is coming.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Brando. Bingo dude. I dont believe that Saban would leave for Notre Dame. That has been a dead horse for every good coachs rival fanbase. “Better enjoy him now, cause hes going to Notre Dame”. Cant tell you how many times Ive heard that. I even think you said it about Meyer.

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    Auburn fans only do their job as heated rivals. At the end of the day, at least they acknowledge the fact that he’s still a human being who puts his pants on the same way another other human would do. LSU fans on the other hand, take their hatred to an entirely new level (see Burn Saban Bash). I’m sure they’ll hate him even more after Miles FAILS EPICALLY AGAIN this year without the luxury of having Saban’s recruits play for him.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Les Miles has recruited as well as anyone. So the Saban recruits arguement doesnt hold water. Saban is a much better gameday coach and preperation coach.
    Coonasses have no sense. They are the most classless form of human being this side of al-quida. Saban (bless his heart) spent too much time down there. It had to have affected him in some way. Maybe thats the cause of his sideline cussing sprees. Who knows.

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    Still trying to figure out why it means “you want a coach gone” by simply making a rational observation that another school might be interested in the coach, and that the coach might be interested. (I think that Bobby Johnson would leave Vandy, and that there will be other schools who would be glad to hire him. If you agree, does that mean you want Bobby Johnson “gone” from Vandy??) There’s no doubt ND would be interested in pursuing Saban…why in the world wouldn’t they? I think the job could pique Saban’s interest b/c of his background and catholicism, but ultimately I don’t think he’d go to ND unless they promised to drastically alter their academic standards (which they won’t). I still think USC would be a different story if Carroll leaves in the next year or two. I know how much you love to hear that, Brando.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    julio. I wnat him gone. Like yesterday. The only thing better than him leaving per NCAA axe , would be…………you guessed it, him bolting to Notre Dame (wich I dont thin will happen). Could you imagine the backlash / jelouse rage ? The team with more tradition than Bama stealing there beloved coach. Only catch is this, if he did leave willingly, then they really never would have wanted him. You know, he wasnt all that good a coach anyhow.

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    No doubt ballplay. If Saban were to go 9-4 this year and bolt, all you’d ever hear from the bammers is that he never won 10 games 2 years in a row, how lucky he was to go 5-3 in the SEC and still win the title in 01, how lucky he was in 03 to win the NC after getting spanked by double digits at home by Ron Zook, and on and on and on. If you think they hated Fran,…..

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Whats so funny to me, are the bammers shooting away at Tennessee and LSU after they had thier good season. 10-2 is good, and they may even be “BAAAACK” ,but its just laughable to see there attitude go from whipping boy to king of the unverse in less than a year……Funny stuff. Can you imagine if they have a bad year next year. Say a 8-4 type year ? Saban would be Hitler reincarnate, oh, wait a minute….

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    JW ……..I think I will stay right here.

    But hey. real intellegent post bud.

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    The thing that makes us feel like “king of the universe” as you said ballplay, is for the first time since Stallings’ 2nd or 3rd year we feel like we have a competent coach who is a leader, who is in control, and who is feared by other programs. We’ve had our share of clowns, and regrettably for you, now you are entering that world. We’re no longer hamstrung by self-inflicted wounds as you are now. What Tubby did to your program in his knee-jerk reaction hires and fires can’t be replicated, unless of course you were to take college football’s version of the Tanya Harding blow to the knee that we took in February 2002.

    Everything you’re now experiencing…the disbelief of who your coach is…the realization that you’re not on a level playing field with your biggest rival…the rationalizing that “our coach is gonna surprise some folks”…we’ve been there, and we are masters of understanding what a hollow bag of empty hope it all is. Auburn is doomed for the next several years, and Alabama just banked it’s second top signing class in consecutive years. We kicked our hated rival in the nuts to the tune of 36-0, and played the eventual national champion down to the wire before running out of steam (with the crop of talent that featured only one full signing class by Saban). The Utah game showed our need for depth at O-line when our Outland Trophy winner didn’t play, but those holes are slowly being filled.

    So, I’ll throw it back to you. Why wouldn’t we feel like we’re on top of the world?

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    ‘Our Lady’ is the only school that was paying their coach MORE than 4 Million even before CNS was hired by Alabama. If it is just about the money, then ND is THE place.
    What Bama should fear is any possibility of NZAA probation. ND won’t have that problem, they get a coveted ‘free ride’. A coach can recruit there without fear of that handicap.
    This just one more reason Bama should consider leaving the SEC. SEC doen’t help each other, they just use the office to cut the throats they want!

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    ITK……Thanks for the encouraging words. “Tonya Harding blow to the knee”……..That is priceless…….You got some skill.

    I do believe however, that the spread isnt the demise of Auburn. Last year, the new offense wasnt so much the problem. The problem was the civil war that erupted because of the chenge. All the staff that are in place are on board. Unlike last year, when 2 members of staff were on board. Frankin and Tubbs. Our defense may improve. Our offense will have to improve. I agree that Chizik prolly aint the guy. But Ill give him a couple of years. Who knows, I may stand corrected. Ill gladly admit I was wrong if thats the case. But honostly, do you think that Chizik is as boneheaded a hire as Shula ? Dubose ?

    Chizik may be a hole filler for now. Who knows what the braintrust was thinking. Or wasnt thinking. The picks of available coachs was slim last year. When Turner Gill is a frontrunner, you know its slim.

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    Julio, I have not said Meyer to Notre Dame. But Meyer did say Notre Dame was his ‘dream job’. But it is no big secret you, Ballplay and Omni want Saban gone from Bama period. Why is that? I know the reason why, and you guys can’t stand it. You all like to poor mouth Saban, when he is obviously a better coach than any coach you have ever had. But Julio has gone a step further. He wishes for Pete Carroll to leave (he must still sting from them USC beatdowns) so he can then hope Saban will go to USC, which is about as far away from Auburn you can get. Multi-layered wishful thinking. What he doesn’t realize is that if he can build up a powerhouse program that rivals USC at Bama, why would he leave to start over again? Saban has been pretty clear he plans to retire within the next 10-12 years. I don’t think Saban would get the contract and control in his favor at USC like he has at Bama. But Julio knows more than most Bama fans. I think the realization that Auburn will never be attractive to a top-tier coach has pushed him over the edge.

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