Was Grant offered the job?

Was Anthony Grant offered the Alabama basketball job? The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that it is “unclear, though, if Virginia Commonwealth University’s basketball coach was offered the opportunity to become the Crimson Tide’s first African-American men’s basketball coach during a day-long courtship in Tuscaloosa, Ala.”


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    WE WANT ANTHONY GRANT! What’s the hold-up? Why on Earth would they NOT offer him the job? Hopefully we don’t settle for the Gene Chizik of basketball.

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    WarBloggle is an Idiot

    There is no doubt in my mind. Grant was certainly offered the job. Why else would he come to Alabama for the day? Why would Dave Hart and Mal Moore spend a day “wooing” Grant? Why would CNS have him over to his house? Grant was offered the job.

    Grant is waiting to see what happens in Kentucky and, consequently, Florida before making his decision.

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