Kiffin Watch: What happens if he flames out?

What would happen if Lane Kiffin flops? Jon Gruden is waiting in the wings, and hasn’t ruled out coaching in college football. According to College Football Talk, in an interview “Gruden mentioned that his father coached at Notre Dame but then said he didn’t want to speculate about that specific position. Another possibility, in our view, is Tennessee. If Lane Kiffin flames out in his first year, the powers-that-be could make a hard run at Gruden.”

Kiffin doing something right
Dr. Saturday is of the opinion that irritating people correlates to doing something right. According to a post from Monday, “anyone able to arouse so many passions around an unfamiliar conference without having actually coached a single game there must be doing something right.”

Get ready for the media to adopt this tack. Everyone beat up on Nick Saban, then football season rolled around and relations began to thaw. If you watch the press, it will attack you and then people start feeling bad about it and try to make amends—unless Kiffin keeps sticking his foot in his mouth, then he’ll continue to get roasted.

As for irritation correlating to doing something right, I’m doubtful that is the reason. For the most part SEC football fans are educated and knew Kiffin before he was named coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. Also, rival fans were going to dislike him some amount anyway. I can say that will happen because some people hate Georgia’s Mark Richt, and he is one of the classiest men in football. But, the Kiffin situation goes deeper. Fans around the SEC aren’t upset by him—fans around the SEC are chuckling at him. There is a big difference.

Q&A with Lance Thompson
Anyone interested in Lance Thompson, check out this Q&A with the UT assistant coach.
“Q: As a coach, explain to me the significance of what it means to be working with Monte Kiffin.

THOMPSON: Anytime you work with somebody that’s recognized as the best in their field, that’s great. It’d be like, if you’re a musician, learning from Mozart. If you’re a philosopher, learning from Aristotle. You get a chance to sit there and pick the brain of one of the greatest minds in football. Not just college football, in all football. Plus the fact that he’s such a good guy and so upbeat and positive all the time, that makes it that much more enjoyable.”

Mozart and Aristotle? You can insert Monte is old jokes here.