Tide granted permission to interview Grant

The Anthony Grant sweepstakes is in full gear as the Alabama Crimson Tide was granted permission to interview the VCU coach, according to the Tuscaloosa News.

The Tuscaloosa News cited a Monday morning Richmond Times-Dispatch report. According to the Times-Dispatch, Alabama athletic director Mal Moore asked for permission to speak with Grant Saturday night in a conversation with VCU athletic director Norwood Teague.


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    E. G. White

    Of course it’s neccesary to interview all of the candidates. Just please don’t jump the damn gun! Neither Anderson or Izzo have exited the NCAA’s. Don’t care how improbable you think Izzo is, 2.5 million can change a lot of minds!

  2. 3

    As of today – there appears to be some opposition to Anderson based on Internet Rumor and other sources that rank with what is scribbled on a shit house wall. This whole process makes me want to puke. Can’t the “allegations” be aired or at least allow the “mold” to be exposed to sun and air ?
    Say now. If any of this bullshit was relevant – would Mizzou be concerned ? Hell no.
    All of this is troubling. You can now be tried and convicted on blogs or talk radio ! Comrades !

  3. 4

    It’s a “NO-BRAINIER” Mike Anderson should be the next University of Alabama head Basketball coach. Mike Anderson is a Legit NCAA SWEET SIXTEEN Coach.

    Anthony Grant would be another “BIG MISTAKE” by The University of Alabama. The University needs a Legit SWEET SIXTEEN head coach and Mr. Grant has never been there.

    If Anthony Grant had a little success at Alabama he would leave in a HEART BEAT.

    Mike Anderson is a NO-BRAINIER !!!

    ROLL TIDE !!!!!!!!!

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