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    E. G. White

    At this point I’m willing to give a new guy an with new ideas an honest chance, no matter what the color of his skin. In relation to this nations economy it has always taken a minimum of 4 years to make a substantial deviation from the previous administrations path. I’m more worried about the foreign policy and homeland security commitment of a man born and raised in a Muslim country, given a Muslim name and attending a radical Muslim sympathizing church for 20 years. He’s already making concessional ovatures to the terrorist producing nations and now plans to release prisoners at Guantanamo and shut it down. Have to wonder very seriously about all of that.

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    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    And U do realize that GITMO held innocent people rounded up in a raid.
    They didnt know who was who so they took them all. This man has been critized for EVERYTHING he does (FF BRACKETS) and its all HATERS! If you dont like him for what ever reason (skin color) PRAY for Him. OH yea HES NOT A MUSLIM and he wasnt BLack until he needed the black vote. Ignorance is SHAMEFUL read people read

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    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    One more thing IF Ol GW Bush and the rest of the Terrorist hunters really wanted terrorist WHY DIDNT THEY LOOK IN SPAAIN or Morroco? oh YEA No money in it.

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    E. G. White

    36-0 and Steve – Go f–k yourselves. You don’t have even the slightest proof that there are innocent people at Gitmo. There’s no way to prove it. They were all captured at terrorist enclaves or associating with known terrorists. In the wrong place at the wrong time’ll get you screwed every time – especially during war! 36-0 is obviously an asshole pacifist who’d surrender the country rather than chance killing an innocent person. Notwithstanding that the enemy doesn’t have those hangups! Leave the military and CIA alone in wartime and defense of this country! Another thing you know absolutely nothing about is whether Obama’s Muslim or not! I don’t give a damn what you think, because that’s all it is, is an opinion. Past history is all there is to go by, and I’ll stand by where he was born, raised, the name he took and the so called church he chose to attend as presently the only real guide as to what may really be in his heart. If it’s not an indicator of his true self – then it’s up to him to prove it. The truth is if he wasn’t black and hadn’t gotten a vast majority of black vote (who by the way would have voted black even if he were an avowed Communist), he never would have been elected. There were far too many suspicions and not only by association. I hope he’s an outstanding president. However, my gut feeling is that he will either be ineffective or a disaster. Right now we can’t afford either. So screw both of you!

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    barack hussein obama is just another lying ass politician.

    unfortunately, he’s a lying ass politician that favors our enemies in our war on islamic extremism.

    obama received 200 million dollars in unreported campaign contributions.

    obama received financial help from tony rezko to buy his mansion in chicago.

    tony rezko palled around with former saddam hussein associates in europe.

    obama suspends the trial of the uss cole bomber.

    obama pledges to close gitmo.

    obama gives 990 million dollars to hamas, a known terrorist entity and enemy of our ally, israel.

    (think on all the controversy surrounding the bailout money and accountability for it. we’re now talking about punitively taxing individuals who received retention bonuses signed off on by the democrats in congress, the tax cheat now in charge of the treasury and the president. but not one word on what hamas is doing with the 990 million dollars the won gave them. not one word)

    obama is now trying to play footsie with mahmoud ahmadinijhad via youtube.

    meanwhile n. korea is busily working on a nuclear-tipped missile. (to reach the us mainland??)

    canada had to scramble fighters (didn’t know they had any) to turn back a russian bomber skirting it’s airspace 24 hrs. before bambi’s visit last month.

    now putin’s talking to chavez and castro about stationing bombers in their countries.

    but don’t you worry about bambi’s “spine of steel”.

    he won’t hesitate to paint “bitch slap” on a cruise missile and take out a herd of yak in n. pakistan.

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    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    And your a stupid fuk who hasnt a clue. And for the matter you dont have any proof that THEY DIDNT! I personally dont trust the Governent much nor GW Bush. He spoke for himself. You know he was a liar. Just for MY RECORD I will bust ANYBODYs Ass that stands between Me and Mine. YOU DONT KNOW ME Sir! So FUK YOU AND YOURS>>>…. Mr. Sabbanist Rookie,You keep measuring your manhood by someone elses and dont speak to me again.Oh yea you realize thaat the American POPULATION has less that 22% black right and of those MAYBE half or So voted So you do the math. GW Bush Put us here and you wanna blame the NeW PREZ cause hes NOT YOUR KIND (Republican Or Otherwise)And what proof (Limbaugh) Do you have. The man didnt choose his name His Mom Did. BUt you have your opinion. but you can keep you lil sardine can closed Im gonna try and advance Sissy Bitch!

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    E. G. White

    Omnipresent you faggot commie socialist bitch, get your barner sister humping ass off our Bama forum. You better hope I never find your ass after that last post cocksucker! I’m fixing to trace your IP address. Look over your shoulder asshole!

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    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    Hey dude let me make this easy for you
    tell me where and when BOY. I dont like threats and I will tote an asswhipping before I let a Pudding ass Bitch like you talk shit. And I am a IT engineer you stupid fuk I KNOW YOU CANT TRACE ME!
    But CAP please give this P.A.N. My email
    thereal2punk@yahoo.com is ONE of my emails. Whats yours? OH my bad your a scared lil Keyboard Bully. I ll whip a busload of your ass on my way to FUK your sister you lil FAG!
    oh and YOUR MOM IS A COMMIE.

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    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    Oh yea IF YOU KEEP IT UP I ll get a a BAMMER to whip your sissy ass. I can do this see! But we both know you wont bust a grape, You ll keep up your internet threats until you cant,But if you ever do feel like it COME ON CLEATUS! I rememeber you said your Brother was a AUburnite I didnt know your sister was too! BUt shes a lousey lay!

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    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    im so SCARED YOU GUYS!
    YA WANT MY address hell
    lets start a fight club!

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    E. G. White

    Fuck your email brave boy barner queer. Give me your street address. I’ll be in Alabama tomorrow. You’re just like my dickhead brother who I rarely talk to anymore because he, like you and all fucking barners, you all have dementia. None of you potheads can hold a decent conversation without losing control of your faculties, and ranting and raving incoherently. IT engineer my ass! I guess that’s barner for Imbecilic Turd. And it doesn’t matter how much education you’ve had, none of you inbreds can understand the english language and therefore you can’t be reasoned with. It’s a waste of breath! You stupid cocksucker, my first post on this topic had nothing in it to warrant your first attack on me. My second post in referance to Obama was likewise. The nastiness was directed at you and you deserved it! Then you retaliated against me even worse inspite of the fact that the poster after me said far, far more and worse things about Obama than I did. You’re just the atypical braindead, antisocial. incoherent, demented barner. If you love that socialist muslim so much, why don’t you go to Washington and suck his dick? You’re trying your barner bullshit to make others blogers think you’re badass. But most people are cognizant of barners and understand just how full of shit they really are. Yeah without the help of Cappy I couldn’t get your IP. It was an empty boast. But with your email I can damn sure get it and find the street address it’s registered to. Stupid fuck. If I want your worthless barner ass, you’ll never see me coming, not that it would matter anyway! By the way pussy fart, I’m was an areospace engineer, but what I moved into is much more lucrative, and very dangerous for you. So if you want to keep this stupid shit up – I’m game moron!

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    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    You go back and prove that I attacked you PUSSY SWEAT! And once again I AM NOT SCARED OF YOU Or what you THINK YOU CAN DO TO ME. I have already called one of your PUSS MOUTH BLUFFS AND IM CALLING THIS ONE. I promise you your not gonna like what you get with me FAG! And its not Obama I like ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU I HATE. ANd I never attacked you I rebutted what you said as hear say and lies! FUKN HOMOEROTIC NASTY FUK YOU!
    AND if you keep it up I ll FUK YOU AFTER I AM THRU Stompin a MUDHOLE in your ASS!

    Can you tell I dont like threats?
    COME GET ME I ll make it a LIL MORE EASIER 2513637350 GO FIGURE

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    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    And when ya been thru what I have there is nothing a Puss like you can do th hurt me 🙂

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    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    Oh and If it was me Selling WOLF TICKETS like you, I would let you see me coming.
    Hell call me first and I ll lay in the floor and wait in ya!

  15. 16
    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    Oh and what Finbummer said was just like yours Unsubstantiated rants. I mean really do you think Obama HAS 900 million to give away to HAMAS? I dont, just quit talking about shit unless you know it to be true and You wont look so FUKN DUMB

  16. 19
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    There is no changing peoples minds when it comes to politics. I swear , Ive seen people change there religions before they would change political parties. Dont let your party blind you. Im not a Republican, Im a conservative. There is a difference. If the Democrat party were more conservative than the Republicans , I would be a Democrat.

    Any one who would defend Obama is a reprobate, plain and simple. You cannot approve of someone or vote in someone who is pro-choice, and still proclaim christianity. Im sorry guys, not judging, but that is a fact. You cant tell me that the Obama administration is for the people. They are for the government. They are for job security.

    I am not stupid enough to think that W. Bush was the man. He screwed up royally on tax reform and spent waaaay too much. But he made a hugely unpopular decision that was best for us as Americans. And he did not waver on that decision. And America was safer for it. Period.

    And dudes, this is my OPINION. Lets not meet up and whoop ass because we disagree. Arent we adults ?

  17. 20
    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    hey All I said was they didnt have proof of all these alligations, I didnt vote for Obama but to want him to fail is stupid. And to think a high % of politicians is honest is even worse. BI I do disagree with you one thing for sure and that IS to beleive a WOMAN should not have the right to do what is best for her has nothing to do with how I feel about it abortion.
    nor my relationship with God.
    And WOW reprobate huh? Hmm WAR EAGLE BUDDY! I wasnt really defending him BUT I WILL. because to Condem him and defend the rest of them whohahs UP THERE is either CLOSED MINDED OR RACIST, in any case its FUKD UP! We coulda voted for Romney who was probably our best shot at what you guys wanted But either way this country is gonna be consumed by its OWN GREED. Call me what you want but if you live a long full life and really look around you will see it. I dont wanna fight E.G. but he is a disgrace period. Hell he chose his screen name to honor SAban but he is SO DISHONERING THE REAL E.G. White! Check and see.I think im gonna try and read the Articles here(they are good sometimes CAp) But I dont think im gonna post here much, gets to fukd up around here.And E.G. I meant EVERY WORD I SAID AND I RETRACT NOTHING WORM!


  18. 21
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Who said that anyone was wanting him to fail ? I sure dont. As far as Romney goes. There aint no way I would vote for him. I wanted Huckabee in. Has any one on this board prayed for Barack to have wisdom to lead. I have.

    As far as abortion goes. If your a Christian. You cannot argue what I said. I can back up what I said with scripture. And dude, Im not judging you, or anyone else. Im just stating fact. Too many “christians” believe in a watered down politically correct God. The bible that I read does not have a politically correct God. If that hurts your feelings, I apologize. That was not my intention. My intention is only to bring the biblical facts to the arguement. That is all.

    As far as being an Auburn fan goes, in the grand scheme of things , its pretty far down the list.

  19. 22
    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    You do realize that Bible you read was written by men and Edited by A KING… And I do beleive that its wrong in Gods eyes and words But there are to many interpreting the Bible for there own gain. And scriptures can be interpreted more than one way. The God I pray to is a fair and just GOd and Jesus says ONLY THRU HIM…. No you didnt hurt my feelings. I just think No man should be able to dictate what I nor anyone else does with there bodies. The abortion thing goes beyond it being used as Birth Control. What if you had a duaghter who was attacked and had NO idea who the daddy of a RAPE BABY WAS? You still beleive that she shouldnt have the choice, or should she have to look at a product of a terrible thing to happen to Her/ If that hurts your feelings or your beliefs that is not my intention.

    I am A Cristian and for a MAN to challenge that is also against Gods Law.
    Words are just words actions determine who you are. Just look at E. G. if you listen to his words you would think hes some sort of terrorist with all those VILE THREATS AGIANST ME he made.


    “But with your email I can damn sure get it and find the street address it’s registered to. Stupid fuck. If I want your worthless barner ass, you’ll never see me coming, not that it would matter anyway! By the way pussy fart, I’m was an areospace engineer, but what I moved into is much more lucrative, and very dangerous for you. So if you want to keep this stupid shit up – I’m game moron!”

    But I know hes full of SHIT! He shall be Judged by his actions


  20. 23
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    We can debate all day long. But the bottom line is this. You can tell if someone is a follower of Christ by there actions. Read the book of james , I believe chapter 2. Works = proof of faith. I am not saying you are or arent saved. But there is someone who should be able to dictate what you do with your body. That would be ther one that createwd your body. My 1/2 sister is a product of the very thing that you speak of. And countless other adopted children are glad they werent murdered as well.

    And I promise you Im not making that up. My half sister is a product of that very thing. She was put up for adoption. And my mother loves her very much. Just as much as me and my brothers. But , my momma is a hell of a woman.

  21. 24
    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    I understand the fact and I applaud But I still beleive that had she wanted to she had the choice. And your right God has that right and he is the only one to Judge But God bless and lets just move on.

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