Cody’s diet program works; Tide D better in 2009

I don’t know about Slimfast, the Subway diet, Atkins or any of the others, but whatever Terrence Cody’s diet plan was—it worked. He topped out at 420 pounds in junior college, and got that down to 385 by the time he arrived to play for the Alabama Crimson Tide and coach Nick Saban. Cody continues to work to cut the pounds, and told ESPN’s Chris Low that his target weight is 345-350 pounds.

The reduced weight helps the Alabama nose tackle and should help him become more durable, “They can plan to see me on third down. They were taking me out on third down and passing plays last year. That’s one of the main reasons I worked so hard this offseason, getting in better shape, getting better at pass-rushing and sustaining it the whole game. Instead of playing on two downs, I want to play on three downs this year,” Cody said.

One other item from Low’s interview with Cody, he predicts the Alabama Crimson Tide can be even better on defense in 2009. Check out the interview.


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    E. G. White

    What with Bama having little to no dropoff on D when Mongol is on the bench, I’d like to see him and Fluker together on the left side of the offense blocking for Richardson, Ingram and Upchurch. Can you say 10 yards on every play!

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    E. G. White

    Then there’s the possibility of Cody and Fluker on the line, and one of the new 250 pound fullbacks in the backfield all blocking for Arenas or Maze in the Wild Elephant! rtr!

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