Kiffin Watch: Saban works, Kiffin plays

It is Monday morning, do you know what your football coach is doing?

If you are an Alabama Crimson Tide fan or a Florida Gator fan, you can bet Nick Saban and Urban Meyer are somewhere thinking about football. That is what they live for; that is what they excel at; that is what they do.

If you are a Tennessee Volunteer fan, your boy blunder isn’t thinking about spring practice, how to stop Tim Tebow, or even how to tell another lie; Lane Kiffin is going to a deposition in San Francisco, according to the That is right, while other coaches are working on football, Kiffin is playing some sort of legal game with the NFL’s Oakland Raiders.

You know that is going to come in handy on the Third Saturday in October.


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  1. 1
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Didnt Nick have a big legal mess to contend with after he skated form Miami ? You know………After he said “I will Not be the next coach at Alabama.”. I know that there had to be some money issues there as well. I didnt read one Vol board even mention it. Im just glad to see that your infatuation has changed from Auburn to Tennessee. Ill gladly watch you two inbred fanbases battle for a while. Wheres my popcorn ?

  2. 2

    I don’t know about any legal problems. It was my impression that Miami’s owner was happy he didn’t have to pay a buyout next season when Saban likely would have been fired.

    In any case, if Saban and Miami went to war, neither side made it front page news…unlike the Kiffin saga, which is entertaining because neither side knows when to shut up.

  3. 3
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Agreed. but do you really think he would have been fired ? Im thinking no. I honostly believe that Saban left the pros not because he was shown the door, but because he really wanted back in the college game.

    Well. That and the 4 mill.

  4. 4
    E. G. White

    CNS’s headlines came from disgruntled Dolphin and LSU fanbases and ESPN busybodies, not from infantile slandering and fighting by CNS and the Dolphin front office. Big difference. Although the LSU fanbase took as a personal insult, his move to the SEC school that had given them an inferiority complex, and therefore might not agree – I tend to agree with Ballplay for once. His motivation was college and being given total control and being well compensated for it. On the other hand. Lame Kitten is a laughing stock. Everybody has always accused Al Davis of being an asshole. We were all sympathetic to poor, poor Lame Kitten who was being devoured by the Big Bad Al Wolf. Well wow! Lo and behold! Turns out Lame Kittens even worse than Al’s accusations. Damn, how can that be??? Ha! Ha! rtr!

  5. 5
    E. G. White

    Oh one more thing. Alabama – the State University, has one of the nations better schools of law. It is one of the worlds top schools of medicine and the nations #1 school of neuroresearch and surgery. Auburn is a cow college, uhh excuse me, a school for veterinarians. Where do you get off calling us the inbreds. Think a little time at Bryces might straighten out those delusional thoughts? rtr.

  6. 6
    E. G. White

    Bryce Brown just signed with Tennessee. Do I hear NCAA investigation people? At the end of the year we’ll see who’s leading the SEC in rushing – BB or Trent Richardson. That is if BB even qualifies! rtr!

  7. 7
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    E.G..There is no way to spin Tennessee and Kiffin signing two great running backs. Divid Oku and Bryce Brown are good. How can that be a bad thing for Tennessee ? I just dont see it. But I do see it not being so good for the rest of the SEC.

  8. 8

    Auburnisajoke: Try this…

    “There is no way to spin Alabama signing a great Defensive Tackle. Albert Means is good. How can that be a bad thing for Alabama? I just don’t see it.”

  9. 9
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Yeah man. You must be truly in the know. Do you have some sort of proof ? No. So shut your pie hole. They went to Tennessee because they probably outbid you punks.

  10. 10
    E. G. White

    Well I wouldn’t go so far as to say they were bought. But Kiffen used no less than three illegal recruiting tactics on Brown and now that he’s signed they may yet have to answer for it. True, they got 2 good backs, but I’ll take Richardson, Ingram and Upchurch any day. They don’t always have to be 5* to perform like one as Ingram showed.

  11. 11
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Bama has good backs. No one is saying you dont. Richardson was a heck of a grab. But why is it that Tennessee suddenly has to cheat to get good backs. Yall do know they have a history of some good runners dont you. Several with great careers in the NFL.

  12. 13

    So let me get this straight, if you one of you Bama fans had a former employer who owed you several million dollars, you wouldn’t take a few hours out of spring practice to file the necessary court paperwork to try and get it? Give me a break!!!!

  13. 14

    They don’t owe him anything. He was fired for cause.

    Even if they do owe him money, sometimes fighting isn’t the right answer. Where is Kiffin going to earn the most money? from this lawsuit or from UT over the next few years?

    Perspective is the hallmark of a good leader; good leaders know how to pick their battles.

    Once again, this is an indictment of Kiffin’s lack of leadership.

  14. 15

    It’s not for you or I to decide if he will receive the money or not. It’s a LEGAL CASE. The judge will decide.

    So even if you had even a 10% chance to receive several million dollars, you wouldn’t take a day off work and fly cross country to give a disposition????? Answer truthfully! If you say no, I have to question your sanity sir!
    And if you can’t leave your desk for 24 hours without your team falling apart, then you must not have hired very good assistants. (Oh wait, I forgot, Kiffin hired the best staff in the conference).

  15. 16

    From the story I read, it wasn’t several million dollars. I read it was two months pay.

    And ask yourself, not what you or I would do, but what Nick Saban or Urban Meyer would do. They are better indicators of success in college football. 🙂

  16. 17

    Or try this on for size:

    Tell your wife you had a chance to get several million dollars by taking a day off work, but that you were “too busy.” See where you will sleep for the next year (clue, you will have to evict Rover from his domicile).

  17. 18

    If you are pussy whipped. Are you saying your new coach is?

    And it isn’t several million dollars. It is two months pay.

  18. 19

    Let’s start a Capstone Report betting pool on who will be the most short lived coach: Lame Kitten or CheeseNip
    – I Just sold my home and vehicles and put that on the Kitten
    – Any other takers?

  19. 20

    Ok then, two months salary at an NFL coaching rate. Let’s say that comes to $200k. Not exactly pocket change. I’d go for it! Why with that, a UT fan could invest in some T-bills and send their kids to an ivy league school. And your average Tide fan could do a lot too! Convert that trailer to a double wide, buy that new fangled indoor toilet they’ve read about. Maybe even get those missing teeth replaced. Oooh, eeeh!

  20. 21
    E. G. White

    Boy ya’ll are funny. I thought I was at the Improv! The gist of it isn’t what you or I or CUM (boy I love that name for Urban), or CNS would do. Hopefully we’re all normal. Lame Kitten is not. Remember the Frankenstien comedy with Gene Wilder where he sent his assistant to get a normal brain and the one he brought back was named A.B.NORMAL? That’s Kiffen. The guy started this war with Al Davis because he said the Raiders were screwing him. For six months the whole country sympathized with him cause Davis is the guy everybody loves to hate. But then a strange thing happened. UT hired Kiffen and for the past 4 months he has proceeded to show us what a lying, imbecilic, vindictive, loudmouthed, arrogant asshole he is! These are the same things that Davis is accusing him of. Therefore given the evidence from Kiffen’s own mouth and actions wouldn’t that lead you to assume that Davis is telling the truth? And therefore wouldn’t Kiffens case be frivilous? And if Kiffens case is frivilous, then that takes us back to what Cappy said. Kiffen is screwing around wasting UT’s and the teams time. Man the judge knows about Kiffen’s shit. He’s gonna laugh him out of the courtroom!

  21. 22

    So let me get this straight. A guy was terminated and under the rules of the contract, believes that he’s owned the balance on the deal. He takes his employer to court to receive his compensation which requires a deposition. This is somehow construed as ‘playing’? How stupid do they grow people in Alabama? Don’t you think Lane Kiffin would rather be coaching his team than giving a sworn statement?

  22. 23

    “eah man. You must be truly in the know. Do you have some sort of proof ? No. So shut your pie hole.”

    The point is, though I understand if you’re too dense to pick up on it, that the NCAA isn’t going to overlook violations just because the back is talented, which means there are more considerations when recruiting players than “Is the player good at football?”

    It’s a complicated concept, to consider more than one factor when making a decision, but I’m sure if you work at it, you can figure out how it works.

    Good luck.

  23. 24
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Pete……Still no proof , just speculation, so SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE BOY !!!!!!! And if you are dense enough to think that the NCAA doesnt have it in for certain schools (Bama) and lets others have passes (USC) then you are the one that needs to figure out how it works. Fulmer bought Tennessee a few years of grace by snitching on every available team. They are the narcs of the SEC. Bama is the felon of the SEC.

  24. 25

    E, if Kiffin violated his contract, and his contract says that if violated, he could be terminated with just cause and they don’t have to pay, then all the Raiders have to do is prove just cause. It is really not that hard to understand. If he was disregarding the NFL ownership rules, then he very well could have violated his contract. Not that I give a damn if he is paid or not, but it isn’t as simple as you attempt to make it. But there are stupid people everywhere, especially from where you are at. You are a nice example of the production from a family tree that has no branches.

    Carlos, you just make yourself look more and more idiotic with each post. Keep ’em coming!

  25. 27

    Come on Carlos, tell us all what you really think about us Bammers, and how scared we all are since ya’ll got Kiffin. That is pure comedy right there. Tell us again why we are supposed to be fearing him. I haven’t really understood it yet, so maybe you could help me out.

  26. 29

    I’m glad Bama fans don’t fear Kiffin. No really! Keep right on laughing and cutting up. Keep thinking he is an idiot and a moron. Right up until the fourth quarter of the UT game when the light suddenly comes on and you say to each other “Hey, how in the world are we loosing to this idiot?”

    The less seriously everyone takes him now, the less diligently they will prepare to face him.

  27. 30
    E. G. White

    Might be true for some of the SEC’s lower tier schools like Vandy, Kentucky. MSU and AWBURN. But you’re shit outta luck with Bama, Florida, LSU, Georgia and So. Carolina dude. Kiffen screwed the pooch with them. He insulted them and became locker room material. There won’t be any overlooking. It’s beatdown time! Quote, (“If you go there you’ll end up pumping gas for a living”.) Indeed? What the F—! I hope you don’t play in Columbia. Hope you don’t need gas if you do. NOTICE: Bring fire retardant clothing and lots of extinguishers! Ha ha ha ha ha? rtr!

  28. 31


  29. 32
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    What would have been gold………..Kiffen says “Dont go to bama, youll be sellin cocain for a livin”…


  30. 33

    Ballplay, now you know that is not funny. What would be pure gold and the truth for once from Kiffin would be “Don’t go to Auburn, you will not make it to a bowl game. . . again.”

  31. 35

    No Carlos, you have it all wrong and backwards. The more Kiffin says and does, the more fired up and determined the rival teams will be when they play Tennessee. You have noticed Saban and Meyer have not replied or made anything of it, it is mostly the media. I have a feeling you will be saying “Why did we hire this idiot” before other teams fans wonder why he is beating them. It is not like you have a choice in the matter. Us Bama fans did try to prop up Shula for a while. Ya’ll make more over his assistant coaches than you do Kiffin. But we will see this year a sign of things to come from Tennessee. Kiffin is bringing all this on himself.

  32. 36

    No, the more foolish he looks, the opposing players will brush him off and think (subconsciously) we’ve got this game in the bag. Overconfidence is the biggest danger a top tier team has to face. Just ask Florida about Miss State last season.

    Read Sun Tzu’s art of War and you’ll see what I mean.

  33. 38

    Carlos, I really hope the Tennessee fans and coaching staff have your attitude and think like you. That is going to make the beatings mean so much more, knowing how unrealistic your expectations are. Look, Tennessee has been on a long slide to the bottom of the east. This rookie coach you have is going to learn the ropes in the SEC the hard way, and his juvenile actions is going to make it harder. He wants the attention, and he is making sure the best coaches in the league have it. But he is going about it the wrong way. But you must be really worried if you think you are going to come to a Bama site and defend this goober. You be sure to come back and hang out with us during the season, okay?

  34. 39

    I wish my life revolved around something I had no control over and no influence with. Living off of other peoples work, sitting and watching. Must be great. We will be here during your 7-8 win season.

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