Wanted: Kiffin correspondent

Lane Kiffin is the biggest buffoon to ever walk into the SEC. Thank God! Every day new stupidity comes out of Rocky Top—so much stupidity we need a Kiffin correspondent! Traits needed include: fondness for the mentally challenged and experience covering the idiotic like Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan preferred. Send resume and writing sample to info@capstonereport.com.

On to the Kiffin Watch:
SportsByBrooks reveals Lane Kiffin’s next great recruiting tactic in his battle against the SEC giants: Nick Saban has AIDS.

Spencer Hall at the Sporting Blog delves into Lane Kiffin’s world view: “this story only confirms that Lane Kiffin gets his understanding of the world as I thought he did: from reading old Archie comic books. (Say hello to Veronica for us, Lane.)”

GatorTailgating.com has photographs of Lane Kiffin’s words posted on the wall of the Florida athletic complex. Good going Lane! Way to motivate the defending national champions.

Daddy Kiffin disappointed in son’s big mouth, but still loves son: According to ESPN’s Chris Low, “Monte Kiffin was as disappointed as anybody to see Lane Kiffin stick his foot in his mouth with the comments about Urban Meyer back in February. But like any dad, he’s also quick to point out that the whole thing was blown out of proportion and that Lane isn’t the arrogant blowhard he’s been made out to be by some.” Isn’t that precious! The love of a parent for even the biggest dumbass.