Alabama’s behavior shameful

The University of Alabama did the wrong thing when it ignored the state’s open records law and did not release documents related to the NCAA textbook case. (Read an editorial from the Birmingham News.) The University has an obligation to execute the laws of this state in a manner that is above reproach. The University has not done this; instead the University has brought shame on itself.

Either through laziness or intentional malfeasance the University ignored legitimate requests for documents that should have been made public. Arrogance is the only explanation for how university officials acted. Without even giving a reason, reporter requests were stuffed in a pigeonhole and forgotten.

Much like NCAA rules governing textbook oversight.

I despise the NCAA and its draconian rules; however, the University had an obligation to be supremely vigilant in its compliance efforts. It failed.

See a trend?

From the ill-conceived lawsuit against acclaimed artist Daniel Moore to the recent revelations that the University ignored the state’s open records law, their is a common theme: Alabama does what is convenient, not what is right. The examples are numerous, but the solution is simple: Do the right thing.

Coach Saban wrote in his book, “Do the right thing. It’s that simple. Do the right thing when the right thing is not popular. Do the right thing when no one else is around. Do the right thing when temptation tells you otherwise. Do the right thing all the time.”

That is good advice. Maybe it is time for University officials to buy a copy? Here is a link, you can buy it at Amazon: How Good Do You Want to Be?: A Champion’s Tips on How to Lead and Succeed at Work and in Life


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    Cappy, let’s be honest here. Do you seriously think Saban was not involved in that decision in order to push the release past signing day? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you want to crow about Saban being named by Forbes as “the most powerful person in sports”, don’t tell me for one second that he wasn’t involved in a decision of paramount importance involving the football program. Maybe Saban needs to take his own advice about “doing the right thing”. If your son just signed a few weeks ago with Bama, do you think you’d be pi$$ed that you weren’t told by the head coach that the university was to appear before the NCAA in 2 weeks?

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    Yes, BM that’s right…the fact that Bama can ever obatin another recruit proves it was perfectly acceptable behavior for the head coach to hide the fact from recruits that his program was about to appear before the NCAA in two weeks regarding something he NCCA deemed in writing to be “potential major violations”. Recruits have a right to know that. I don’t care if it’s Bama, Auburn, or Notre Dame.

  3. 4

    Julio, you really don’t like Alabama at all. It is pretty obvious. What if nothing comes out of this? I really don’t think anything major is going to happen. But all you Auburn goobs are really getting your hopes up though.

    You are upset that Saban didn’t tell any recruits anything? How do you know? So what if he kept it out of the media. This happened 2 years ago now. It is over text-books and it was not just football players that benefited from it. You would rather a media storm be talking about this for two whole years? Give me a break. Of course a totally biased Auburn fan would. Keep on telling yourself Bama is out of control and are about to get the death penalty like all of your other retarded Auburn brothers are doing. Ya’ll are going to be disappointed after getting all your hopes up.

  4. 5

    Their you go Julio. . .spinman. Nobody said it was acceptable. I said it is no concern to these recruits apparently by evidence of the commitment yesterday. Do you think he doesn’t know anything about this? He is btw, all the way over in Georgia where they don’t get any sports news. It just seems to me no matter what they just want to play for a winning program like Bama and the national coach of the year, even if their childhood idol was say, someone like Emmitt Smith. It will all be over soon, just like Aub’s scandal for giving players grades for sociology classes they didn’t even attend. The part you Aub’s fear the most is the fact no matter what happens, it will not keep us away from Aub in Nov for your next embarassing loss.

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  6. 7
    Tax Man

    I will have to admit this, if anyone would know all about shameful behavior it would be a member of the media.

  7. 8

    Hey Brando and BM, did either of you guys happen to catch both Finebaum and Scarbinsky’s columns today? You think only Auburn fans feel this way? Couldn’t help but notice that neither one of you bothered answering the question about whether or not it would pi$$ you off if your son signed with a school and the head coach didn’t bother to disclose the fact that the program would be appearing before the NCAA in just two weeks to respond to “potential major violations.”

    P.S. Brando, you honestly believe for one second that Saban might have told the recruits about this prior to signing but trusted them to keep quiet about it? Did you seriously just suggest that as a being a possibility? Geez, everyone knows you are biased to a fault, but that’s just plain stupid.

    Cappy, you’re being awfully quiet on this particular subject.

  8. 9

    I really don’t care about what Saban told recruits or not. It isn’t relevant to my beef with this situation. Alabama had (perhaps?) legitimate reasons to avoid releasing the documents. But most of the time the University didn’t even give a reason for refusing to release the documents. That annoys me.

    Saban keeping secrets? I don’t care. That is why the press exists to pursue the truth.

    And asking me about the morality of keeping it a secret isn’t good right now because I’m likely to give a Machiavellian answer. 😉

  9. 10

    Julio, please tell me you didn’t just accuse someone of not answering a question, talk about a hypocrite, you are the poster boy. You keep trying to make a big deal about disclosing what might or might not happen to a recruit, when my point is that you don’t seem to understand is THEY DON’T CARE, they want to play for a school like BAMA regardless, I know that is hard for you to understand, because you still have not gotten over Trent Richardson signing with Bama when his hero is Emmitt Smith.
    Being an Aub you just would not understand because your right, it would make a difference for someone thinking about going to Aub.

  10. 11
    E. G. White

    Julio, fuck you and all the other penis envy turds that spend their lives praying to whomever that Bama will fall apart. You act like Finefart and Scabbuttsky’s articles are supposed to mean something? Those stupid fuckers are never more than fair weather fans of Bama. They’re always ready to pounce when trouble knocks at the door. These S.O.B.’s that are writing stupid articles that stir up more trouble and possibly put Bama in more danger with the corrupt Nazi’s at the NCAA who opperate under their own set of rules and who deny due process, should be run out of state on a rail. When was the last time any university released more than the basics to the fucking papers until it was neccessary? Bama has a pretty good idea what the results are going to be, and it would be assinine to jeopardize the football program by discussing something with recruits that is beyond a high schoolers capacity to understand and thereby causing them to decommit. I’ll tell you one thing right now. If anyone in a position of responsibility within the state of Alabama like these dumbass writers. ever cause Bama serious problems – they better hope I never run across them in the streets. They’re in for an ass whoopin!

  11. 12

    BM, if they recruits wouldn’t have cared about it then why did Saban and the university do everything in their power to keep it from coming to light until after signing day? That makes a lot of freakin sense. BTW, still waitin’ on that answer about whether or not it would have pi$$ed you off if your signed with a school and the head coach didn’t bother to disclose the fact that the program would be appearing before the NCAA in just two weeks to respond to “potential major violations.” Guess I better not hold my breath.

    E.G….that may be the most priceless quote that a bammer has ever made on this site: “[I]t would be assinine to jeopardize the football program by discussing something with recruits that is beyond a high schoolers capacity to understand and thereby causing them to decommit.”

    I won’t even respond. That quote speaks all for itself.

  12. 14
    E. G. White

    You can think what you want. But I believe that if Bama was expecting to lose half their scollys and be banned from the SECC, the BCSNC, bowls and tv, Saban would have discussed it with the recruits. However, since the penalties, if any, will not affect Bama’s football goals then there was no need to terrify any immature recruits with the dreaded ‘P’ word. Nuff said. RTR!

  13. 15

    julio, I am still waiting on every question I have ever ask you, but I do understand why you think the chicken came before the egg, or wait, did you say the egg before the chicken? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. The key word you should focus on that will ruin your dreams of trying to make Aub halfway competitive with Bama is “potential”. Because you Aubs know that you can only compete with Bama when they are crippled.

  14. 16
    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0 and 17-10

    STFU BM and your stupid wont show! Where the hell did E.G. You damn right right it would piss any of them off, Mr. Kent St. Should have at LEAST spoke with the parents of these imature HS kids or do you think they shouldnt have known either?
    Julio I am trying to get your question answered not infringe on it 😉


  15. 17

    EG, it doesn’t matter what Saban expects (or hopes is more like it) what the penalties will be. What matters is that he hid the fact that the program was appearing before the infractions committee for “potentially major violations” in 2 weeks, and the recruits had a right to know that. This is the most important decision they have ever made in their young lives, and they are entitled to know all the facts before making that decision. If he wanted to follow up on that by explaining his expectation of the potential penalties, then fine. This is amazing. You idiots sound like you’re trying to defend corporate executives for hiding accounting fraud. “Well, as long as the stock stays high, it doesn’t matter if they didn’t disclose it, because even when it gets discovered the SEC penalties probably won’t be that high.”

    BM I guess I’m never gonna get an answer to that question, which answers for itself. Oh well, that gives me a higher opinion of you. I’m glad to know that you’re a father first before being a Bama fan.

  16. 18

    Omni says: Bamaman, Trent Richardson is going to Fl and you will eat those retarded ass words, as usual it looks like you know what you are talking about. Now pipe down you little medicated homo and if I want your opinion I will give it to you. And don’t try and help your lover julio until you learn to string a group of words together that actually make sense. Now shoo turd fly.

  17. 19


  18. 20
    E. G. White

    You bunch of stupid, inbred, stump jumping faggots from the cow college and other penis envy universities. You come to our site preaching your holier than thou bullshit, too damn illiterit to even imagine the truth. This text book shit was not purpetrated by the Universitv or by any employee therein. It was not a method to entice athletes to sign with Alabama or to keep them from leaving for another school, you dumbass dipshits! I can just hear CNS now telling Trent R. if you sign with us you can get some extra free text books that you can sell for spending money but I can’t guarantee it because as soon as it’s discovered we have to shut it down, not to mention that it could get us NCAA probation. Yeah, great method of cheating and recruiting tool you stupid bastards! The text book thing was done by the students, not the University, and any scolly student could take advantage of it – not just athletes. You know Bama gives scollys for medicine, law, math, literature, science, physics and many more. You best clean your own fucking house before you bring your sister humping ass over here! Since all serious NCAA investigations last more than a year maybe you want to explain why Auburn and Tennessee didn’t inform their recruits that they were being investigated for giving credits for classes not attended and grade fixing, respectively. And if i’m not mistaken this would be administration fraud, not student games as at Bama. That is definitly athletic advantages and low life blatant fraud on the part of university staff. Of course we all know why neither school received penalties for this low class bullshit. They’re were still under the Nazi NCAA’s protective umbrella for being the 2 narc schools that helped them bust Bama on the Albert Means bullshit. Of course I’m kind of glad your over here. Gives me a chance to insult you and to laugh and remind you that: HEY TIGERS! HEY VOLS! RAMMER JAMMER YELLOW HAMMER! BAMA BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU! AND IT AIN’T GONNA END ANY TIME SOON! HA! HA! HA! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! Now get the hell outta here. Go home and impregnate your mamas and sisters and make butt love to your daddys and brothers. Fuckin inbreds.

  19. 21
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    E.G. clean up your mouth boy. I would hate to have to slap the dooky out of you.

    This doosher is a good eaaxample of your fanbase bammers. Be proud.

    P.S. I hope you get the death penalty E.G.

  20. 23

    See EG, allow me to explain why you’re an uneducated idiot (or a %#@*’n idiot in your language). Contrary to Bama under the present circumstances (and much to your chagrin), AU was never under investigation by the NCAA for the Sociology issue, much less received a formal letter of inquiry and requirement to attend a hearing before the infractions committee to formally answer charges. Accordingly, there was nothing (meaning actually nothing, not major charges that fans believe nothing will result from) for AU to disclose.

    P.S. That Albert Means “bullshi+” you refer to was something Bama actually admitted and self imposed 15 scholarships for. UA just got mad about the severity of the penalties and the procedures involving witness testimony. I know you bammers love to revise history and say the NCAA cooked up the charges, but it’s pure fantasy. Now go #@%& yourself EG, you #@!&” son of a *%!@ and the @#!%’n horse you rode in on.

  21. 24
    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0 a BamaBrando

    BM I could go thru here (this blog) and PICK YOU SILLY ASS APART with wrong guesses and assumptions you and your GIMP bamabrandho have put on this site. YOUR NOT WORTH MY TIME! But to get you off the cuff. you look real stupid by saying the same tired ass shit over and over again, but that is the average bummer for you @least ITK and Tmc come up with original shit…howabout you getting your own or at least some original thoughts. You not even in the same league with Me much less the average AU fan. But keep trying and when you get it right I will admit to it and BAMM your happy and sticky. I can out talk or write you but COME COME LIL DUMB ONE I ll retort for ya. What about the question you and e.g. KEEP avoiding it like NS avoids BIG CHAIRS! fAGS!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 25
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    E.G. needs to go to the top of this page and get one of those hormone test kits. I think he will find out that he is really a woman and that she is on the rag to boot.

  23. 26
    E. G. White

    Hooray for me! I really pissed off those little cow college faggots. Bear would be so proud he’d probably offer me a scolly or a job! I’m gonna sleep so good tonight. As for other things. That’s just my point, bastard. Narcs get immunity. No way Auburns fucking administration fraud gets swept under the table in an honest world! Another thing dipshit. Bama never admited paying for Means. A dipshit dumbass booster paid the agent to pay Means. Then the fucking NCAA couldn’t get enough proof to prove it themselves so they got the feds to do their investigation for them by turning in the agent for tax evasion. Even then there was bogus testimony and purgery. Everybody knows the Memphis courts are predjudice if not crooked. Thats why the case was tried there. Nobody in their right mind pays a quarter million dollars for a high school athlete that won’t even touch the football! Only a qb or maybe, maybe a receiver or runningback would touch the ball enough to have a large enough impact during his college career to be worth that kind of money to the program. The agent – booster bullshit is how the NCAA fucks a school by denying them due process. The booster and or the agent he uses is in no way employed or autherized by the university and cannot be controlled or restricted with use of force by the university. However, the fucking Nazi NCAA holds the university responsible and deals out illegal punishment on the university for the transgressions of these rogue individuals. Fuck the NCAA. They’re gonna fuck with the wrong institutions millions one of these days and some assholes are going to die. You can bank on it.

  24. 27

    Omni, unless you have convenient memory, I am the one that used to try and calm your cussing tirades with others on here because it got old and then you start slamming me for no reason, ask Ballplay. Remember your famous quote, don’t start nothin, there won’t be nothin? And then you tell me “STFU BM and your stupid wont show” as you write – “Where the hell did E.G. You damn right right it would piss any of them off” and you want to call me stupid? You are the only one that could translate that, so don’t be a hypocrite genius, you can’t outwrite a third grader. Now who looks stupid?

  25. 28
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    E.G. wow man. You need help brother. For real. A little pent up anquish there ? First off………Do you have to cuss every other word ? It just shows right out of the gate that ……..
    1. Your 14 and mommy let you use her computer.

    2. Your just an idiot.

    Either one is not good. So if you want any kind of real debate, grow up. Or else I might have to slap you. Got it?

    As far as the old penalties put on Bama a few years back, its the attitude of denial that bammers like you have that keeps getting you busted. That current attitude is in place in Tuscaloosa right now. I personally hope it stays there. I would love to see Bama get the death penalty this time. So keep the denial up buddy. Me Brando and Bamaman Cap ITK julio and a few others have heated debates with little to no foul language. Be respectful or I might have to call mommy and have her ground you from you computer. I

  26. 29
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    And Logan Young payed 100k for Means. And it was to his high school coach. Not him. Man you really dont know what the heck your talking about , do you ?

    Be specific on the death threats. Are YOU going to be the hired gun ? Are you that big of a psycho ? Dont say offhand crap like that in this day and time, even on a messageboard. Your dumbutt will locked up. Maybe thats where you belong. Dork..

    Are the rest of you bammers proud of this gem ? Looks like you guys need to cull some of your own.

    Newsflash E.G. White. Bama DID violate the rules. If you dont break the rules , you dont get punished. Get it ? Grow up dude. the RATIONALE bammers I know are more disappointed with the University than the NCAAA. But you arent rationale are you. But then again , most 14 year olds arent.

  27. 30

    Ballplay, I will bet you are like the Aubbies that like to blame Bear Bryant for Auburn being on probation so much. Yes you are right. Bama broke the rules, got caught, and paid the price. No one is saying that they didn’t. Just like Auburn was paying players under Pat Dye, and got caught. But Auburn people blame Bama for that too. It goes both ways. But you must be 15 year old high school student on the school computer by the way you come to a Bama site and obsess over all things Bama, when you proclaim to be an Auburn fan.

    Why do you like to come here again? Do you not like the company of your Auburn brothers? You come here to argue with Bama fans because it makes you feel better or something. That shows your level of maturity, so before you go jumping on other people here about that, take a look at yourself.

  28. 31
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Brandy, serious question.

    Are you really E.G. White?

    You say nobody has said that. Read the idiot E.G. Whites (the great theologin of our time) rant above. Try to police your own. It really makes me wonder why you would say something to me , but not him. I was responding to him. Not you. Unless you are him. In that case, I was responding to you. As for why Im here. Ive told you before. I like to argue. Better here than at home eith my wife.

    And dude. As far as respecting bama goes. Ive always maintained that Bear was the greatest coach. That Saban is a great coach. Its the bama fans that I love to debate/argue with. Is that O.K.? As far as maturity goes, youve never seen me threaten , cuss out, go racial, ar any thing else thats REALLY out of line. So would you please explain to me how Ive been acting like a 15 year old ? You are gettin a little hypersensitive because of the impending NCAA sanctions arent you ? I would be too.

  29. 32

    Wow, EG believes that NCAA is out to get him, the Memphis Courts are out to get him…paranoid much?

    Hey EG, when referring to that “unassociated booster”, are you talking about the guy that called Ivy Williams approximately 30 times in the last few days leading up to signing day? Do you mean the guy that personally held the loan on Ronnie Cottrell’s (Bama’s recruiting coord.)house? You mean the guy that was fishing buddies with Bear Bryant? You mean the guy that took a recruit up to Mal Moore and personally introduced him at a pre-game football party? Yeah, that guy had no connection to Bama whatsoever.

  30. 33
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    julio……..Its obvious that we are dealing with a grade school rookie, isnt it. He dont know his but from a hole in the ground. Personally , I hope he stays for a while. It only proves my point about bammers. Keep up the good work E.G. If you really apply yourself, one day, just maybe, Al-quida will give you a job.

  31. 34
    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    Dude Dont do me any favors, Its your writings that keep me slammin you. As for the typo so what? hell half of you guys do the same thing i mean I dont PROOF read everything I just type. I dom like you better than most and I MAY GET YOU AND BRANDHO confused? Its the bama in your names and if I have jumped you for nuthin(I dont think so) Im sorry! If not FUK U!!!!

    HAhahah Dude I am really kinda playing I bet we could be buddies! MY best friend is a BAMMER just like you guys and I LOVE HIM So hang on and LETS RIDE FAG!


  32. 35

    No, Ballplay. You missed the point. There are people on both fan bases that like to blame someone else for their problems. Most Auburn people blame Bama for most of their problems. There are Bama fans that blame Auburn for their problems. But the Auburn side by far is the most paranoid and the majority of you guys think Alabama cheats all the time. I think if something underhanded is going on at Bama, it is probably going on at the other big schools too. That is not justifying it, it is what it is.

    But if you get caught you have to pay, and Alabama and Auburn have done their share of paying. Just seeing all the Auburn fans reaction to the possibility Bama may be in trouble is shameful to me. I don’t obsess with Auburn and hope they will get in trouble so Bama can look better, but by God all you Auburn people are wishing for the death penalty.

    There is a difference in the fan bases. It is required for you to hate Alabama with a passion if you are to be considered a true blue Auburn fan. That is not the case at Bama. Auburn fluctuates as the biggest rival for Alabama, along with TN, FL, and LSU. Bama fans don’t have the time to hate on Auburn 24/7, we have to spread it around to a bunch of schools.

  33. 36
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I Understand some of what you are saying. But I do not think that Bama is chaeating. Ive never insinuated that. I do loathe all things Alabama though. The spread around theory you speak of came as a direst result of cheating way back when. That is why Tenn. hates bama. LSU hates bama cause of Saban. I dont really see that much hate from the Sunshine State . Maybe because there is a mutual respect there. That is where Auburn is with most of the rest of the SEC. Georgia, LSU, Florida, we all pretty much respect one another. I know that sounds a little corny, but its true. If you dont believe it , ask around on some of the other boards.

  34. 37

    Brando, puhhhleeeassseeee…it’s required for AU fans to hate Bama, but it’s not the same for Bama fans regarding AU???? Do you read 75% of the posts you make here?? They’re all about trashing Auburn. In fact, there’s not a regular poster on this site that doesn’t trash AU in at least half of their posts. (and yes, I and all other AU fans do the same to Bama. The difference between you and me is that I admit it.) You say the AU fans’ reaction to the latest NCAA problemsis shameful?? Do you seriously sit there with a straight face and say you weren’t gleefully giddy when you heard about the Sociology Dept. story at Auburn?? You say you weren’t enraged when the NCAA wouldn’t even look at it?? How about the Linda Bensel Myers and Tee Martin incidents at UT?? Yeah, you don’t obsess about other schools’ misfortunes at all, do you?

  35. 38

    Julio, that is my point. You made it for me. You don’t have to hate on Auburn to be a die hard Bama fan. You have to hate on Tennessee LOL! I trash Auburn here for 1 reason. There are stupid Auburn people like yourself on here all the time. If you guys were not here trashing Bama every chance you get, then you would never even hear from me.

    But what I meant WAS: IF THAT IS ALL AUBURN HAS GOT TO BE HAPPY ABOUT (Bama being in trouble) THEN AUBURN IS IN SAD SHAPE. Pretty simple. And by the way, I would never want to see Auburn get the death penalty. I think that it is a pretty good rivalry game. I am glad that the schools quit trying to rat on each other and such as it was in the past decade. I have attempted to make peace with Auburn fans. I have watched Auburn-Georgia with Auburn fans and pulled for Auburn to win, but I have never been around Auburn fans that will root for Bama over anyone. There is a difference and I have witnessed it. It is not the same.

    But now that Pat Dye has gotten more influence now, I am thinking he will try to get something on Bama. You know, sour grapes and all. He don’t like somebody messing with the AUBURN FAMILY he says. He is the father of all the Auburn ignorance.

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