Alabama’s behavior shameful

The University of Alabama did the wrong thing when it ignored the state’s open records law and did not release documents related to the NCAA textbook case. (Read an editorial from the Birmingham News.) The University has an obligation to execute the laws of this state in a manner that is above reproach. The University has not done this; instead the University has brought shame on itself.

Either through laziness or intentional malfeasance the University ignored legitimate requests for documents that should have been made public. Arrogance is the only explanation for how university officials acted. Without even giving a reason, reporter requests were stuffed in a pigeonhole and forgotten.

Much like NCAA rules governing textbook oversight.

I despise the NCAA and its draconian rules; however, the University had an obligation to be supremely vigilant in its compliance efforts. It failed.

See a trend?

From the ill-conceived lawsuit against acclaimed artist Daniel Moore to the recent revelations that the University ignored the state’s open records law, their is a common theme: Alabama does what is convenient, not what is right. The examples are numerous, but the solution is simple: Do the right thing.

Coach Saban wrote in his book, “Do the right thing. It’s that simple. Do the right thing when the right thing is not popular. Do the right thing when no one else is around. Do the right thing when temptation tells you otherwise. Do the right thing all the time.”

That is good advice. Maybe it is time for University officials to buy a copy? Here is a link, you can buy it at Amazon: How Good Do You Want to Be?: A Champion’s Tips on How to Lead and Succeed at Work and in Life