Giving Auburn their props

By InTheKnow72
This is hard for me to do, but let me be the first on this site to give Auburn University’s basketball team their props. That was a big win yesterday against a strong LSU team as the Tigers extended their winning streak and polished off their NCAA tourney resume.

I remember back in December when there was talk about Jeff Lebo’s future at Auburn. After this impressive run, there may still be talk about his future there, but for different reasons. He’s a great coach at a less than great basketball school, and Auburn has committed to their basketball program with facilities that will only help them get stronger down the line.

Auburn is undermanned, undersized and underestimated in almost every game they’ve played this season. But what Lebo gets out of his team is effort and a relentless desire to keep going until the game is over. That’s how they erased a 13-pt. 2nd half deficit in Coleman Coliseum and continued their dominance over us on the hardwood. Admittedly, they’re a fun team to watch, and if it wasn’t for that word that appears on the fronts of their jerseys, they’d be a hard team to pull against.

It’s that same style and tenacity that a Mike Anderson would bring to Alabama. And hopefully, with a little luck and a lot of dead presidents, we’ll bring that same excitement to the court…and the big dance…next season.


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    You’re a big man, ITK…that would have been hard for me to do the same for Bama. Seriously, I think you have it pegged about Lebo. He’s always shown he’s an outstanding game day coach. He’s just never been able to bring in any talent and keep it. He still doesn’t have much talent right now. He’s playing 4 guards and a 6’9″ center in Barber. Show me a school in another major conference that could play that lineup and win 8 of their last 9 games. It’ll be interesting to see if AU can keep him if he starts winning consistently. I’ll be the 1st to admit that AU has been pretty much the worst bb program in the conference in its history.

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    Now, I don’t agree with you on that last point. I think Auburn is potentially a good basketball school, I think better than Alabama. All our eggs are in the football basket, and while I’d love to see that change, that’s a hard shift to make.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    If Lebo can kepp winning, and the U. keeps upgrading the facilites, I believe that you will see a big change in the talent that goes to A.U. Not a lot of interest at UA or AU as far a BB goes. But overall I would have to say tha Bama has the edge.

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    Julio finally admits he he full of crap when he expresses his views on Bama. And it’s not April 1st yet either.

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