What is Tommy Tuberville up to?

Wondering what is going on for former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville? He is still supporting the troops. Last year he visited with troops on station in the Middle East, and he plans to do the same again this summer.

According to Evan Woodbery’s blog at al.com, “Tuberville will join Mack Brown of Texas, Jim Tressel of Ohio State, Troy Calhoun of Air Force, Rick Neuheisel of UCLA and Houston Nutt of Ole Miss on the tour from May 28 to June 4…”

Last year’s trip was overshadowed by all of Tuberville’s antics, but this trip is a real credit to Tuberville—you can’t say there is a public relations benefit, and I doubt he’ll hold up any fingers.


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    I’d hardly say that Tub’s trip last year was “overshadowed” by him holding up fingers after a flag football game. It provided a good opportunity for a bunch of bammers to whine like a bunch of little girls, but those coaches didn’t go on the trip to please fans. They went to support the troops. (If you don’t believe that, then you might want to ask yourself why Tubs is going again this year.) Ask the troops if they gave a flying #@%& that he held up fingers at a stinkin’ flag football game. That’ll let you know if the trip was “overshadowed”.

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    Certain “troops” are the ones who told him to hold up his fingers when they took his picture so they obviously wanted him to. I agree in the big picture with what they are facing it means absolutely nothing. I don’t know who told him to hold them up going in to Bryant-Denney before the game and we know how that turned out. I think he wants to coach again and he is going to try and recruit while he is over there since Saban continues getting the best in the U.S. Who is paying for his trip this year?

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Only a delusional paroniod bammer would say that last year was overshadowed by fingers . Get a grip.

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    The point was there was more attention given by the media to the fingers issue than the trip which should have been the focus. Tubberville definately used it as a recruiting and PR ploy. He had one person to pick to go with him just like all the other coaches. All the others coaches picked a relative or an assistant coach to go. Tubby however chose the Auburn photographer. What does that tell ya? I can’t blame him though Saban was getting national attention from a variety of major news outlets like Forbes and Sports Illustrated. I feel a little sorry for Tubbs, he is a good man and a pretty darn good coach. He just is not in the same league with Saban which is obvious. He is however light years better than Cheeze Nip. Serves Auburn right for how they treated Tubbs over the years! Good luck to Tubbs in the future.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Natag…….More attention by the media to his fingers ???? Maybe by The Capstone Report,,,But not by the media. Only hypersensitive bammers were offended by it. So much , that they looked at that instead of the thousands of troops that got a much needed morale boost. I can guaarantee you that the bama fans over there probably didnt even think twice about it. They probably even got a kick out of it. Believe it or not, those men and women had more to worry about than Tubbs fingers.You know , priorities, big picture, all that other grown up stuff. I cna honostly say that if it were Saban, I would have applauded what he did. Even if he took an offhand shot.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Oh………And if he isnt in the same league as Saban. Why does his head to head record against him prove otherwise.

    Spin away doosher.

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    Ballplay, give me a break, you are getting as bad as julio the hairdresser trying to spin Cheesewiz’s record as a dc against Saban’s as a head coach. 5 and 19 against the National Coach of the year says it all. I did get a kick otta Tubs holding up seven going into Bryant-Denney though, do you think he knew going in that he was going to lose seven games?

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    Julio, how stupid does Tubberville look after holding up them fingers and then getting his ass kicked? Heck, he was even doing it on the way into Bryant-Denny. I am sure you Auburn goons loved it until the game actually started. You are quick to defend someone from your school over trying to piss off the rival fans, but yet you are here complaining about everything that is making fun of Auburn. It is that typical Auburn inferiority complex at work. Omni should be the poster boy for it, but you and Ballplay could give him a run for his money.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Bamabrainsurgeon……We are comparing Saban to Tubbs not Saban to Chesik. I will be the first to agreee that there is no comparison between Saban and Chesik. Chesik has a LOT to prove. My point is that the bammers ar hyper thin skinned. It dont bother me at all what Saban did at the basketball game.

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    Brando, I’m not complaining at all. Saban can talk all the smack he wants right now, because he’s earned it. It’s the first time in seven years that anyone at Bama has earned it, but he earned it nonetheless. I believe the only point of my post in response to this article was that Tubs’ trip to the Mideast last year was not “overshadowed” by him holding up fingers after a flag football game. Not sure what you’re even talking about.

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    Of course you wouldn’t Julio. I was just pointing out the fact that you Auburn people are quick to dismiss the childish behavior of Tuberville like it is no big deal, but you guys are on a Bama site getting in an uproar if a Bama fan says he was an idiot for doing that. He did look stupid before the game doing that. Can you agree on that or are you going to change the subject again?

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    Ballplay, my bad, I thought you were responding to nateg’s comment about “Saban being light years ahead of Chizik” when you said if he isn’t in the same league why does their head to head say otherwise, such as when Chizik was dc at Aub.

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    Brando, not that it was the subject of the article, but of course Tubs had to eat crow after last years IB. That’s the whole thing about smack talk. If you dish it out, you gotta be able to take it also. Just like if AU wins the IB next year, Saban will look like a dumba$$ for talking smack during the bb game this week. (Oh wait, I know, that’s absolutely impossible and we shouldn’t even waste our time playing the game). Understand how it works now??

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    Like I said Julio, you are trying to make things out like what Saban said is the same exact type of thing that Tubs did. You are stretching it real far if you take “we want to keep it here for many years to come” and equate it with a smartass Tubs holding up fingers and wearing T-shirts like a kid. There is a difference. I don’t even think what Saban said was really trash talk. Tubs was blatant about it and you Auburn fans loved it. I wouldn’t like it if Saban was doing that type of crap. But Auburn has a history of having childish like coaches. Especially ones that try to act like the ignorant Auburn fan base.

  15. 15

    Julio, for once I agree with you, it will be impossible for Aub to win and you should not waste time playing the game when you could be warming up the couch to watch the other teams in post season play.

  16. 16

    See Brando, once again you show how delusional you are. Contrary to your incorrect use of quotation marks, Saban did not say “we WANT to keep it here for many years to come.” That would be a classy statement expressing desire and competitive spirit. No, Saban said we are proud to have it here for now and for many years to come. That statement means we own your a$$. If you doubt that, check the title of Cappy’s article regarding his statement: “Saban Declares Ownership of Iron Bowl”. That my dear Brandy is pure smack talk. Still proud of Saban?

  17. 17

    Very proud to have him. Julio, if you got we own your ass out of that statement you can’t blame a man for telling the truth. Btw, is this the year that Saban is going to USC or is that next year?

  18. 18

    Yep Julio. I am very proud. I hope it pissed you off when he said it too. What are you going to do if he does keep it many years to come? I suspect you will whine and bitch about it, much like you are doing right now. Hoping he will leave after each beating. At least that will be your rallying cry. And I am sure you will have Ballplay and Omni here to cry with, so at least you will not be alone.

  19. 19

    BM, care to enlighten us on the reason that Saban demanded a huge buyout if he gets fired, but no buyout if he decides to leave for another job? It couldn’t possibly be because he might want to leave for another job, huh? No, that would make too much sense.

  20. 20

    Julio, fortunately for us, if Saban were to leave Bama it would be career suicide, so as much as you pray for it to happen it ain’t going to, and deep down you know it just like I do. So just keep on with every other post letting us all know you would sell your soul for him to leave, like we don’t already know it. When you get a coach like Saban, he can make the rules, when you get one that goes 5 and 19, you can make the rules. Are you enlightened now?

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    Julio, fortunately for us, if Saban were to leave Bama it would be career suicide, so as much as you pray for it to happen it ain’t going to, and deep down you know it just like I do. So just keep on with every other post letting us all know you would sell your soul for him to leave, like we don’t already know it. When you get a coach like Saban, he can make the rules, when you get one that goes 5 and 19, you can make the rules. I hope you are enlightened now.

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    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0 and 17-10

    Bama BrandyHo,your a loser dude I suspect someone in your family is the real Poster Child for uat bummers… Skoal, shinny(moonshine) meth and all. And Tubbs exudes more class in his stool than your whole bummer brand and Saban ya know? He posed for PICS with our troops and gave them a good time at a time you cant walk up on em witha certain look on your face you idiot. THEY WERE HAVING FUN!! wonder if Mr. Kent ST woulda had the stones much less class to EVEN GO? I doubt it and if he SPIT on one Vietnam VET ….FUK HIS ASS 2!


  23. 25

    Omni, your obsession is going to kill you. Wouldn’t it suck to die early of a heart attack because Auburn can’t ever equal up to Alabama? And you get all worked up over and over trying to prove it. If Saban is getting you so stressed out, then what is the reason for it? If you aren’t worried, why spend time on a Bama board to let us know? That goes for all of you Auburn people on here. If you are so sure you have the superior program and Bama will never be good again, why try to disprove it all the time? I wouldn’t worry about it if I was that sure. I have never felt the need to seek out the Auburn sites to let them know what I think of their school. But hell, I don’t have to. Just go to any Bama site and you will find them there.

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