Saban the religious; Saban visits Florida

Nick Saban is slipping. The guy who wouldn’t stop to have dinner with a president has shuffled spring practice dates to accommodate a religious holiday.

That is right. Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban has made spring football subordinate to celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. According to the Tuscaloosa News, “Saban doesn’t want to hold a practice on the (April) 11th because it’s Easter weekend. To him, that’s a higher priority, and he even talked to the team leaders about it.”

Putting the religion of football below the religion of Christ? Does this sound like Nick Saban takes football serious enough?

Saban keynotes conference in Florida
While some revile Saban, others including high school coaches see the Alabama’s coach as a fount of wisdom. Saban was the keynote speaker at a Florida coaches conference. From the Orlando Sentinel, “The guy just knows how to put a program together,” said Greg Harris, an assistant coach at Parkway Academy. “He’s the hot name.”

Other Tide notes:
Alabama Crimson Tide baseball enjoyed a great Saturday winning two games to sweep a doubleheader against Illinois-Chicago. The Tide won game one 4-2 and won game two 20-4. That is a ton of points for a baseball game.

The women’s tennis team knocked off 21st ranked TCU 4-3 Saturday. The victory was secured by freshman standout Taylor Lindsey. The women’s team now stands at 8-0 with SEC play starting Friday.


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  1. 1

    What is wrong with making changes to the practice schedule? I believe Coach Saban knows that Jesus Christ is a big part of these kids life. Hence, the recruits look at this as a big PLUS!!!! I believe that displays a great moral character on Coach Saban. I believe that his team looks up to him for this.

    ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 3

    I know the writer was being fecetious but I did not find it very amusing at all. It seemed like a cheap shot at Saban which we get enough of those from the non-Bama media. I come to this site to read positive Bama stories. That sounded like some crap Ballplay or one of the other imbred Barners would say. Why don’t you go write for some classless school like UT or Auburn and not our site?

  3. 4

    People who attack Saban usually don’t fully understand the coach. I don’t claim to either, but I made the post the way I did more as a shot at critics who look for any reason to be negative about Saban than a shot at Saban.

  4. 5
    War Bloggle is an Idiot

    Wow. I’m offended that nateg is taking up space on the planet.

    Cap, you need to institute an intelligence test for all visitors to the blog. This can take the place of Ariana’s weight loss (which would be awesome). Make it so that the test must be passed prior to reading the articles on this site. That way we don’t hurt nateg’s feelings.

    I’m just curious. Was nateg’s use of “fecetious” on purpose? Is that like sarcastic excrement?

    It is such a curse to have an IQ over 80.

  5. 6

    I’m sure the reporter was just wanting to write about something. That’s fine. However, the statement made seems like a push for Coach Saban to seem like a prick. Hence, nateg, says that we dont need our own supporters bad mouthing Coach Saban! BLAH!! We hear enough from Lame K. and those damn “war chickens”.


  6. 7
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Nateg………Thats one thing even I will not do. Ill never slam a guy for being a Christian. As I am a Christian.

  7. 9

    War Bloggle is an Idiot,
    IQ is not measured by how high you can count genius. So, I mistyped a word, what does that prove? I would be happy to put my intelligence against any Auburn fan that has ever been born. Even the professors at the cow college are ignorant or they could certainly find a better job. Look on the bright side, Auburn did do a little better than UT in picking a coach. Don’t ya’ll have a klan meeting or some other Auburn activity to do other than surf the Bama sites? Go take another internet IQ test or something and get a life!

  8. 10

    nateg, you said Aub did a little better than UT picking a coach? You mean lame kitten’s record is worse than 5 and 19? Is that possible?

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