Andre Smith’s stock in free fall?

Andre Smith is having a rough 2009. He doesn’t get to play in the Sugar Bowl and he disappeared at the NFL Combine. And now one NFL analyst has blasted the former Alabama left tackle.

According to NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock said, “I’m dropping him down on my list,” Mayock said. “You don’t show up in shape for the biggest job interview of your life. You don’t lift. You don’t run. You don’t show up. It’s the worst thing you can do. How can you not show up in shape for this?”

And he didn’t stop there. “The minute he got away from the Saban umbrella, look what happened,” Mayock said.

In other words without a dictator like Nick Saban around, Smith wasn’t mature enough to keep himself in shape. You need to be a self-starter to succeed in the NFL.

These errors are sure to give scouts and NFL teams pause. Weight, maturity and work ethic are important for NFL teams, and Smith has done nothing in 2009 but raise questions about his fitness for the NFL. That is sad because Smith is a highly talented, smart and likable player.

According to, Smith will workout for scouts at Alabama’s Pro Day on March 11.


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    No . He will get his shit together . The upfront money is going to suffer. I’m not going to let any screwed up “side way’ anger about the Sugar Bowl cloud my view. He is going to be good – just watch how Haynesworth is going to make … whatever screw ups will be rectified down the road. Keeping it positive homeys…

  2. 3
    E. G. White

    positive my ass! i was proud of this jerk for 4 years. what an asshole! as soon as he’s out from under cns’s watch he reverts back to one of cms’s jerks. if you think he didn’t know what he was doing before the Sugar bowl you’re crazy. all of cns’s players know the NCAA rules. Dre hung Bama out to dry because beating Utah meant nothing to him. all that crap afterwards about remorse and tears was pure bullshit. and now the dumbass made the Sugar bowl embarrassment even worse by being a lazy worthless piece of shit and screwing up the NFL combine. if the #1 draft choice and the extra money means no more than that to him, then i hope he tears up a knee or something to ruin his career for making Bama a laughing stock and the brunt of a million fucking Utah jokes!

  3. 7

    What an idiot, but what do you expect. He’s a product of Huffman High.

    Good job, Dre. Most of us will work our entire lives in jobs we hate and never sniff the amount of cash you could have had in your first year had you gotten your crap together. What to throw your life away, bud. Good job. Next thing you know you’ll be sitting in a cell next to Sherman Williams. Way to go, friend. Way to go.

  4. 8
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Good grief………Talk about eating your young……….Its his life people.

    The whole Saban umbrella is a load. He did real well under two years of Shula. He will get in shape. And someone will get a steal. Chalk it up to a life lesson learned for him , the hard way.

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