NFL Combine: Right or Left for Smith?

News from the NFL Combine via the AP (full report embedded below):
Right now, Smith is projected by some to be the No. 1 pick in April’s draft, but the money and higher draft picks are usually spent on the coveted left tackles, who protect a right-handed quarterback’s blindside. So if they determine Smith is a better fit on the right side, his draft stock could slip and his childhood dreams may take a hit.

On Thursday, Smith, for the first time, denied the suspension was related to an agent, saying instead he hadn’t chosen Alvin Keels to represent him until two weeks ago. “It was just a bad decision,” he said. “I went to talk to Coach Saban about it, and he thought it was best to protect the team. I hurt, I cried, I shed some tears, I talked to my teammates about it. But it had nothing to do with an agent.” (read more on former Alabama Crimson Tide star Andre Smith’s NFL Combine experience in the AP report below)