Kiffin Watch: UGA unhappy; UT fans ready to cheat

Add Georgia to those unhappy with Lane Kiffin. According to the AJC Georgia’s athletic director Damon Evans said, “We have a guy [Mark Richt] leading us who has a high level of integrity and we’re in a place where we don’t need to cheat to have success here …”

As long as he makes the trains run on time
Tennessee fans seem ready to accept some cheating if it results in wins. In a Chattanooga Times Free Press column Mark Weidmer wrote, “And if the coach breaks a few secondary rules along the way, so what?”

So what!?! Breaking rules is also known as cheating. I thought the University of Tennessee had more integrity than that. Guess not.

Kiffin hasn’t been up to the task
Ben Cook opines that Lane Kiffin hasn’t been up to the task of running a major college program. Cook wrote in the Randolph Leader, “The fact that in 10 weeks as the Vols head coach he has broken three rules and committed one major public relations gaffe has a lot of people wondering if Kiffin might be in over his head. Being the caretaker of a major college football program is a big responsibility and so far Kiffin hasn’t shown he’s up to the task. He had hired an all-star coaching staff, and that’s a good thing, but in every other way the jury is still out on him.”


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    So your saying that Saban is a cheater ? Before you blast me, you wrote it. Under “As long as the train runs on time”…..They reffered to breaking SECONDARY rules being the ” SO WHAT” material. Then you say “So what!??? Breaking rules is otherwise known as cheating!!!!!”

    How many secondary rules has Saban broken since he took over at Bama? You do knw he HAS broken some, right?

    By YOUR criteria, your own coach is a cheater.

    I thought The University of Alabama had more integrity than that. I guess not.

    That makes you one of two things.
    1. Ignorant.
    2. Hypocritical.

    And before you say it. NO. I dont think secondary violations are a big deal. But appearantly , you do.

  2. 6

    Auburn is a joke.
    And no, we dont plan on firing Nick Saban and doing things “the Aubrn way”.
    (which by the way is always messed up, and covered up I might add. )

  3. 7
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Hold it tmc1………..I did not say that it was the “Auburn way”….We got gigged on some secondary violations too. Just like EVERY coach that recruits hard. Including Kiffen, and Saban. You just need to tell your boys to remove there goggles. very good recruiter gets a secondary violation or two every now and then. Its the holier than though B.S. that the author is spewing that is sickening. He didnt even know that Saban got gigged TWICE last year.

  4. 8

    Ballplay, please enlighten me on Saban’s cheating ways. Provide a source highlighting ALL of the infractions he’s committed at UA (and don’t bring up the Hoover grade changing scandal ordeal because it was proven neither UA or coach Saban had anything to do with it; it was all Hoover WHO HAS proven themselves to be a cheating school, especially football). The problem is you can only “suspect” he’s cheating instead of “proving” that he is, much how Lane Kiffin is pointing fingers at Meyer WHO IS NOT cheating. It’s common in losers who are left gathering the rejected leftovers from the prime time programs.

    You, yourself, should question how a head coach with an overall win/loss record of 5-19 managed to reel in an 18th ranked recruiting class IN HIS VERY FIRST YEAR (better than what Tuberville was doing). I’m fairly certain the NCAA will be knocking at his door for playing “catch-up with Alabama” illegally. It’s coming…

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    double-O-doosher…………Read my post. I said secondary violations arent a big deal, and that all coachs break them. If thier not , then they probably arent doing a good job.

    Saban SELF REPORTED 2 violations last. year. Look it up for yourself. My sarcasm was aimed at the author (Cap). For not even remembering that Saban, by HIS own criteria ,not mine , is a cheater. If you have a problem with it. take it up with Cap.

    Good day.

  6. 10

    It wasn’t my standard—it is the boy blunder’s standard that I’m applying to Tennessee.

    I usually don’t care about secondary violations except when the person guilty of the violations is the one screaming about everyone else cheating.

  7. 11

    Ballplay, Saban is not going around trying to call out other programs that he thinks may be cheating. He doesn’t have to worry about making a big splash in the off season. He has his focus on Alabama and that is all. It shows in the product he presents during the year. You can see the progress. But it is Tennessee and Auburn that seem to think that they have to answer to the fanbase regarding Saban and Meyer. If these schools are worried about how to deal with Bama or Florida, then they are already losing the battle. Just worry about your own school and do your thing if you are such a great coach. Leave the other schools out of your publicity stunts.

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