Will Lane Kiffin turn Saban in for cheating?

Lane Kiffin falsely accused Urban Meyer of cheating, but now he has a real issue he could push against Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban.

According to an article in the Times-Daily, Nick Saban had contact via mail with second graders.

That is right. Second graders.

Nick Saban will stoop so low as to recruit elementary students. But the outrage doesn’t stop there. Saban provided gifts to these potential prospects. According to the report, Saban sent a team photo, t-shirts and a note to the students.

All of this must violate NCAA rules about contact with students. How dare Saban provide gifts to potential football players! How dare he send the students a note!

It is even working on the minds of these innocent children. One Tennessee fan in the class, Hannah Bensen, 8 years old, told the Times Daily, “she now pulls for Alabama except when they play Tennessee.”

Will Kiffin respond? Will Ron Higgins write a column on this? Something must be done to stop Nick Saban from these flagrant recruiting violations or every second grader could be at risk.