Theismann: Spread not good for QB play

Recruiting a top high school quarterback?

You shouldn’t let the recruit see this story if you run the spread offense. Former NFL star Joe Theismann thinks the spread is ruining quarterback play.

According to the Star-Telegram the spread offense is “light on football fundamentals.” “To have any kind of success at the professional level, I think it’s important for the young, college kids to work under center,” said Theismann, a former Washington Redskins standout who received the Davey O’Brien Legends Award during a Monday ceremony at The Fort Worth Club. “To hand off [from] under center. To run play-action.”

Theismann gives many reasons why the spread isn’t in favor with NFL teams, and why young players should eschew the spread. He cited rookie success stories Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan. Both quarterbacks directed pro-style offenses in college.

“Go to a camp where you learn how to work under the center. You’re going to be a professional football player. Learn to be one,” Theismann was quoted as saying by the Star-Telegram.

I’m sure that is being said on the recruiting trail, and it won’t change until someone like Tim Tebow changes the perception of the spread.