Saban gives to second graders & other links

Second-graders get surprise from Saban
The Times Daily reports that a group of second grade students wrote letters to Nick Saban. According to the report, all the students, even non-Alabama fans wrote letters to the Crimson Tide coach as part of the class assignment. “Kenzie Cornelius, 7, wrote about her favorite player and also had some suggestions for Saban concerning a new quarterback. ‘I loved John Parker Wilson; he was cute. I hope you get a new cute boy again. I hope you get another good team. P.S.: You rock and Roll Tide’.”

Saban sent the students a box of Alabama items including t-shirts and a team photo. The students were appreciative and are writing thank you notes to the coach. It even had an evangelistic benefit—a Tennessee fan put on Crimson. You can read more at

Memphis gives cover for Kiffin
Now we know why the Commercial Appeal released its bogus attack on Nick Saban, to take the heat off Lane Kiffin. The bogus charge gives columnists in Tennessee something else to write about instead of Kiffin’s gaffes. According to Nashville’s City Paper website, “But the pressure finally left Kiffin a little bit when Alabama coach Nick Saban came under scrutiny for his recruitment of Memphis high school star junior Keiwone Malone…Alabama runs into recruiting problems in Memphis. Hmmm. I think I’ve seen this show before.”

If only the charge of recruiting violations were valid because newspapers uncovered a witness who denied the newspaper’s charge. I guess facts don’t matter to Tennessee journalists.

Compare Saban and Kiffin examines Lane Kiffin’s comments and then compares the young coach with an older coach. “Saban revived two programs by changing the culture of thinking rather than by taking potshots aimed at creating a stir. If Kiffin is a Saban wannabe, it doesn’t show. Saban cut his teeth in the NFL with Bill Belichick and has the steely glare and cunning coaching skills to show for it. Kiffin cut his with maverick Oakland owner Al Davis and has the tired showmanship that comes with working for someone who has become a parody of his former self.”

Turning on Tuberville
Desperation. How else could you describe Auburn’s reaction to Nick Saban’s total domination of recruiting? And now media members are starting to blame Tommy Tuberville for Auburn’s difficulties on the trail. Paul Gattis provides the revisionist history, “But it gives hope, desperately needed hope, to a program whose recruiting trail didn’t begin until it saw ‘Welcome to Georgia.’ This is why Auburn needed to give Tommy Tuberville a pat on the back and a push to the door.”

It is fair to say Tuberville had his problems, but how the media and Auburn fans have turned on the coach is sad. Tuberville did many good things for Auburn.