Tennessee journalism is not very good

Want the scoop on why Lance Thompson left Tuscaloosa to coach in Knoxville? You might look at the Tennessee Journalist website, but you won’t find the real answer.

According to the website run by the University’s School of Journalism, “When Thompson switched his allegiances in mid-January, it surprised many that one of Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s closest assistants would leave Tuscaloosa for Knoxville. But the opportunity to learn under Monte Kiffin and a pay raise proved to be too much.”

The website forgot to mention any of Thompson’s marital issues. The Birmingham News beat writer Ian R. Rapoport provided the details January 19. According to the News, “Stacy Lynn Thompson, who has been married to Lance Thompson since 1990, cites irreconcilable differences in the paperwork filed on Jan. 8 with Tuscaloosa County Circuit Court. The couple has three children and lived together in Tuscaloosa until the unspecified time of their separation.”

Thompson’s marital troubles were even covered in depth on talk radio in the state with mentions on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network.

Research doesn’t seem to be the strength of Tennessee journalists. Or maybe Tennessee journalists would rather ignore the truth?


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