Kiffin Watch: Boy Blunder well supervised

Tennessee Volunteers never fear! Lane Kiffin is being supervised by UT’s crack compliance staff—that means you won’t be going on probation thanks to Kiffin’s rule violations. According to ESPN’s Chris Low, “I doubt Kiffin nor anybody on his staff traded Valentine’s Day presents with Tennessee associate athletic director for compliance Brad Bertani, who’s good at his job — which is keeping Tennessee out of NCAA trouble.” Volunteers should be happy Bertani knows the rules since Kiffin doesn’t have a clue.

While Lane Kiffin is out breaking the rules and falsely accusing SEC coaches of cheating, he insists his players go “old school.” According to the AJC linebacker Nigel Mitchell-Thornton said Kiffin’s rules include, “no earrings, no saggy pants, and no hats … it’s all “old school” stuff and I consider myself an ‘old school’ type of player.”

Comedy: Lane Kiffin Accuses Oakland Raiders of Multiple Recruiting Violations
I don’t usually recommend something on the Bleacher Report, but this was a creative piece on the boy blunder.

More comedy: Paul Finebaum imagines what the SEC meetings might be like with Lane Kiffin in attendance.

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    Well — going “old school” will be quite a task considering the current fashion trends and the “thuggin’ look” for football teams who are a majority of minorities (I mean…lets just talk real about this…) — don’t get me wrong…there are white boys who wear earrings and such but to keep the HoMeYs from “bustin a sag” will be quite a task for Mr. Kiffen and his staff — they thuggin’ up there in Tenn. and especially the Orange Mound — I guess the “bling” will shine on their own time. For the record — I don’t want to hear crap about racism.

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