Izzo to Bama? Not likely

Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky examined rumors of Michigan State’s Tom Izzo being offered the Alabama job. Scarbinsky does a good job debunking the rumor based on external factors such as Izzo’s attachment to the MSU community. The most compelling evidence was the internal factor—Mal Moore.

According to Scarbinsky, “The Tide Times reported that Alabama had offered Izzo the job and, in a stunning bit of specificity, said that Alabama AD Mal Moore had personally called Izzo to make the offer. If Moore had made that call, it would’ve been wrong on so many levels. It would’ve been a breach of ethics and protocol too brazen for even Lane Kiffin.”

Scarbinsky doesn’t believe Moore would do that and cited how Alabama’s athletic director handled the football coaching search that landed Nick Saban.

He makes a compelling case for why Izzo likely won’t land in Tuscaloosa.


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    All this shit about Izzo was fueled by a blogger trying to pimp his new blog.
    If I recall – one of “Saban’s Relatives” was the source for the “Story”. This is another case of an blogger trying to become the story. As legitimate sources continue to die out – more of these types of ” inside information ” and “exclusives” will try and dominate what’s left of the Media.
    Before it is all over – we will look back and remember the “National Enquirer” fondly.

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