Kiffin does it again! New NCAA violation

Lane Kiffin used Bryce Brown’s name in an interview on a Knoxville radio program today.

Since Kiffin doesn’t understand NCAA rules here is a helpful tip, you can’t publicly talk about unsigned recruits.

You can listen to the audio of Kiffin declaring Brown a “great player.” (The entire audio can be heard here.)

“Once very talented players do it (delay signing) it becomes the cool thing to do,” Kiffin said on the radio. “So the next guy does it and more and more guys do it. So I think what is going to happen is you are going to see you know great players like Bryce Brown are doing now, so now it is going to be more next year then more…”

Brown is a five-star recruit according to and was expected to visit Tennessee today (February 13).

According to Rivals, “The latest is that (Bryce Brown) he’ll take an official visit to Tennessee this weekend…Look for Brown to also visit USC and make his decision among the Ducks, ‘Canes, Vols, Trojans and Wildcats on March 12.”

UPDATE: It is official. Tennessee reported Kiffin for his THIRD NCAA violation