AGAIN: Kiffin takes new shot at Florida, Meyer

Lane Kiffin can’t let controversy go. Today when speaking to a Tennessee Volunteer basketball luncheon, the boy blunder attacked Florida’s handling of Kiffin’s false cheating allegations.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, “(Kiffin) also pointed out that when South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier questioned whether Kiffin had passed his recruiting test before going on the recruiting trail for UT, that he did not go complaining to the SEC commissioner. He fired back at Spurrier instead.”

Nice shot there Kiffin. You just called Florida and Urban Meyer a crybaby.

Did you really mean your lame apology given last week or not? This comment shows the apology wasn’t from the heart.

You called Urban Meyer a cheater last week and a crybaby this week. One wonders when the Volunteers will muzzle this child. Or maybe Mike Hamilton approves of this classless behavior?