Smear: Alabama religious because it is poor

I’ll try to keep non-sports stuff to a minimum, but this was so good I couldn’t pass it up.

Alabama, Iran and Zimbabwe are religious due to low standards of living. At least that is the spin put on a Gallup survey of religiosity. You can read more about it via AFP.

According to the AFP, “‘a population’s religiosity level is strongly related to its average standard of living,’ Gallup analysts Steve Crabtree and Brett Pehlam said in a report summarizing the findings of the poll…Also giving weight to the analysts’ theory is the fact that the most religious US state, Mississippi, is also the poorest. Eighty-five percent of Mississippians say religion is a key part of daily life, according to the poll, for which 1,000 adults each were interviewed in 143 countries between 2006 and 2008. One in five Mississippians live in poverty, US Census data shows.”

You read it here first. You aren’t religious because of anything special. You are religious because you are poor and don’t know any better. You have more in common with Iran than New York or California‚ at least according to this report.