Vol silence looks bad for Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin was admonished by the Tennessee Athletic Department for two recruiting rule violations in January. The violations were reported by the university in a letter to the SEC and NCAA on January 26. What makes this funny is this was just days before the boy blunder falsely charged Urban Meyer with cheating. Kiffin was reprimanded by the SEC for violation of conference ethics rules in his public attack on the Florida coach.

Other than the admonishment which was made public Monday, there has been only silence from the Tennessee athletic department.

What does that silence mean?

It could mean administrators like athletic director Mike Hamilton hope the situation will just go away, but it could be viewed as a startling lack of confidence in the coach.

Without any public statement of support, it appears the Volunteers are having buyer’s remorse.

PFT continues to ask the question if Jon Gruden could be a replacement for the hapless Tennessee coach.

“But when a former NFL coach who was fired amid a haze of controversy is now creating controversy in his first offseason at a college program, and when another former NFL coach owns land in the vicinity of said college program, where he once worked and where his wife was a cheerleader, and where said other former NFL coach is actively learning the spread offense, we’re not necessarily jamming a square peg into a round hole,” PFT wrote.

Without a statement of support, speculation will only grow that Kiffin could be on a very short leash. That speculation will be used against the Volunteers on the recruiting trail.

Will Tennessee say something, anything, to show it supports its head football coach?